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  1. hace 3 minutos, krlenjushka dijo:

    What do you mean by this?

    I do not know why it happens, but from a certain number of rules (more than 300 regles) the editor remains as unconfigured, as noise, snow, in the image. I do not know if I explained well. I do not have any images to show.

    hace 3 minutos, krlenjushka dijo:

    Next time i will help you so you can add all teams in 1 day.

    Thanks for the information, and the collaboration; I have tried to edit the computers in xml file with excell but I am unable. The truth is that I do not know how to create the database of the equipment outside the FM Editor

  2. hace 1 minuto, krlenjushka dijo:

    This should be ok now.

    Thanks you @krlenjushka


    hace 1 minuto, krlenjushka dijo:

    I still cant believe you added 4353 new clubs to database. One by one

    With patience =). The most problematic is finding information for teams. Thanks again @krlenjushka!

    It's a pity that I can not get more rules (the BD is unconfigured). Since I would have liked to have more friendly competitions for the youth teams.

  3. @Slabbekoorn  @krlenjushka Hello! I am trying to activate the level of Spanish Regional League (Liga Regional de España), but this error occurs, I have been verifying the relegated of the Spanish National League (Liga Nacional de España) and the promoted of the Spanish Regional League, and I do not see the reason for that error.



    Estructura Ligas de España v.1.03.fmf

  4. hace 2 minutos, Slabbekoorn dijo:

    Best way is to add normally through nation->competitions

    Thank you @Slabbekoorn. I make reserve league add normally through nation->competitions.

    hace 3 minutos, Slabbekoorn dijo:

    You can also sort teams using a city as a reference point, The teams closest to that city will get drawn into that league.

    I try for local region, beacause the Spanish Group is very difficult for city as a reference point

  5. @Slabbekoorn @krlenjushka @TH3 K1LL3R

    I have made the youth competitions :

    0.- Spanish u19 Division 1 (Division de Honor Juvenil)

    1.- Spanish u19 Division 2 (Liga Nacional Juvenil)

    2.- Spanish u19 Division 3 (Liga Regional Juvenil)

    The problem is that teams get messed up in competitions.

    I have tried the following




    But it does not work

    Any solution or suggestion? Thank you!


  6. No, I have created those leagues because they are from the Canary Islands and have a specific group at the top level. There are 17 groups from different regions, plus the 5 groups of the Canary Islands (terrible system of Spanish leagues) =)

    I have reviewed the teams that make up the groups and I have not seen an error in the number that make them up.

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