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  1. @TH3 K1LL3R @Slabbekoorn @krlenjushkaThis is the error that I see, it should always be 60 teams promoted, and not vary to another number
  2. Tomorrow I will upload screenshots to be able to better explain the problem
  3. The problem is that at level 5 (Preferential) the promotions to level 4 usually vary, when the number of ascent is 60, and I do not know why it varies. If you do a simulation in the editor of several seasons you can see it
  4. Spanish football leagues: 1.- Liga Santander 2.- Liga123 3.- Segunda División B 4.- Third Division 5.- Preferente Division Youth Leagues: 1.- Youth Honor Division of Spain 2.- Youth National Division of Spain 3.- Youth Regional Division of Spain Real and adequate promotion system to the regions of the Third Division groups. - - - 000 - - - Link https://www.fmsite.net/files/file/803-regional-preferente-fm2019/ - - - 000 - - - -. For news: https://www.facebook.com/FMPreferente/ I need help to review the following system of leagues, since I do not find the problema that messes up the teams of their corresponding groups. Thanks for the help!
  5. @KUBI I have used this solution and the problem has been solved: <widget class="table" id="tabl" fixed_size_rows="true" all_content_same_height="true" auto_size_maximum_height="200" mode="select_multiple, select_rows, show_bullets, dont_allow_click_unselect_single" select_event="slit"> <flags id="auto_size" value="vertical" /> </widget>
  6. He tried to apply this solution but I get an error, I hope he will solve it shortly Because the Reload Database option to Apply Undeleted Change is missing
  7. In the Group 6 (Canarias) Spain Youth Honor the team La Estrella ID 4212232 (Los Santos de Maimona, Extremadura) it is wrong, the correct team is Estrella C.F. ID 67156646 (Vecindario, Canarias). Thanks!
  8. Spanish football leagues: 1.- Liga Santander 2.- Liga123 3.- Segunda División B 4.- Third Division Youth Leagues: 1.- Youth Honor Division of Spain Real and adequate promotion system to the regions of the Third Division groups. - - - 000 - - - Steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1661585244 Link https://www.fmsite.net/files/file/769-tercera-división-de-españa/ - - - 000 - - - -. For news: https://www.facebook.com/FMPreferente/ Se incluye en el sistema de ligas española la Tercera División. Se agradecen comentarios y aportaciones. Ligas de fútbol de España: 1.- Liga Santander 2.- Liga123 3.- Segunda División B 4.- Tercera División Ligas Juveniles: 1.- División de Honor Juvenil de España - - - 0 0 0 - - - Sistema de ascenso reales y adecuados a las regiones de los grupos de Tercera División. Se ha actualizado la base de datos de los equipos de la Tercera División eliminando errores.
  9. I totally share the opinion. I am trying to activate the Spanish Third Division, as I have been doing these last five years, and I have the error "invalid priority", which has never happened to me.
  10. Do you know of any solution? To me editing the Spanish rules the same error happens to me
  11. @TH3 K1LL3R Yes, applying the option: regional division. Thank you =).
  12. Thanks to the help @Slabbekoorn of I was able to solve the problem with the u19 division that was not drawing a second season. The problem was solved by adding all the youth competitions through "Spain - Competitions" instead of "Spain - Reserve Leagues" custom xml. Before: After: Changing/expanding "Date range" of each competition competitions. Before: After: And in the Parent Competition, the tab "Stages From Other Comps" was activated, deactivating it (untick) solved the problem. Before: After:
  13. @krlenjushka & @Slabbekoorn Thank you very much again for the help, time and patience to make it possible for the youth league system in Spain to work. @Slabbekoorn You are very big, you are the best
  14. @Slabbekoorn Then would I have to create another level of youth league below the present level? Active or inactive?
  15. Now I am checking one by one. With direct relegations. And it is strange. With 6 relegated / promoted works. With 9 it no longer works and it gives error With 2 groups with 3 relegated / promoted per group (total 6) works afterwards with three groups with 3 relegated / promoted per group (total 9) no longer works and gives error
  16. I would have to do a test, I only did one draw, and I saw that the teams did not fit into their regional groups, and I did not do more draw
  17. @Slabbekoorn Yes, draw a second season, that is why I commented that I find it strange that the system functions with xml and with the current one no. But in xml it does not matter that the teams are ordered in their respective regional divisions
  18. Yes, @krlenjushka you have told me the same thing and I think it is the best, and I would also like to learn using excel / notepad. I'll see if I locate the error with the league in the game activated. What is strange is that using the xml reserve league system, the competition works well with the ascents and descents including the playoffs, but the teams do not go to their respective groups
  19. If I did a test with the file that I edit @krlenjushka to not have to verify. The problem that I saw is that the next season was not configured. It is very possible that it is what you are saying, I am going to carry out another test to see if I realize where the error occurs
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