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    Been playing since the good old days of Championship Manager 96. Tried FM16 and hated it so went back to FM13 (far more enjoyable). Decided that I had to give FM17 a whirl and here I am. 3,500 hours in FM17 and doing my usual thing of trying the newer version every three years. FM20 so far is a huge battle of learning new things. I'll make a mess of it with Newcastle United first and then get to grips with the new stuff here and there. Kind of wanting to do an Ajax save but sticking with NUFC until I'm sacked. Tried FM21 and hate it. Removing widgets is a big backward step for how I play the game. They've dumbed down FM21 to be almost like a console version.


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    Beer, football, gambling, Football Index trader.

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    Newcastle United

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    FM20 - PSG. FM21 - Sassuolo (no point).

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  1. Well I played FM20 with the widgets however I wanted. That was the beauty of customisation. I didn't have the widgets open all the time. Just when I wanted a quick view of the information. I had it like the attached image (with the right purple panel closed).
  2. Yes. 6 options instead of 10 basic drop down menus (see attached). 6 options that are only visible if you pause the game because they take up so much space and you miss the in game action. 6 options that take up 50% of the screen.
  3. It is game breaking for me. All the things we do to develop squad, scout players, formations, tactics and everything else behind the scenes is all about the actual game played. We have nowhere near enough options now during the actual game. It feels like a stripped back version of something that worked so well and was customisable for however we wanted to view all the information. Finally, gaming should actually be fun. I've found no fun in FM21 at all.
  4. My thoughts exactly. Tried to get a refund as this game is nothing like I expected it to be compared to previous versions. They usually improve the game year on year. This is a big loss to how people enjoy customisation and play the game their way. My refund was unsuccessful as I had played 5 hours (you're apparently only allowed 2 hours). It took more than 3 hours to go through the club I was managing from top to bottom. Back to FM20 and sitting with a £36.99 game I'll never play again staring at me each time I fire up Steam.
  5. So rather than having everything in one place and customisable for however I need, I have to hunt around other menus for each piece of information? That seems like a terrible idea. The touchline tablet doesn't save three slots of information and reverts back to two and takes up a big chunk of the screen so I have to pause the game to look at information I need. It's such a backward step to remove so much customisation. Even the assistant feedback is poorly implemented and stays on the screen for a maximum of two seconds. Again, I have to pause the game any time the assistant suggests something
  6. Feel free to shout at me if I've missed something glaringly obvious. Have they completely removed the basic drop down menus from FM20 entirely? I found them to be an integral part of playing FM20 but can't find anything similar in FM21. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Maybe the youth teams doing well leads to future sponsorship? I remember in FM17 my youth team was suddenly sponsored for £7.5 million a season after winning quite a lot of trophies.
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