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  1. I've removed all the custom graphics but i'm still getting the same problem. Should i uninstall the game then reinstall it?
  2. I'm still getting this problem when i quit and save each and every time
  3. Im saving it in Documents/Sports Interactive/FM2020/games folder. I also have Avast anti-virus installed.
  4. Every time i save my game and exit, i get this error
  5. FM 2019 is suddenly running very slow on my laptop. Taking about 5 seconds to react when selecting an option
  6. I have players selected to take set pieces and they aren't in any of my squads
  7. My game crashed again today!! This is the file in the crash dump folder: FM 2018 v18.0.1.1030019 (2017.10.27 11.47.03).dmp
  8. What about the Structured and Flexible styles. You haven't included the specialist role number?
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