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  1. Totally ruining the game as far as I'm concerned!!
  2. Yes, it's still an issue on the latest update. Just look at the stats on the attachment. Out of 82 attempted crosses in the match, only 12 complete. Pretty unlealistic, yeah?
  3. Why do so many attempted crosses get charged down nearly every time by defenders. Its just so unrealistic and annoying!!
  4. FM 2019 is suddenly running very slow on my laptop. Taking about 5 seconds to react when selecting an option
  5. Ben Davies never had any permission to join Celtic on loan or transfer. He's still a fully fledged Tottenham Hotspur player!!
  6. I have players selected to take set pieces and they aren't in any of my squads
  7. FM 2018 v18.1.1.1040315 (2017.11.11 09.07.49).dmp
  8. My game crashed again today!! This is the file in the crash dump folder: FM 2018 v18.0.1.1030019 (2017.10.27 11.47.03).dmp
  9. What about the Structured and Flexible styles. You haven't included the specialist role number?
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