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  1. At the point now were my 17/18 year old players are too old to play for the the U18 team and now wondering what's the best course to continue their development in order for them to push for a first team place. The options are: a) Let them play Reserve team football with the very odd senior appearance. They'll be able to use my state of the art training facilities and work under each coach who is at least 4 and a half stars. b) Send them out on loan to a mid table top club in one of Europe's best divisions were they'll play maybe 20-30 games a season, with lesser facilities and coaches, or to a lower league club with even worse facilities but they'll be playing week in, week out.
  2. Sextuple! 451 / 433

    Surely this is better off being tested with a midtable team rather than a massively improved Liverpool squad full of regens and not players like Gotze 4 years into the game?
  3. The Sammarinese Challenge.

    This is the greatest thread in FM history. Spent the last hour reading it. Fair play to all those who even attempted it and a big pat on the back to Jimbo for his amazing achievements and cool writeups.
  4. Ever since the latest patch I've struggled with finding the right tactic. I was doing great prior to the update but can't seem to find any momentum now. Just wanted to see how everyone else was getting along, and which tactics they've stuck with/are using now.
  5. Yep. Lost first ever home match to Swansea, edged past Napoli. Then got thumped 5-1 to Norwich who had just come off the back of a 8-2 defeat to Burnley. Hope Mr Hough can give some sort of advice on how to get things flowing again.
  6. FM15: Should I buy or sell?

    I'm actually thinking of doing some negotiating and flogging Umtiti to Monaco for about £65m then getting in Varane. Varane wants a £6.5m signing on fee. Little *****.
  7. FM15: Should I buy or sell?

    Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Eder Alvarez Balanta Your Team: Middlesbrough Buyer/Seller: Monaco Player's Value: £10.5M Offer: £50M (Could negotiate for another couple of million in add ons) Transfer/Wage Budget: £27M Patch: 15.1.4 Season: 15/16 Could get Varane as a possible replacement for £50M
  8. Is it possible to start a new game with all the new match engine changes but without the January transfers?
  9. I've bought every version of this game since FM was released and by far FM14 is the worst of the lot. It's February and now more than ever there's far too many bugs. I loved FM13 and am tempted to start playing it again. For now I'm not playing anything as I just can't be bothered any more. I certainly won't be purchasing FM15. Never thought I'd say that.
  10. PSG transfer listed Marquinhos after a season for £5m in mine.
  11. Suffering same problem here. Around a third of the goals I conceded are from corners. Every corner seems to be the same thing. My defender heads it out but never out for a throw or to the half way line like the opposition do when I have a corner. Instead it falls to an opposition player which leads to a goal mouth scramble or a player volleying it in from the edge of the box. I can't seem to score from corners now either. Getting real tired of these new patches. Completely messes with my tactics every time there's an update. If there was a new glitch to exploit scoring from corners now I'd use it as there's obviously a bug with conceding from them at present.
  12. Set Piece Defending

    Half of the goals I'm conceding are from set pieces. Really, really frustrating when SI bring out a new patch and it completely ruins the game. I can't even score from corners now either. Joke!
  13. I don't know what it is but I cannot defend corners. I've placed 8 of my 10 outfield players in the box, using every instruction from Mark Tall Player, Man Mark, Close Down Corner, Go Back, Mark Near Post, Mark Far Post, and nothing has worked. I've playing a 3-5-2 formation with a Defensive Midfielder. I've heard there's an bug with conceding from corners but don't know how true that is. Any help, screenshots, advice, be very much appreciated.
  14. I'm not gonna play the game until a new patch arrives. My OCD won't let me. It's either that or else I play with no Full Backs.