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  1. No I will not be buying it having bought every edition previously. Throughout the entire lockdown I didn't play FM for one minute. That gave me my answer. FM20 is the worst installment yet and I'm not putting more time and money into a game that frustrates me more than excites me. I'm also sick of buying it year after year and finding there's too many bugs and have to wait until the final patch before I can even begin to enjoy it.
  2. I've been off work for 18 days as I'm frontline worker who started developing symptoms. I thought about so many times of booting up FM20 and giving it another go, but in the end I didn't. That's how bad this game is. What a shame.
  3. I think the point Neil is making is that there aren't many alternatives therefore FM20 remains the number one realistic management game and to an extent it is. The long-term players such as myself, and I'd imagine yourself, can see it doesn't meet the grade as previous editions did, and having played the game year after year we're able to critique the game more than someone who has only just bought the game for the first time ever or someone who doesn't extensively commit hundreds of hours of gameplay as we do. I can completely understand why there aren't any further improvements to the ME due to the level of code that is needed to change the game from what it is now, to what we'd like it to be. My biggest gripe is it should never have been released in this condition and I'm sure the devs too will agree with me to an extent, but simply can't say so for fear of publicly admitting their game has major flaws. As passionate as the devs are about creating the most realistic and enjoyable game as possible, they are also a business. As another poster mentioned FM20 is still in the Steam top 10. The needs of the many will outweigh the needs of the few. And right now we are the few. Going forward I really do hope the ME is the biggest priority for future editions. I like many really couldn't care less about interface changes or new features which end up being an annoyance or a chore. The interface for years has already been incredible and doesn't need that much alteration. The ME is what makes people enjoy the game. Seeing your team put together a 20 pass goal, in a quick tempo, seeing your wingers blitz their marker, the midfielders using their vision to pick out a Pirlo-like pass, and to see your striker make a clever run followed by a world class finish is the epitome of what makes this game the best game there is on the market. Sadly if you want that enjoyment you need to break out an older edition of the game.
  4. I think that's me done. I was hoping for some ME changes, didn't have to be a complete overhaul. I just don't enjoy this edition. It's too frustrating. I'm not sure if I'll buy FM21. I'll probably wait until this time next year after reading the feedback thread and go from there. It's a real shame. Still my favourite game series of all time on any platform. Just not FM20. Sorry SI.
  5. Is anyone put off buying FM21 as a result of FM20? For the first time in 15 years I'm leaning towards not buying it. I remember back in the late 2000s/early 2010s I would pre order the game and ensure I'd be pretty much waiting outside the games shop the morning the game would be released in order to buy it and rush home to play it. Then I started waiting until around January to buy the game after a couple of patches had been released, and now it seems if you want to properly enjoy the game you got to wait until March until after the release of the final main patch. And at that point you can buy the game for half the initial release price. I actually Googled Championship Manager 4 the other day and thought about downloading it just because I wanted to play something. Yet FM20 is sitting there on my desktop and I just have zero interest in it.
  6. Stojanovic I think only cost up to a £1m. I know we got the 4 lads in on loan are paying monthly fees/percentage of their wages and we are fairly skint, but there's been no change to the overall balance either.
  7. Anyone noticing any difference asides from the improvements to set pieces with the latest patch and TFF's tactics?
  8. Surely this means changes to the ME? Improvements to game optimisation and increased performance both inside and outside of matches As vague as that sounds, it must mean changes to the ME? Right?? Otherwise what was the point of the update? Players haven't been complaining on here hour after hour of wanting to see the January transfers. It would be a bit of kick in the teeth if so.
  9. Just looking at Middlesbrough following the new patch. Darren Randolph was sold to West Ham for just over £4m and there seems to be to change to the transfer and wage budget as a result.
  10. How exactly do I download these off Steam, Nik? I've subscribed but can't see a download button or where to extract the files to.
  11. I definitely think improvements need to be made to international management. *Training schedules similar to that in club management. *More interaction with players selected and not selected. Criticising a player's performance, telling a player he needs to be playing first team football or play for a bigger side before you'll call him up, ask a player to try and tempt his teammate into declaring for your side. *More pre and post match press conferences. *Improvement to dynamics.
  12. I've been playing manager games since Championship Manager 4. I dread to think the amount of hours I've given to this game over the years, as well as the hundreds of euro I've spent on it year after year. For me it was worth it. I've never found another game which has given me so much enjoyment over the years to the extent I'd be sitting in my car on the way home from work thinking of what players to buy, or sitting with a piece of paper in work thinking of what squad I'll play should I make the cup final. I've really found my enjoyment in the last two installments of the game to have been the lowest. I absolutely love all the little new features that are implemented year after year. All the behind the scenes stuff associated with being a football manager. Take this year for example. When you're announced as the manager the little shot of the boardroom in the background and the picture of you holding the scarf of the club/international side you've just been given the job of. Love it! I love contract negotiations with players agents, players coming to me with their issues, drawing up shortlists and trying to figure out how I can buy with my budget, managing underage international sides and convincing a player to play for my country, arranging the training schedule, and so much more. Every year I've bought this game. And every year I've only ever managed one side - my boyhood club Middlesbrough. But now with the match engine being so sophisticated and detailed, bugs and errors are so prevalent it has absolutely sucked the joy out of the game for me. I've never been a master tactical. It just seems now that if you want to be somewhat successful in the game you need to find a tactic that 'beats the game'. I always had a thing for playing 3 at the back with wing backs for years. But it feels like the game is inadvertently designed to cater for certain tactics and everything else doesn't work. Last year 442 was the tactic that most people found to work. It shouldn't be like that. When people find the AMC role becomes useless and are unable to build their team around the AMC role then there's something wrong. When someone wants to play a quick central based passing game but the game won't allow them, something wrong. I'm all for new features and improvements. But please keep the match engine simple. It doesn't mean the game should be made easy. But you shouldn't need to be a master tactical to get to enjoy the game.
  13. I noticed this too when trying to loan in a player. If my wage budget is low or in a deficit then the selling club will want me to pay a low percentage of the players wages that I simply can't afford. Then if I go and get my wage budget up they'll suddenly want 100% of the wages.
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