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  1. I got to the U21 European Championships with Ireland. All my squad who played throughout qualifying will be eligible for the tournament however I have two friendly matches scheduled for March and 3 just before the tournament begins and I'm being told I can't select the now sudden overage players. I'm worried that when June comes around to select my squad for the tournament I'm not going to be able to select my older players because of the 3 friendlies before the tournament.
  2. Not sure if this has been posted yet. Anytime I'm awarded a penalty the option to change penalty taker isn't working. I've had players, usually centre backs, on two goals already when I'm awarded one. I use the little green box to change taker and pick my preferred option but instead the player on a hattrick goes to take it anyway (and misses, twice this has happened).
  3. I'm playing as Middlesbrough and I'm struggling to find any tactic that works. I've tried TTF's 4222 and knap's 352. TFF's is great for possession based football but crossing is quite poor on it and I struggle for goals and to really break teams down. knap's 352 is great for creating chances, and poor for finishing. I know there's problems with the ME like crossing, defending over the top balls, and the usual of dominating teams but having a high amount of blocked shots, and dropping points. I've done the usual 8/9 pre season games to maximise familiarity and signed the right attributed players but can't seem to make anything work. I've played FM since the very first game and this is the first time I can't find a consistent tactic. What tactic are people using for midtable/lower end teams? Not the likes of Man United, Bayern, Juventus, etc.
  4. Anyone tried this out yet? I gave it a quick go last night. My Middlesbrough team beat Wolves in the cup comfortably. Not most possession based tactic but dominated with shots. The 352 seems to not focus on wing play which is almost impossible in this game which is great.
  5. That's understandable. But still I can't help but think we should still have more of a budget based on how much we brought in via player sales. Anyways, argument made.
  6. That's understandable. But still I can't help but think we should still have more of a budget based on how much we brought in via player sales. Anyways, argument made.
  7. @BoroPhil Yea I definitely could have. Maybe not all on one player but certainly a few. Especially after we failed for about half a dozen players on deadline day. Don't forget we had already agreed a £7m fee with Everton for Besic before that collapsed. Alongside that we were bidding for Freeman, trying to sign Bolaise on loan (think of the wages there even if we had only agreed to pay half), and had bid for Waghorn. We definitely would have had more in the tank regardless of signing Saville late on.
  8. Quick question. Why did Boro's starting transfer budget drop from £10m in the Beta to £4m after the patch? We brought in close to £45m this season along with parachute payments, and only spent £18m.
  9. Is there another patch on the way? I don't want to start a game if there's one on the horizon and I have to abandon everything to restart.
  10. At the point now were my 17/18 year old players are too old to play for the the U18 team and now wondering what's the best course to continue their development in order for them to push for a first team place. The options are: a) Let them play Reserve team football with the very odd senior appearance. They'll be able to use my state of the art training facilities and work under each coach who is at least 4 and a half stars. b) Send them out on loan to a mid table top club in one of Europe's best divisions were they'll play maybe 20-30 games a season, with lesser facilities and coaches, or to a lower league club with even worse facilities but they'll be playing week in, week out.
  11. Surely this is better off being tested with a midtable team rather than a massively improved Liverpool squad full of regens and not players like Gotze 4 years into the game?
  12. This is the greatest thread in FM history. Spent the last hour reading it. Fair play to all those who even attempted it and a big pat on the back to Jimbo for his amazing achievements and cool writeups.
  13. Ever since the latest patch I've struggled with finding the right tactic. I was doing great prior to the update but can't seem to find any momentum now. Just wanted to see how everyone else was getting along, and which tactics they've stuck with/are using now.
  14. Yep. Lost first ever home match to Swansea, edged past Napoli. Then got thumped 5-1 to Norwich who had just come off the back of a 8-2 defeat to Burnley. Hope Mr Hough can give some sort of advice on how to get things flowing again.
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