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  1. End Of 2018/19 We finished the season in style, beating Ingolstadt allowed Koln to move above them. Broke the leagues' point record European Review
  2. March-April We beat Hoffenheim in the QF and went on to have a strong March. we guaranteed the title against Koln. by the Mainz game, we already had an injury crisis with 4 players injured and one not fully fit, we went 2-0 down and fought back but lost on penalties, the fairytale had to end somewhere. The injury crisis deepened when against Union Berlin we had 7 players injured or not fit to play, one day of rest before Bochum didn't help and we conceded in the 94th minute to lose more points. It doesn't matter what we do anymore but we need 2 points from the remaining 9 to break the leagues' point record.
  3. Amazing job smashing the championship and winning the FA cup!
  4. Youth Intake! Seems Promising! The Japanese players are dominating this intake. He looks amazing! I like his stats and personality, he is very high and strong so I think I will retrain him as a CB I like his physicals but has some way in front of him What do they feed them in Japan, they are all so high, he looks good, but again work will be needed.
  5. February Finally found time to finish February it went better this time vs Augsburg, we won without the penalty drama. Arp is doing amazingly well, scoring in every game this month. Unfortunately, we won't go unbeaten this season as Ingolstadt inflict on us our first loss this season. We got Hoffenheim in the Quarterfinals of the German Cup. 17 point gap with 11 games left, things are looking very good
  6. Good to see a club from my country getting into the champions league , and yes Beiter were the team that asked to incorporate Donald Trump into their name but they weren’t allowed by the league, anyway they have a new owner so maybe this madness has gone
  7. Great start to the season! Good luck, I will be following
  8. Yes, we have the best staff for the bundesliga 2 so I decided not to change anything in the first summer, didn’t want the upheaval
  9. Thanks mate! I usually leave the training to my assistant but sometimes I change certain sessions to my opinion ( if there is high fixture congestion I would add more rest and recovery than my assistant gives) I took the Gegenpressing 4-2-3-1 base and tweaked it a little bit to suit what I want if you want to see it just ask.
  10. It really had to be, him retiring on a high, any chance he is becoming a staff member?
  11. January Great friendly results, absolutely dominated Bayern with the attacking tactic, one league game this month and a good win which didn't impact the table too much still 11 points gap, we are looking good brought in one more loan in the January transfer window, most of my wage budget went on renewing contracts Antonio Marin, backup for AML and optional buy clause for 10 mil, don't think i will activate it but who knows
  12. This is a sad moment, he is such a legend, give him a farewell gift
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