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  1. Woking's general page is just not accurate. Starting with Rivals, Dartford and Crawley share no rivalry with the club, Stevenage are arguably the biggest rivals and so need to be major, Farnborough nowadays maybe does not warrant a major rivalry tag, especially as its not the same club that was once competitive with Woking and , as shown this pre season, would draw no larger than normal crowd. In terms of the legends etc. It could be, frankly, insulting to some. Simple research will find many legends, such as Giuseppe Sole, Colin Lippiat, and Geof Chapple and the best players to grace the shirt like Clive Walker. The icons could be filled with the likes of Garry Hill, Kevin Betsy, mark ricketts and more figures that immediately spring to mind when thinking of the club. While the Favoured could include recent players over the last few years, that have had a good affinity with the club but no iconic status, for example Josh Staunton. Id also like to ensure, if not already, that the game includes the new 10,000 seat stadium for the club which may begin construction in 3-4 years, upon planning approval. ( this is 10 million pound, which is paying paid for by investors and not the club) Thank you.
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