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  1. It truly is an interesting challenge! Just like the one facing Poch in real life!!
  2. Was player of the season in the championship for me with Leeds. 18 goals 11 assists playing as a winger attack
  3. Finished first place in the championship in my first season. Wanted to give two shouts that made it happen. I made two loan signings in January. Smith-Rowe from Arsenal and Allan Saint-Maxim from Nice. Those two guys on opposite flanks playing winger attack took us from probably a top 5 finish to league win. As a non-Leeds fan, is there anyone I absolutely shouldn't sell? For instance as a tottenham fan I would never sell Kane (homegrown hero)
  4. Anyone had luck getting the best out of Alli/ Eriksen.... or the hero of the moment Sissoko?
  5. I can’t get anyone to bid on Davies or Moura. Or basically any of the team that people aren’t WNT to start. Any tips??
  6. Holy Cow!!!!!! How did you get the board to give you that much more money???
  7. Games like that are why being a Spurs Fan is the best. I think the really hard thing to replicate is Alli’s impact. You can’t get the best out of him and Eriksen both playing . well maybe you can... I haven’t haha
  8. What have been your guys favorite buys so far?? Kik Pierie has been amazing value for me; bought him for 975k and was immediately worth 11.25M
  9. I’m not gonna lie, I’m finding Tottenham a challenge in the full game. The heightened expectations with low resources is a unique challenge... how are you guys getting on? Any tactic system you find is working better than others
  10. Beginning of save, I scooped Isak from Dortmund for 9.5 pounds. I’m elated, he’s big like Kane with tons of potential
  11. Struggling to get the best out of our squad. Playing a Tiki-Taka 4-2-3-1. Winning a lot of games 1-0. Not pretty football. I’ve played around with a 4231 gegenpress as well, don’t love it either. what are you playing and how are you lining up??
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