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  1. I’m starting Butland. Ryan is great as a Sweeper Keeper but given that I’m playing counter football I wanted a more traditional GK.
  2. This looks fun so far!! Interesting choice to play the 4123. Spurs are set up well for a 4231 with two of the best #10s in the game in Alli and Eriksen.
  3. As a massive Spurs fan and the originator of the Spurs thread for this year’s game PLEASE do. I’d love to see you take on the challenge!
  4. I’ve had a lot of success playing him as a mezzela and a winger attack on the left
  5. I just finished my first season and need to sell some players. Is there a time frame that is better than others on when to offer them? I vaguely remember someone saying that after the champions league final values increase dramatically? Is this true? Also as an English side I’m given my budget for next year after the FA cup, do computer teams get there budgets then as well or if it’s later should I wait to offer my players when they have their money?
  6. I hear you, I have taken many outsider teams to the top 4 but not a single one to the title. Would be cool to see you win one with Norwich of all teams! Also just signed Aarons in my Brighton save and I love him!!
  7. At the international break in March and we sit 9th with 43 pts. Florin Andone leads the team with 15 goals and 8 assists being played as a PF-A. Seriously have never played with a pressing forward before and Andone has made me fall in love with the role. His work rate is immense and his hold up play has been remarkable as made evident by the assist numbers. Jose Izquierdo has been almost equally profound with 14 goals playing as a AML Winger-Attack. His cut inside ppm along with shoots with power has led to him scoring cracking goals from nowhere. Gross got a nasty knock and missed two months but Lewis Baker has stepped up nicely in the midfield. January Transfers: Out: Juergen Locadia- 16.5m to Burnley In: Max Aarons- 14m (6 up front) Omar Richards- 10m (3 up front) In other news if I get relegated anytime soon I will have bankrupted this team with it installments. But I felt the upgrades necessary to finish mid-table this year before pushing for top-half next.
  8. I just started mine. Sitting in 13th at the November international break. Played 4 of the top 6- with a win, two draws and a loss being the result. Surprisingly have struggled against smaller opposition. Seem to get a result in the games we should lose and lose the games we should win. Playing a 4231 and 4123 both with a focus on countering, though I do have an attacking version as well. Transfers: sold propper to Monaco for 20m bought: Dael Fry for 3 up front and 7.5 in installments Jack Butland for 7 upfront and 10 in installments Thiago Almada for 3m Kasey Palmer for 1.3m Rodel Richards for 1m Notable Player Performances: Pascal Gross is everything!! We play him as a box to box or DLP and he is brilliant. Florin Andone is amazing as a PF. He was out for 8 weeks which marked our worst form. Surprisingly Dale Stephens has been remarkable as a BWM. Loving the save so far, 13th is probably about where I will finish season 1 I think.
  9. Still one of my favorite reads on the whole site.
  10. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your updates! Hoping you find some helpful form in the league. Also I have found that when playing with a smaller squad in the PL you can have luck playing counter football at home because teams want to play super attacking against you
  11. In honor of Chris Houghton’s sacking, was thinking of trying my hand at a Brighton save. Has anyone had any luck with them? Who did you sign? How did you line up??
  12. It truly is an interesting challenge! Just like the one facing Poch in real life!!
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