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  1. Been messing around on the demo, brought in Belotti and Lozano. Not sure how I will play yet but they looked good
  2. Been playing a Liverpool save for a few weeks now, since finding the Instant Result button skin thing. It's a blessing and the only way I will play from now on. Anyway, used a transfer update db, but started mid window. Irrelevant now as I'm into my third season. Been fairly successful, won the league both times and looking good for it again but the cups have been a different story. I edited a huge amount of players myself to make it more interesting. Mainly just boosting all young players to either the max of their random PA or higher if I thought they should be. I did it for as many players as I could though, not just mine, to make it fair. I just find it more fun when there are better players in the game. Anyway that's my squad, but I don't like paying too much in wages (Origi exception coz I love him) so there will be some turnover this season.
  3. Took me 4 seasons but finally won the Champions League. Still didn't help me keep hold of a couple of my players that I wanted to though. Fairly proud that at least half my team is still homegrown though. Helps when your youth academy keeps throwing up the goods.
  4. I'm 3 seasons into my Benfica save so I'll show some progress on some of my guys that I don't see here. As a note, I'd ignore the stars, I think most are close to capped on potential as I've been playing them first team since season 1. Renato Sanches Diego Goncalves Jorge Pereira Joao Carvalho Pedro Rodrigues Ze Gomes
  5. I'll throw my player in that I don't see around here very often. Carlos Lattanzio Not cheap, he cost me 9.5M in the second season, but so far got 10 in 7 and has led me to bench Vietto.
  6. I'm into my second season at Benfica now. The youth in this club are amazing. Renato Sanches is possibly the best midfielder I've used on this game.
  7. He's the best player in Australia, will almost definitely be in a stronger league next season. If the football commentators in Australia had been in charge of his attributes he'd have 20 for everything. He will likely be in the starting side when Australia vs England on May 27, so can get a glimpse of him then.
  8. I'm using him for Benfica.
  9. Isaac Success for 3.7M looks a treat. Agreed to 16k wages for me too.
  10. I don't know how he looked in the previous patch, but Christian Pulisic from Dortmund looks crazy good
  11. I played him at centre mid and he played really well for me.
  12. Hey guys can anyone help me choose a save to start with. Playing as Valencia but need a break from Spain. Narrowed it down to Red Bull Leipzig or AC Milan. RBL looks fascinating, starting in second division. But Milan seem to just constantly do **** in all my saves so I sort of want to build them again.
  13. Lincoln is crazy good. Puts in solid performances for me