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  1. Made my biggest signing I've ever made in FM this season, brought in Florentino Luis for 76M. He better be worth it, looks crazy good
  2. See my post just above yours to see how good he can get. He plays IF on the left for me, but I've been very impressed.
  3. Managed to do the double for season 19/20 and couldn't be happier. Especially as we got revenge from last years UCL final and beat Man Utd! Top players were Felipe Anderson, Ze Gomes, Marco Asensio and Ben Woodburn I'm loading up on Portuguese regen strikers as there seems to be a bunch of them in my game.
  4. Season 2019/20 and it's neck and neck with me and Man Utd for the league. We are currently leading by 3 points in the middle of March, but it's been back and forth all season. Just knocked out Monaco in the first knockout round of the UCL. Asensio is a young God. Ze Gomes and Felipe Anderson both came in this season and are insane. I'd recommend all 3 very highly
  5. FM17: Gems of Fm17

    I've got one from December 2018? He's done pretty well for me
  6. April Season 2 in my save. Been neck and neck all season with Spurs for the title. Got Spurs in the Champs League Qtr finals too. Origi leading the goals, Coutinho leading assists. Shout outs to Sabitzer, Schick and Lallana who have all had good seasons so far though. Also, already signed Josh Tymon to come in next season. Not sure he'll be first choice but he looks amazing.
  7. Started my Liverpool save for FM17 now that the patch is out. Holiday the first season coz I hate playing first seasons for some reason. In season one, Klopp brought in some average players. But due to difficulties in selling them, I'm keeping Davy Klaassen and Marcel Sabitzer. This season I brought in Frank Kessie, Marco Asensio, Patrik Schick and Keiran Teirney. Major outs were Wiji for 30M and Sturridge for 35M. I'm using a plug'n'play tactic from 17.2 so hopefully it still works. Thus far I'm 2 wins from 2 so it's going alright. Also what happens if you fail FFP for wages, coz I'm predicted to do that
  8. AS Monaco - Find your wonderkids here!

    Season 2018/19 I was on equal points with PSG on the last day but with a better goal difference. They won and I drew with Marseille. It was heartbreaking. Also got knocked out of the UCL in the semi finals. I won 3-1 at Man City, then they won 4-1 in Monaco. Again, it was deeply upsetting. Won the French Cup, but overall a disappointing season. This is my current squad I will need to loan in another striker because I've only got Origi at the moment but I have a beast regen coming in January. I've got 266M in transfer money and 836k free in wages. So finances are going well.
  9. AS Monaco - Find your wonderkids here!

    I'm using Lemar as an Attacking Midfielder - attack AMC. Silva is an Inside Forward - support at AMR. Silva kills it at AMR, but Lemar is a bit hit or miss.
  10. How does Penaranda look in your save? He can turn out ridiculously good
  11. AS Monaco - Find your wonderkids here!

    Jumped into a Monaco game to have a break from Leverkusen. I holidayed through the first season and took over season 2. Not made too many signings, had about 30M to work with. Redid all the staff first, and then had to clear the wage bill. They were somehow 280k over the wage bill! How does that even happen?! I shipped off a bunch of players including Falcao and Moutinho. The club had already purchased Hojberg before I got here, so hoping he can have a good season then I can sell him next year as he's on about 100k which is far too much. Going to use a bunch of the reserves this season so I can keep spending down a bit.
  12. Young Portuguese players

    Probably the best nationality for youngsters in the game this year. Some other good players: Andre Horta, Pedro Pereira, Francisco Trincao, Pedro Marques, Daniel Bragança, Diogo Queiros, Diogo Leite and my favourite Diogo Dalot
  13. FM17 - Bayer Leverkusen

    I tried selling him straight away coz I don't like him in real life
  14. FM17 - Bayer Leverkusen

    He's been pretty consistently decent for me so it's not been all bad. I did finally manage to sell him this season though for 28M so I'm stoked
  15. FM17 - Bayer Leverkusen

    I've been trying for 3 seasons to get rid of him. Still struggling