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  1. Hi, so in my save I appear to be unable to view matches. The screen is blank as you can see in my picture. I have always just done instant result so I didn't actually know this happened until recently. I'm playing on a MacBook Pro 2017 model, I've not encountered this before. Let me know if any other details are required.
  2. I got Tobido unsettled at Barca and got him for about 30M, he's quite good so far. I'll also mention Javier Montero from Atleti. Atleti have Nehuen Perez who looks good but I've not used him. Merih Demiral is available for about 20M after the first season in my game too.
  3. Any changes to Liverpool players PA? I think Gomez got improved, anyone else?
  4. Feb 2023 and I should win the league pretty easy this year. Starting to get burnt at Liverpool a bit. I've built up a quality loan army, so I will develop them and sell them off and then hopefully swap teams.
  5. Cengiz Under Eder Militao Nicolas Dominguez Lucas Pacqueta Cristian Pavon
  6. Season 3 transfers were relatively uneventful. Already had a decent sized squad so just wanted to clear it up a bit. Brought in Tonali, Cuisance and one cheap regen. Sold Mane, Keita, Origi, Grujic, Solanke. Loaned out some guys I couldn't sell. Tried to get rid of Fabinho and Henderson but couldn't for the life of me get an offer.
  7. I signed Akinfenwa as an u/18 coach. Tempted to put him as a fitness coach in charge of strength. Figured he's always been a massive red why not bring him in. Trying to bring in other staff as well like Kuyt, Meijer, etc
  8. I can't get him to play well at all no matter what the role is
  9. For once having transfer budget left on Deadline Day has paid off for me. Got Jadon Sancho for 30M and just missed out on getting Cengiz Under, though he should arrive in January for 40M.
  10. Pretty much finished my transfer window now. Still trying to clear out Ox but been a struggle. Transfers: Only one not shown is Lovren for 25M to Napoli. The main transfers out were Salah to Madrid and Clyne to PSG which came out of nowhere, but he wanted to leave anyway so no worries. Salah could have stayed but 93M is an offer I can't say no to. Juve still sniffing around Mane too. My first XI is still roughly the same as last season, only moved Pavon in to replace Salah, mainly just strengthened my second XI. I'll still try to sign some youngsters coz got about $120M left over, but need to sign some players to new contracts too.
  11. Yeah I know, it's harsh. But Keita took a lot of shots. He was first choice until about January and didn't score a goal. He scored a couple at the end but was in general poor. Salah again could be a bit harsh, but other players in less opportunity performed better in game. I don't really get attached to players either so have no issues selling them ha
  12. Can't get either to perform. If I can get decent money for either they can go. I'd be more willing to persist with Keita though.
  13. Really happy with my first season. Won the league and the FA Cup. Got knocked out by City in the semis of the UCL. Top players are below. Salah was injured for like 6 months or so, and Origi really stepped up for me. Scored a lot of his goals in big games too. Will be looking to clear out Keita, Milner, Lovren and maybe Salah. Need a new left back and some younger blood in midfield.
  14. Really? He will be the first player sold in the summer in my game, just cannot get him to play. Tried him in a few roles and doesn't do well in any of them.
  15. Still doing my first season. turned off transfers for the first window. Really struggled with consistency and scoring early on, but now going pretty well. It's mid April and there is a 3 horse race for the title with me, City and Chelsea. Also will play City in the FA Cup final. In January I made some business as I wanted to get rid of a few players. Sold Sturridge, Moreno, Lallana, Wij, Markovic and Matip. Brought in Pavon, Arp, Dias, Paqueta and a few youngsters. Got to say Paqueta is brilliant, been so good from the moment I bought him.
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