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  1. Could you raise that here please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/710-match-engine-ai-and-tactics/
  2. No, objectives are dynamic. We rely on the DB at the start of the game, then the game recalculates as time progresses.
  3. Could you upload your save for us to investigate please?
  4. Could you upload your save for us to investigate please?
  5. There is not, but that is certainly worthy of a feature request https://community.sigames.com/forum/680-football-manager-feature-requests/
  6. I think you have misunderstood how this functions. This objective describes the board wanting the singing of "high reputation" players "High reputation players" = similar or higher reputation to that of the club Club reputation = a number of factors, including competition success Player reputation = a number of factors, including ability and success Therefore the board wants to sign well-known, successful players, relative to the club's own level The board's desire for this objective does not necessarily link to the size of the club, as it is relative, but if you believe a club has this set wrongly please post here - https://community.sigames.com/forum/708-database-and-research/ A club being high reputation itself does not mean they should or should not have this objective, a club being rich does not mean they should or should not have this objective. Any examples that you find where the objective looks wrongly assigned, please open up a separate thread and provide a save so that we may investigate. Additionally, try using the interaction option here, requesting the funds to sign a player because it meets this part of the Vision. This thread has become a discussion over the functionality of a specific objective rather than a bug report. Could we please return to the issue, if you have examples of this not functioning correctly please post, including a save, so that we can investigate.
  7. Club reputation is based largely on competition success. The desire for signing high reputation players is concerned with what type of player the club signs, not raising the club's own reputation. There are separate objectives for raising the club's reputation. These of course could work together, but may often also be independent.
  8. This refers to the facilities and recruitment available to your youth sides. The board will look to work on this themselves but also expect you to contribute, specifically via allocating funds to it via board requests.
  9. Please note that the board may have a slightly different view of a player's reputation to that of their "World Reputation" (listed on a player's Profile). If you would like to see if a player matches the board's expectations for this objective or not, please look on either the transfer or contract offer page, where the information is highlighted:
  10. As mentioned above, we are investigating and reviewing transfers being blocked as a result of this. For clubs that you believe should not have this set, please do head to our DB & Research area. Could I kindly ask that we keep this area strictly for bug reports. Extended discussion around these issues only serves to dilute the report and makes it harder for us to identify the problem and thus the solution. For feedback, which is most welcome, please head here -
  11. If you believe Anderlecht either require a larger transfer budget or should have this objective removed, please post here - https://community.sigames.com/forum/708-database-and-research/ Signings do not need to match both your objectives at once, you could sign low-rep Belgians and high-rep Spaniards in separate deals to satisfy these. You do not need to sign the same players as Real Madrid, only players that would be considered high rep for Anderlecht. We are reviewing this internally.
  12. If you believe Slavia Prague either require a larger transfer budget or should have this objective removed, please post here - https://community.sigames.com/forum/708-database-and-research/
  13. This is being investigated. Transfers being blocked due to this objective is under review As per the tooltip, this is relative. It does not mean sign Galacticos, it means sign players of a similar or higher rep than the club Re. Benfica - Players do not have to be higher rep than the club as Benfica are already a top club, players just need to be of a similar "high" rep. For example, 3.5* player to Benfica's 4* rep. If anyone has any saves that highlight this issue, please do get them uploaded
  14. You may be best querying that here - https://community.sigames.com/forum/708-database-and-research/
  15. You can control both the training and playing time of Under X team players via the Dev Centre through the respective tabs. Not certain I understand your question, are you referring to the sidebar icons? If so, these now only appear when you take control of that team. Otherwise you can access them under the Dev Centre.
  16. The AI takes much, much more into account when signing a player than just ability and potential stars. Specifically, form and performance are taken into account, as you suggest, along with a number of other factors. If you have some example of the AI signing players unrealistically, please do get them posted here - https://community.sigames.com/forum/696-football-manager-2020-pre-release-beta-bug-forum/ Generally forwards are more expensive than defenders, but of course this is a broad statement and will not apply in every single instance. As above, if you have some examples that you believe look unrealistic, please do get them posted for us to investigate.
  17. Could you raise this here please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/696-football-manager-2020-pre-release-beta-bug-forum/
  18. Whilst a "required" objective will be more heavily weighted (and cannot be negotiated away), as long as you hit your other objectives, in particular the competition goals, you should be fine. Especially as this will likely in-part fulfil your end of the deal. Success = revenue.
  19. We have that under review. As you say, examples and saves where this does not act as expected are welcome, we'll get them investigated However, claiming that Benfica will only be satisfied by signing players like Mbappe is a little misleading and not correct*. *correct to design, if it operates this way please do report it
  20. Thank you for the feedback. I'd like to pick up on the above. I've seen this mentioned a few times. This is not quite accurate. It is "High Reputation Players", and that reputation is relative to the club. For Real Madrid, that's probably going to mean "Galacticos", but at Leyton Orient it just means players of a high rep for that level.
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