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  1. In a very broad sense, I would say you want to train for your tactic. Which means a good balance between preparing the team for the next match and crafting their attributes towards those that are most useful for your playing style. For something that involves high tempo, counter pressing I would suggest looking at the 'Gegenpress' default schedule. It is specifically designed for that style of play. You can then tweak from there as you see fit.
  2. They are dynamic, Level of Discipline changing based on actions such as fines for example, so as @herne79 says there may be an issue here. If you could post your example/s in our bugs area with the save that'd be great cheers.
  3. Good spot, could you post that one here for me please for our DB team - https://community.sigames.com/forum/708-database-and-research/
  4. Could you post that here for me please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/726-football-manager-2020-bugs-forum/
  5. (some) Suitable/unsuitable Player Traits are taken into account yes, although are only a small component of the whole, most attributes will outweigh them. Role familiarity > Role suitability for clarity
  6. Delighted to read that you're all enjoying Club Vision and it's great to see how varied an approach it is encouraging you to take in even the few posts here. For the couple of potential bugs mentioned, could I kindly ask that, if you still have the relevant saves, could you get them posted in the bugs area please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/745-club-vision-and-performance/ - we'll get them under review, if they are not already. We are aware of this and are investigating
  7. Could you report these two as bugs please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/726-football-manager-2020-bugs-forum/
  8. For clarification, this is just when a new board takes over/is elected. Discussion of boards signing players without the manager's input under normal circumstances is valid, but not something currently modelled in FM.
  9. We are aware of some disparity here. For clarity, a player that meets these requirements will have it noted on the 'Transfer Offer' and 'Contract Offer' pages. We are also looking at other ways to make this clearer for the future.
  10. Were they without a club for a sustained period of time? If a player is without a club for a sustained period of time they are liable to retire. We do this for both realism - the player is making no wage and clearly has limited future prospects inside football - and for gameplay reasons - we need to remove excess players from the DB to ensure the total number of players is kept relatively constant and does not become bloated, slowing your game down when newgens are introduced.
  11. Please do not hijack other threads to promote an agenda. This is the bugs area, where we require specific examples of issues. Whilst discussion and speculation is all good elsewhere it often only serves to cloud the issue here. A member of the team responsible for this area will review your post when they are able. The clearer, more objectively an issue is presented the easier it is to review and identify potential bugs.
  12. Do you have any specific examples? Players specifically take after other players, not a squad average, so if that Team Leader and Highly Influential player are the ones that other players are looking to it is possible they are responsible for numerous personality shifts.
  13. It is something we can investigate as an issue and then move from there.
  14. This is indeed a heading, with the entries beneath this being the options for selection. Could you post that as a bug for me please?
  15. Ok, cheers. Make use of the "Injury Rehab" individual training options
  16. As in reality, players that graduate from your youth setup into the U18s (or equivalent) are signed on a Youth Contract. This means that, with a small amount of compensation, they are free to be signed by any other club. It is prudent to get your better prospects signed up to a professional contract as soon as possible. This works both ways of course, you can also take advantage of the AI not recognising a player's potential and failing to offer him a professional deal.
  17. Doctors are not employed (or sacked) by the manager, similar to members of the board. @Yamyamref - Are you saying you have no doctor at all? All professional clubs should have a doctor.
  18. This is younger player's being influenced by more senior players that have lower Determination than them. If you want to avoid or curate a player's personality development, try putting them in Mentoring groups with appropriate senior pros.
  19. Can confirm large drops in Bravery after a significant injury are to be expected. Often, the player's Bravery will (part) return over time. We'd be interested in investigating large drops in Acceleration for non-significant hamstring injuries though, if people have examples.
  20. Whilst a drop in Acceleration is almost an expected result of a hamstring injury, these drops do sound quite significant, especially if they are permanent. It would be worth posting here please so that we can investigate - https://community.sigames.com/forum/743-training-medical-and-development-centre/
  21. That is indeed possible. The player trait (PPM) will have been picked up from someone in his training unit.
  22. Junior Player Poaching - https://community.sigames.com/topic/495450-training-youth-intake-a-brief-guide-updated-for-fm20/?do=findComment&comment=12103553 In FM20 it is possible for Juniors to be poached from another club's youth system. This will most commonly occur from smaller reputation club > larger reputation club. When this occurs a inbox item is received, offering a few details (similar to that of the Youth Intake Preview) on the player that has been poached. Poached players will appear in the next appropriate youth intake.
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