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  1. There are a number of pieces of advice, analysis and stats available during the match, mostly contained under the Touchline Tablet, that a manager has access to in-play, but some of the most powerful tools are not accessible until certain points. This change was made to better recreate what a real manager would have available on match day and bring you closer to that experience. To answer OP specifically, items such as Average Position are contained within the Chalkboard, which is now only available at Half and Full Time. Select the "Analysis" and "Stats" buttons during the Half or Full T
  2. Could you post them here so that they can be addressed ahead of release please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/770-football-manager-2021-early-access-beta-bugs-forum/
  3. If I recall, KDB is the 3rd highest rated player in the entire game. Doesn't mean you're not right, but worth considering. Please post any data issues, crucially with solid evidence, here -
  4. We do localise these for each language that the game supports. That certainly doesn't mean they'll be perfect - and please do post imperfect examples for us in the bugs area - but it should help
  5. We deliberately avoided using such adjectives so as to not confuse them with the old Tone system, which operated quite differently. There are some keywords included in the description to help guide you when deciding how to act, such as "spread open arms wide in a disarming manner".
  6. Indeed! We haven't just refreshed the list, we've reworked the reactions under the hood. Seen this one mentioned a couple of times, so would just like to address it: The TV style lineup (in formation) is only available for important televised matches or highlights watched on Comprehensive and above. The teamsheet style lineup is always shown as part of the pre-match flow and is what a Manager would actually receive in reality, where they have no knowledge of the opposition formation until the match kicks off and they/their staff can observe it (see the Touchline Tablet). Note that
  7. I hear you. It's something I'm weighing up but at best these are minor tweaks and I want to be careful. If you're arguing for these attribute to be improved but him not to be improved overall, you'd also need to suggest some area to downgrade. Regarding his best role, it comes out as Half Back (DM), which I'd say is bang on. Bamford - Hm that may be a fair shout. I've given him excellent attributes for the role you describe (such as Work Rate), but these two being so low could be an oversight. Llorente - I've not really seen enough of him to make a reliable call. The Sociedad rese
  8. Playing time (squad status) is set on the game side, so you'd either need to raise it as a gameplay bug or suggest a DB change that may help this, such as a lower CA.
  9. A note for anyone wondering about FM20's Role Suitability circles becoming Role Ability stars in FM21: ‘Role Ability’ has replaced ‘Role Suitability’ to give a more accurate overall picture of how good a player is within in a role. The old ‘Suitability’ circles only displayed how suited a player was to the role, starting at the top end with the full green circle for the players best role and working backwards from there. This lead to a number of misleading cases where players would show as having yellow/orange role icons for certain roles, when in fact, due to their general high abil
  10. Having been responsible for the design of these I can assure you that none of the Gestures are simply a replacement for a Tone. There's 32 Gestures for a start!
  11. There have been a few tweaks since. A chance being scored higher than 0.3 is quite rare, 0.3 is often considered a "big" or "clear-cut" chance in many models. Penalties come out as roughly 0.75-0.8.
  12. xG works best over a longer period of time. It is effectively an average. So on average, you would have expected to score 1 goal in that match, but this time you exceeded that. It can indicate luck, whether results are repeatable or not and obviously player quality.
  13. Shack & Ayling contract - got this one, ta. Ayling Accomplished DC noted, a fair change. Competent for Hernandez at MC seems fair to me, although I'd be interested to see how you are seeing him used by the AI? Bamford - this may be down to the comparison with Rodrigo, who on a purely attributes basis is a far superior player in those roles.
  14. Will be in there for release, cheers Ayling Accomplished DC seems fair, will make that change. Dallas could be given a slightly more generous rating at MC but the main objection I have is that he is already so positionally versatile that adding anything else here would eat up even more CA, which will in turn affect his attributes, which are perhaps already a little subdued in order to create a balanced reflection of the player's overall ability. He's one of the highest rated players in the squad in fact. If it were you, would you increase his ability at MC at the cost of something
  15. There is a cut off for when injuries are added, which I believe is the closing of the transfer window. As such, VVD not having his injury is accurate to this.
  16. Worth raising here if you think this is a bit off please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/804-transfers-contracts-scouting-recruitment-meetings-and-staff-responsibilities/
  17. There is not currently. Could you raise this here for me please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/803-user-interface/ - something worth investigating. Are the differences in "fullness" of the hearts too subtle to be useful to you?
  18. The change to Condition has been made to better align with the information real life managers have available to them and to better communicate what this information is actually telling you. In the match the difference between 91% and 92% is so arbitrarily small that it makes no significant difference and the AI acts as such. However, we have been seeing a number of people taking an unnecessary and even detrimental approach to these numbers, refusing to play players at 86% Condition for example. This is a good example of the misinformation that we would like to combat both inside and outsi
  19. Worth raising this one here please - https://community.sigames.com/forum/807-dynamics-interactions-press-conferences-and-meetings/ - something we may be able to investigate.
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