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  1. This is teamtalk intensity, right? And it's slightly more amped up this year, which could make sense for certain personality types.
  2. I've tried to offer contracts for Diomande and Inacio, but both of them want Important Player or above - which is a bit insane. Think Anotnio Silva might be more reasonable (despite being more expensive)
  3. How good does Hannibal become on your saves? Got an offer for him - 48 Mn$ mandatory future fee, not sure if I should take it..
  4. What sort of budgets have people got in the 3rd year? It's showing be 33 Mn in the Transfers screen (budget for next year). Surely, that can't be right?
  5. End of season 1, and we won the Carabao Cup, PL and Europa League. Need to strengthen the squad for CL, but having a mixed bag in selling players. Sold Casemiro for 60 MN$, Brandon Williams for 11 Mn, wan Bissaka for 20 Mn, Tuanzebe for 6.5 Mn and Ronaldo for 1 Mn; let DDG, Fred leave on frees. Bought Tielemans (25 Mn S1), Marcos Leonardo (15 Mn S1), Diogo Costa (60 Mn RC), Max Aarons - 35 Mn, Sutalo - 20 Mn and Schdeljerup (8.5 Mn) Still have about 120 Mn left in the bank, with two targets of Bellingham and Scalvini, but I might move on them next season, as I don't have registration spaces currently. Unable to sell Lindelof and another CM to make space currently. Also, players on high wages generally are okay with accepting a lower price on their wages, bringing it under control. So far, I've gotten Sancho to reduce to 250k (from 325) and Martial to 250k (from 300). Speaking to agents to reduce demands helps massively with that, especially after successful seasons. What role do people think is Bellingham's best? He literally looks like a multi-utility player - DLP, DM, AM (RL) and B2B all seem to suit him. He could be a good B2B midfielder in a 4-2-3-1.
  6. I would still go Max Aarons, seems to still be good (although not an IWB). BTW, within the squad, Fred is a decent shout for the same. He also is a pretty decent Inverted Winger.
  7. Any thoughts about any potential first season transfers? I'm oscillating between Tielemans and Neves for an additional midfielder (need a DLP). That will mostly sort my midfield, before the second summer window (where the focus will be more on a striker and a GK).
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