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  1. Also, recheck your tactics once. Does he have space to perform as a B2B? Does he need different players around him? Or is the playing style not suitable? Because I agree, he is phenomenal.
  2. Axel Tuanzebe is suspended randomly in the PL. He was fine for the previous match (where he was an unused substitute, and he hasn't even played a PL match this season). File name - Man Utd v4.fm
  3. I have a new issue. I was looking at Head to Head meetings, and I realised that the game is counting the result of the game at the end of normal time. In the example, my head to head record with Liverpool should be 4 Won, 5 Lost and 2 Drawn. Instead, I have 3 drawn and 4 lost, clearly it has counted EFL Cup Final as a draw (it was, at Extra Time), but it should be looking at the final result - loss on penalties.
  4. I have the save file, but I have continued into the next season. Will that suffice?
  5. So, the rules for getting a PL medal are to have played in 5 matches. Now, ideally, this should be 5 matches anytime over the season (even if you have won the PL before the season ended, with 5 or so matches to spare). Greenwood has 5 matches in the PL last season, but three of those appearances came after we won the PL mathematically. The medals were awarded instantly, rather than at the end of the season, so he missed out, which doesn't make sense. He should have received his medal additionally, at the end of the season, right?
  6. Hi, So, I've faced this issue multiple times, finally remembered to record it. The squad status (of acquired youth players, not the ones through my intake) sometimes resets to '-'. Like, nil. Morris Zeyer in the inbox item below. The player does not have a squad status, at all. And it was Future Prospect that he was supposed to be. I have uploaded the file, just proceeding to the next day shows the inbox item. File Name - Man Utd v4.fm
  7. I don't know what triggers it, but occasionally, when I'm setting individual training for specific youth players, I get the option of managing that specific youth player's individual training completely. It is a very useful feature, only problem is that option is not present all the time, and occasionally, I only have the option of taking it over for a month or to take over all individual training. Is there a specific reason why it is so?
  8. Neville is praising my players for dethroning their club after two years (this despite me winning it the previous year) Save Game - Man Utd v1.fm - Just before the game that won me the PL
  9. Hi, I've been noticing this for a lot of Youth contracts, but my scouts only report one particular amount as the wage budget (which is not accurate). The 10.5k as wage demands shown is the limit a senior work permit in my Brexit, and ever since Brexit happened, this is the single wage demand I keep getting.
  10. A look at the bio on the right shows SMS attracting the attention of F.C Barcelona, while being in superb form for Barcelona. File - Man Utd v4.fm
  11. Grimaldo is good enough. So is Reguilon, but he is available for a free in S2. I've seen Brandon Williams step up for that role also, and he is already at the club.
  12. I like to use Pogba as a DLP on support. On a side where the winger cuts inside and the fullback bombs ahead. This ensures that he controls play, sprays passes while also taking long shots (I want to use this specific trait of his, so it works out). Otherwise, you can try him as an AP. He will go ahead and score, but still be making plays. However, you have to also take other roles into consideration, as an AP has relatively less defensive responsibility. Also, a mezzala works if you have an attacking IF. He will take up half spaces created on the wing (vacated by the IF). He may come in conflict with an attacking full back in that instance, though. I would think a Box-2-Box will get in the way of an Inside Forward, since they will try to vie for the same space (I tend to use a B2B on the same side as a Winger on support, so as to try to create attacking overload, and encourage triangles of passing between them (and either the full back or my deep striker)
  13. My recommendation would be Chiesa. My scout reports told that Bailey would find it difficult to get a WP. Chiesa takes a while to settle, but then is gold. And is interested to join from the beginning. Honestly, outside of him, I would go for Sancho, and not Bailey or Everton (in the later seasons, when Sancho is interested)
  14. This guy looks like a beast in my save. Need to snap him up!
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