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  1. Just got this little tidbit. Netherlands have been to the final before - needs to be corrected.
  2. So, in the 44th minute in the save, Alex Telles commits a foul on my player in the penalty area, commentary also says its a foul, and that the referee has awarded an advantage instead of a penalty. Reckon it's a bug? Advantage inst. of Penalty (Man Utd v Porto).pkm
  3. So, this is the first time that all eleven have been in Team of the Week for me. I've had 10 before, some two versions ago, but never all 11, I reckon..
  4. Additionally, this clearly seems to be some error in how the U21's reports come out.
  5. Beta? That was gone long back, we are on the full version now (unless I misunderstood what you said). But even otherwise, despite the overload, roles make a difference. I've started Dybala as a False 9, next to Rashford or Lukaku, and he drops deep (facilitated by the same PPM he has) and lays on cross/through-balls/long passes to assist them, along with making runs into the box to score. Useful when you want to overload.
  6. Sigh. He looks like a beast of a winger too, mind. I wouldn't actually mind forgoing him as a B2B, and train him as a Winger/IF. With those stats, he will be a beast
  7. I play a 2 striker formation, but I think Dybala takes about half a season to get accustomed to a new place, new tactics etc. Waiting until he hits his gear, but otherwise, yeah, he looks like a beast. Wanted to sell Sanchez, but couldn't. Kinda glad, though, as he is being a beast up-top in the second season to make up for Dybala's slow start.
  8. 4 shots on target, 4 goals. Never had that happen before, I think.
  9. Try and see if you can prise away Dean Henderson from United. He's pretty good, and English to boot.
  10. Sanchez is a beast upfront, as an Advanced Forward. Has very good movement, and good enough pace to play that role really well. For the right, in the first season, go for either Pulisic, Pavon or Chiesa. All three are really good. In the second season, you have more options, although Bailey is a beast playing there. As for a FB who can play both sides, Dalot himself can do that, and do it well. Otherwise, Ethan Laird in your U18s can also put in a shift there. If you are looking to bring someone else in, Joshua Vagnoman is a pretty good option. Young and backup. Someone a bit more established (and a former favourite) would be Mattia de Sciglio.
  11. Dalot grows to be a beast, and is already a good rotational option. His only problem, really, is his pace.
  12. Hi, When I go to a player's page, and change the duty of a role, his familiarity (present to the left of the duty) disappears. As you can see, when II change the duties of the roles of Douglas Costa, the familiarity disappears. Additional information is that I landed on his page from the News section. Oh, and I'm scouting him, and he is not on my shortlist. I just checked, and this is happening with other players too, who don't fall under the above conditions. Also worth nothing that changing back the duty to what it originally was doesn't bring back the familiarity.
  13. No. Different nationalities are affected by Feeder clubs - you'll get some foreign youth if you youth agreements with feeder clubs.
  14. You can get Bailey in the second year. About 90-130 Mn $. Other than that, Pulisic is quite decent as RW/AMR.
  15. For networking, i think it refers to how many regens you get in an intake. Think junior coaching refers to the quality of the regens, along with youth facilities. But I could be wrong, though.
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