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  1. No, it's uniform now. WP depends on the matches played, the level the player is playing at, Club and League reputation, International matches etc. There was a Brexit thread which explained this in greater detail. Because of Brexit, anyone non-British is treated as foreign and so requires a work permit. Players already at club are granted settled status until 2024, I believe, unless you offer them a new contract (n which case, it reverts to work permits again).
  2. Don't think Important Matches attribute improves, it remains the same. Consistency can improve. However, if the player fits well, I would say still get him. Dreads Important matches doesn't mean that he will play bad in every single match, just that he has a greater probability of under-performing in them. Couples also with Pressure and his Determination, I would reckon. I would say go for it - Dybala in FM20 had a similar report for Important Matches, but was a beast for me in lots of them - winning matches single-handedly.
  3. If they are joining in January (due to age issues), then it comes under Brexit rules. If they supposed to join immediately, then it's a bug, as you shouldn't need Wp for both of them.
  4. Staff - All Staff - Scroll down until you get to the U23/U18 section. You can still view them like how you are viewing the First Team's staff attributes.
  5. Still exists, I think. I had it crop up for a couple of my players.
  6. First have a check as to his potential and whether he can improve further. If he can, I would focus on the mentality, followed by a bit of stamina, work rate and passing (as these would help an alternate role as a Winger too). However, it depends on what you play him at - if you use a Poacher, he is already world class probably in that area, so it's your call basis your tactical setup.
  7. Anyone tried to get in Chris Mepham? I'm close to finishing up my first year and plan to sell Lindelof and Jones. I wanted to get in Kimpembe as my left sided CB, but too expensive. While Mepham is right footed, he still seems pretty good and Homegrown. Only thing is he is shown at Championship quality, but his attributes are at PL level. Available for about 30 Mn $ on 78k wages.
  8. This happened a lot in the beta saves, was changed for the main release. Although, him not appearing in PSG's transfers list means it could be a bug.
  9. I dunno, there are a lot of people complaining about it, but also quite a few people experiencing to the contrary. In my United save, 1st Season, ~25 games in - 7 teams have 40 or more goals. 2 teams have 50 plus. La Liga, around 23 games in, Barca and Real have 47 and 40 goals each. Next is Atleti at 34. Similar with Bundesliga, ~22 games in, Dortmund with 41, Leipzig with 40 and Bayern with 35. Serie A, Juve have 39 Goals with 23 matches, followed by Napoli at 38 and Milan at 37.
  10. He always seems to let in silly goals in the first season for me, so I'm still reluctant. He's back-up for now (Season 1). DDG, while he has been given a downgrade, still performs exceptionally well. Will probably continue with DDG until S2 or 3 and then maybe replace him with Donnarumma.
  11. The scout reports expire after a while, IIRC. That's probably the reason why you see this. A counter to this is shortlisting players basis initial reports and then using the option to keep reports on them up-to-date.
  12. No. Report Reguilon as that is a bug. Haaland's clause has been removed intentionally, as there are no confirmed reports of a clause, just media speculation.
  13. That probably sounds like a bug (especially if the Buy-back clause is active). You should probably report it.
  14. Also, for people who were unable to move between Tactics and Team talk screens at half time - the arrow keys (left and right) allow you to do that. There is no button for it, but in case you want to do it, the arrow keys work the same way.
  15. This is not a bug, this happens during pre-season, when you haven't seen them enough to be criticizing/praising them. It will start functioning as normal as your season begins.
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