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  1. Yep. This is him in my save. Doesn't cost a pretty penny, and is really, really good. I initially alternated with him as a Trequarista, before settling as a B2B midfielder. Among other midfielders I've seen, only Milinkovic-Savic comes close (or can potentially get better) in terms of overall attributes. Another interesting one to note is Joshua Kimmich. Looks like he could work wonderfully as a B2B midfielder, while covering multiple roles.
  2. If we are continuing this for FM20, Bruno Fernandes is an insane B2B midfielder. And reasonably priced too. Gedson Fernandes seems to have been downgraded slightly on this one.
  3. Hi, in the tunnel interview, just before the match, the question asked has my league position incorrectly mentioned. The facts to the left are shown correctly, while the question has me in 2nd.
  4. That's what he means by The PA can range between In your save, what you're seeing is right. It varies across saves.
  5. So, I'm managing Manchester United, and if the game is a Cup game, I get directly taken into the team selection engine. The briefing is skipped completely. Not sure if it is a bug or not. Also, apologies if this is already reported.
  6. Okay, off the bat, I rather like the club vision aspect, allowing me to evaluate where I stand with each aspect of the vision. What I had in mind was the implication it would have on National Teams. Recently, there has been increased conversations around implementing a playing style across all levels of youth for a national team (England) and figuring the national team in the same style (should have been hygiene, but w/e). There has also been increased scrutiny at Germany and Spain, and how they implemented something similar to help their teams across the bat. Is there a way this can be introduced to the next FM? What I mean is the option, as the national team manager, to implement a style of play (or vision) that will have long lasting effects across clubs of that country. (What I'm referring to is how Spain moved on from La Furia Roja to La Roja - they implemented changes that influenced what players were coming through (as the training they were imparted was quite different) Is it possible to have it in FM? Where, if I decide as NT manager, to have a very technical side and style of play, then upcoming regens at clubs of that country also turn up more technically gifted (and less dominating physically). I feel this would make NT more interesting, and also hold people's interest in their saves, on a longer term, as club management also becomes different. I feel it could fit in quite nicely as a way to take forward the new Vision aspect in the game.
  7. Yeah, can echo this with Tahith Chong on my game last year. Didn't seem to be too good, but got a couple of good loans, and suddenly he improved drastically. Then a loan to Chelsea as a first teamer, and he started showing and living upto his potential. Finally, in the fifth year, he got a run in my first team - kept Leon Bailey out of the team (sold him). Chong basically had extremely intelligent movement, exploited spaces and always turned up in the right places for a goal - he had about 20 that year and 12 assists. It was one of the highlights of the save.
  8. Not exactly cheap, but Marquinhos looks insane, with his attribute spread. I'm unsure if he was as good in FM19 (never bought him). Definitely getting him now.
  9. So, this is the first time that all eleven have been in Team of the Week for me. I've had 10 before, some two versions ago, but never all 11, I reckon..
  10. Beta? That was gone long back, we are on the full version now (unless I misunderstood what you said). But even otherwise, despite the overload, roles make a difference. I've started Dybala as a False 9, next to Rashford or Lukaku, and he drops deep (facilitated by the same PPM he has) and lays on cross/through-balls/long passes to assist them, along with making runs into the box to score. Useful when you want to overload.
  11. Sigh. He looks like a beast of a winger too, mind. I wouldn't actually mind forgoing him as a B2B, and train him as a Winger/IF. With those stats, he will be a beast
  12. I play a 2 striker formation, but I think Dybala takes about half a season to get accustomed to a new place, new tactics etc. Waiting until he hits his gear, but otherwise, yeah, he looks like a beast. Wanted to sell Sanchez, but couldn't. Kinda glad, though, as he is being a beast up-top in the second season to make up for Dybala's slow start.
  13. 4 shots on target, 4 goals. Never had that happen before, I think.
  14. Try and see if you can prise away Dean Henderson from United. He's pretty good, and English to boot.
  15. Sanchez is a beast upfront, as an Advanced Forward. Has very good movement, and good enough pace to play that role really well. For the right, in the first season, go for either Pulisic, Pavon or Chiesa. All three are really good. In the second season, you have more options, although Bailey is a beast playing there. As for a FB who can play both sides, Dalot himself can do that, and do it well. Otherwise, Ethan Laird in your U18s can also put in a shift there. If you are looking to bring someone else in, Joshua Vagnoman is a pretty good option. Young and backup. Someone a bit more established (and a former favourite) would be Mattia de Sciglio.
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