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  1. Team To Build A Dynasty ?

    Lazio: -Vrij+SMS+F.Anderson+Immobile -plently of young players to develop -Derby della Capitale
  2. FM 17 - Valencia CF

    second season
  3. FM17: Chelsea F.C.

    My first season: tac: 4231
  4. Request A Screenshot

    Mainz: Yoshinori Muto, Jhon Córdoba, Devante Parker, Yunus Malli, Levin Öztunali, Suat Serdar, Gerrit Hotmann, Jean-Philippe Gbamin, Patrick Pflücke, Beshar Halimi, Jonathan Burkhardt thx
  5. Request A Screenshot

    Empoli: Marco Olivieri, Luca Bittante, Matheus Pereira Atalanta: Luca Valzania, Filippo Melegnoni, Fabio Castellano, Mario Pugliese, Christian Capone, Tiziano Tulissi, Andrea Conti
  6. FM16 : Tycoon Saves

    In my Villa save, i give a message: "Tycoon eyes Aston Villa", but one week later i give a another message "Consortium plans Aston Villa takeover". It's bad news?
  7. Horváth is Hungarian player? picture please