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  1. if you add percentage of next sale 50% so easy to sing in beta. example: start of the game Sancho 33m +next sale 50%
  2. https://footballmanagerstory.com/fm-2021-player-profile-benoit-badiashile/
  3. Sancho: 33m +next sale 50%. If you never sale him that worth the prize.
  4. Dominic is so underrated 1. season 42(3) match 34 goal 9 assist -->7.6 2. season 50(7) match 27 goal 11 assist -->7.37 3. season 37(5) match 22 goal 6 assist -->7.38 and now:
  5. HI! I’m gonna start a save as real valladolid how would you line them up and what tactic ??
  6. For a "free player" that money is awesome, and Joveljic come back from loan, and i buy Gerard Moreno for ~14m. (same pontencial) Pavón want to leave, and i buy Bergwijn for ~17m (same pontencial)
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