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  1. I've had a brief go at creating an England 8 Level system using advanced editor using my old spreadsheet as my guide, and a lot of it is still very much the same thankfully. A few changes in the mix and just got to sort a couple of gremlins I'm rusty using the editor. Early signs are I might be able to do something decent, then share my work. That said looks like the Discipline rules are still out of date after 3 to 4 years which is very disappointing, so it is not possible to replicate the exact rules or Step 3 and 4 (Level 7 & 8) and the new FA Cup/Trophy cards system for 19-20 season onwards.
  2. Will be more than happy too! Firstly I need to ensure it is still relevant for the current edition first, as it is 3 years out of date and I'll need to try to adjust it for the current English NLS . I could do with adding comments to it to try explain what each section does where I know the answers. It might also help where I've not managed things and it can be turned on it's head to get answers myself. I've got a very long away trip to Morpeth Town (weather permitting) on Saturday so I'll see what I can do on the coach trip (about 10 hours there and back plenty of time!) and make a proper start with at least adding Level 7 and 8 and seeing how things work in FM20 Editor.
  3. I haven't used them since FM17 now due to work and my own football commitments, the biggest killer is the basic stuff like setting all the leagues and teams up correctly as it is still weak from Step 5 (Level 9) down, all the regional boundaries for teams, leagues and so on (I always recommend to save a file with this work done before doing any advanced rules it saves time in the long run). I think the thing that puts most folk off is it is time consuming to get what you want, and it does require trial and error at times and patience to work through each of the challenges, however it is the best way to get everything spot on particularly when trying to replicate the English NLS down to level correctly, if you want to play on a database that is accurate, the basic rules just don't cut it. I found it was great in cup competitions for example I could regionalise the preliminary and qualifying rounds in FA Competitions as they do in real life (FM20 in its raw format doesn't even manage that surprisingly which is disappointing to be frank). It is also very useful to do the discipline rules for each competitions as per current FA Rules & Regulations for the various steps, particularly as they are competition specific these days (I've noticed the FA Cup on FM20 has not been amended to the adjusted rules in the 19-20 season as well!). I've actually kept my spreadsheet from last time where I documented each screen/step process, as I'm hoping to have another go this time round. However, the complexity has doubled due to the final major restructure of the English NLS at the end of the current season. I don't know if it is going to be possible to achieve and if that is the case then I may have to wait until FM21 when I know the structure is set and in place and more straight forward to achieve.
  4. Hi All, I've been working on a Level 10 database since the game came out. I did one last year although I only shared it with friends at the time, although it was relatively successful using the basic rules, it never quite matched my high expectations so I decided against published it. So this year I have decided to do it again but this time purely with Advanced Rules, such that I can almost make it like real life, and if it's successful I will publish this year. However given this is the first year I have tried to seriously use the Advanced Rules, I'm struggling to get certain things right, with my lack of experience. Initially I have spent the early part of my time just building up the database with the teams, kits, regional boundaries, attendances and reputations for every team and so on. Although I still have some of the Level 9 and Level 10 leagues data waiting to input this weekend, I wanted to try and practice to get the structure right otherwise my work on everything else would be meaningless. The issue I have is the following: Last night I added the Regional Premier Divisions with what I think is the appropriate Promotion and Relegation to/from Vanarama National North/South. I've verified the file but when I load the game even though I can choose down to the Regional Premier Division, I can't select a team from those divisions but I can't work out what I have not done? If I can get this bit right, I can then hopefully do the rest of it relatively quickly and sort out the national cup competitions. Is anyone able to assist as to why this is? The test file is attached, I have a back up just in case so it's no problem if I need to start the league structure again. Cheers Schume Test2_F77D44CD-2249-41F7-BDFF-6D15006328B9.fmf
  5. I'm intrigued to see how this one has developed, as I've started to do a bit of Welsh Ground hopping over the last few months. won't get chance to look / play it until next week though. Out of interest what cups have you incorporated in your file?
  6. Ahh I see where you are coming from, however it is probably realistic with real life as Nelson do have some clout behind them as I've met their owners on a couple of occassions and they have been pumping money into all aspects of the club
  7. I never had that budget at all in fact i was given 0K and around 1600 per week
  8. Same as above really with regards to referees, just spent a season with Nelson in NWC and won promotion and Vase in the first season although I made hard work of it! I played the final at Wembley so no problem there as others have stated. Only problem I've noticed is that the regional allocations in season 2 has gone a bit haywire. Both myself and Colne have been put in NPL 1S along with brentwood, burnham ramblers and maldon & tiptree! Then clubs like Tividale Romulus and Basford Utd have ended up in SFL 1C Other than that I'm really enjoying the game
  9. I'm currently preparing data at the moment including County Cup data, various League Cup's data, the Leagues/Divisions, National Competitions, and Club Data with grounds, kits etc of at least all 981 clubs sat at Level 10 and above and I will be aiming to add Level 11 data to what I have eventually when the rest is complete such that somebody can just spend time bashing the data in rather than having to do all the research.
  10. Already sent Gason the majority of the county cups, i still have a few to add but just changed job and have some studying to so not been able to do much of late to finish it off completely
  11. I've sent Gason what I've completed so far, which is the majority of what you need. I'm currently going through the Level 11 and Level 12 teams to see if I have all the necessary County Cups, then I need to work out how many extra teams you will need to create to make the cups work
  12. Gason I'm going to be another day with this, I found a few things that need clearing up before I say I'm finished. I need to make sure that County Cups that include the lower levels (11 & 12) are included in my file. Have you researched all the league cups yet?
  13. I'm pretty much completed now, I' am just tidying up making sure I have included all the clubs that play in the County Cups, and just comparing my work with the FM11 file to see if I have missed anything. I will email the information tomorrow when I should be finished.
  14. Why-Aye they will be included no doubt, especially as I see Ashington getting a great tie at Grimsby Town next Saturday in the Cup!
  15. I'm 70% complete with the County Cup Info I reckon. Just making sure I've picked up all the necessary cups and checking back to the teams from levels 1-12.
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