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  1. It would be nice, but if they are proposing to complete the overdue restructure its going to open a can of worms in my opinion, open to legal challenges on who gets promoted and such like. But this would suggest why the Level 11 (Step 7 Regional Leagues) wont be commencing after March 29th because it was under consideration at the meeting yesterday. But I think for the sake of future Level 11 databases we need a clean system, then things will run smoothly and hopefully less time consuming for Messi
  2. The Alliance Committee and Leagues Committee ahould have met today, obviously we are waiting on the outcome of that conversation from the League (NPL in my case), The 3 Leagues at Step 3 & 4 (Or self named Trident Leagues) proposed a null and void solution but it will be interesting what the FA suggested and what is being put in front of the FA Council for ratification. Hopefully get some news by the end of the week.
  3. @lionel messi sent you the regional boundaries spreadsheet late last night hopefully that helps you out.
  4. Good work pal, I'm getting close to finishing the spreadsheet anyway which will add a 2nd layer to stop random lateral transfers, between the 2 it should in theory stop it. Gutted about the result last night, totally deserved to win but at least its promising for the months ahead.
  5. I've found a spreadsheet from FM17 on an old external HD so with it being out of date by quite a bit it's taking me a lot longer to update mainly for movements (a lot of dissolved/demoted clubs) and the restructure. I've managed to make a significant start down to level 10 next stage is level 11 which will take a day or 2 at least. Probably going to be weekend by the time I finish this once.
  6. https://www.nonleaguematters.co.uk/forums/index.php?threads/step-3-6-allocations-for-2020-21-with-notes.1943/ I use this website/forum quite a bit, this thread should have the maps you need for Step 1 to 7 (Level 5 to 11) if this helps save you time
  7. 160K in debt jeeez, I must admit after winning the Vase I had 38K in the bank but by the start of the 22-23 season I was down to 20K just in the summer only spending £900 so I can see how that happens very quickly! On another note if you give me a couple of days I will try get you a spreadsheet with all the league pathways for all the teams see if it helps you clear this lateral movement in your leagues (If I'm lucky I will still have my old workings so it will only need tweeking for the new teams and slight change in the league restructure. When I did it back in the day used to take me a
  8. Got to the First Round Proper after a 1-0 win against AFC Telford, and I can't believe this but got Altrincham away and towards the end of the automatic draw I was almost predicting it. My mate and our ex Nantwich Phil Parkinson is still manager at Alty on the game I was only out for a run with him at 2pm today haha!
  9. When I used to do my own data base like 4 or 5 years ago (I only went down to level 10) but I found adding Regional Teams to all the teams made a massive difference, although even back then I had a problem with Newcastle Town and could never work out why even the Latitude and Longitudes were fine for the city and stadium. On another note I've just had a mad game in 2nd qualifying round of the FA Vase drew 1-1 with Burnham (they equalised in the 91st minute. It went to pens and I won 13-12 but I missed 3 pens and they missed 4 and both teams had a penalty taker miss twice. Then
  10. Yeah those 4 teams on 2 separate games have gone into their, be interesting to know who has played in that league on your game and postmans game. Forest should have won, shame they didn't as there was still an outside chance of playoffs as mad as it seems its so tight in that table. Don't get why CH doesn't like using subs though. Just glad things are improving, hopefully have a proper tilt at promotion again next season. On another note doing ok in my game so far, 2nd in the league 1 pt off top and into the 2nd qualifying round of the fa cup with a winnable tie.
  11. Level 9 (Step 5 in NLS terms) Wessex Premier League. My mate had himself as AFC Alsager and Newcastle Town (another local team) with him. In my case it was Crewe and I also had Atherstone Town rom the midlands. By the way did you watch Forest yesterday?
  12. For some reason my lot are playing in Wessex Premier League this season. But I'm not the first person this has happened to as my mate who has started this up as AFC Alsager (about 5 miles down the road) also had the same issue as he's about half a season ahead of me
  13. In FA Vase was defo only 5 subs and looking at the final for FA Trophy the same.
  14. Evening, apologies for lack of updates. 2nd season has been slow going my laptop fan is struggling but been busy as well. Anyway I've persevered and finished my 2nd season with Crewe. I won the league but it all came down to the last game of the season and I had to play 2nd place Cammell Laird (an old rival of ours at Nantwich back in the day so it was quite apt!) I had been behind them most of the season but got in front with a few games to go, but they still had a better goal difference so despite being 3 points behind I had to avoid defeat, I won 2-0. 2 weeks later won the FA Vase en route
  15. What skin are you using, love it with that font! Although was hoping to get something with bahnschrift font/text as well
  16. I would say 1k for winning and 500 for runner up would be reasonable. I'm not complaining about the 10k now though, had to move to Winsford United's ground with 2,5k rent and also gone semi pro
  17. Can't see anything? But just having a look on the main thread for the files now
  18. Cheers Messi, yeah I knew that but at the time I did have Eagle Sports ahead by a point playing a game more so that added some spice to it.
  19. how do I do that pal, will it work mid game? It's something I've never bothered with as I've just got on with it. Want to change skin, was hoping some one could make a green/white skin with the same set up but with a Bahnschrift font I've also noticed that the Nantwich Town kits are in the wrong order... ooops! I think it's FM who have got this wrong as we wear green at home, white away and the yellow kit is a third kit although we gave that to our reserve team this year.
  20. Cheers pal, On another note ater just loading it up to do the screenshots and crack on I've noticed that I got 1K for winning the league and 10K!!!!! for winning the league cup, did you guys get that in your first season as well?
  21. Been a bit late in posting, but won promotion a couple of days ago, but only finished the season off last night with a league cup victory been a bit busy last couple of days and evenings. That said it was from plain sailing at one point I had fallen 6 points behind Alty Reserves who have a quality side (one of them Curtis Miller we had on loan at Nantwich before the lockdown and he's a cracking young player who can play much higher). Thankfully Alty capitulated at the end off January by losing 6 in 9 matches including to my Crewe FC, in the end I ran out comfortable winners with about 3 to spa
  22. Cheers, seems like you have had a great start will have a look out for your new spreadsheet. Beats watching Forest at the minute anyway!
  23. Go on then, thought I'd give the challenge a go see how I fare with a proper challenge. Started the game and applied for the club from home Crewe FC, had a couple of offers from Worcester City and Wigan Athletic (which was a bit unexpected) but they ain't level 11 so turned them down. Crewe FC interviewed and offered me the job it's only 5 minute jog into work, leaving Nantwich Town needing a new Club Secretary!!! Messi, don't know if it is an issue but tried to download the spreadsheet and my McAfee went no thanks!
  24. @davie77, great work mate, exactly what I wanted so thanks again and good to see what you have clearly done, it's all so obvious now and clearly shows how rusty I am with using the Advanced Rules on the Editor! I'm hoping to build and create all the Caribbean ones over time and do a proper CFU Caribbean Shield, but a lot of the leagues are starting in Feb/March potentially so just waiting to see what the formats are before doing them. But I wanted to start with Sint Maarten as this is where I want to start in my Caribbean challenge. I've just got to figure out what to do with the l
  25. Thanks davie, much appreciated, file attached for you. Sint Maarten - FM21 By Schume V2.fmf
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