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  1. Would be poor if we still had the long shots issues in this years game.
  2. Matthew Knox from Livingston for £45k. 17 year old striker and has good stats.
  3. Tried this. Keeps doing it every time i use the match engine. Only way to view a game now is by commentary then changing it during the game.
  4. Currently playing a game in my save. My match engine settings have randomly changed now i'm stuck watching the full game. Any help? This is now happening every game. The only way i can view a game is by commentary.
  5. Used this for a season with my Hibernian side. As you'll seem some great results and runs throughout the season. I would like to add though that I do have the best squad in the league which I won on the last day of the season. I too noticed the corner thing, scored alot of goals particualy in the first half of the season from it but wasn't complaining! Great tactic. Will let you know how I get on in future.
  6. This guy is actually a good friend of mine, plying his trade on loan at Brechin atm from Hibs. Safe to say I'll be showing him this picture.
  7. I am ill, but I am seriously considering doing an all nighter so I can get into my Hibs save again. I also have a game tomorrow. tough times.
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