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  1. FM17: Gems of Fm17

    Matthew Knox from Livingston for £45k. 17 year old striker and has good stats.
  2. Evening, In my Hibs save i'm losing money for no reason. My finances look okay and my transfer and wage budget is ridiculous. I disabled the first transfer window at the start of my save. I feel either my boardroom are being very tight or it's possibly bug. Any help?
  3. Tried this. Keeps doing it every time i use the match engine. Only way to view a game now is by commentary then changing it during the game.
  4. Currently playing a game in my save. My match engine settings have randomly changed now i'm stuck watching the full game. Any help? This is now happening every game. The only way i can view a game is by commentary.
  5. Crash Dumps

    Anything at all?
  6. Crash Dumps

    Nope all default and the messages seem to be random, however mostly during a game.
  7. Crash Dumps

    Crash dumps have stopped since the patch however I am still getting this crash; http://postimg.org/image/stgcyu3kt/
  8. Crash Dumps

    Now getting crashes with visual c+++ in the message as well as the crash dumps.
  9. Crash Dumps

    Hi, getting crash dumps all the time, mainly when the players are warming up although it has happened elsewhere too. Followed all the steps on the other threads but to nothing. Have uploaded some of the crash dumps to the FTP in the game crash folder. File names are MeekoHFC1 etc Cheers
  10. Come on Ghana football. Lets beat this US Soccer pish.
  11. Used this for a season with my Hibernian side. As you'll seem some great results and runs throughout the season. I would like to add though that I do have the best squad in the league which I won on the last day of the season. I too noticed the corner thing, scored alot of goals particualy in the first half of the season from it but wasn't complaining! Great tactic. Will let you know how I get on in future.
  12. How do they increase? I have one who has a 124 CA and a PA of 194. In two years I haven't seen an increase. Is there something I need to do or will they eventually go up?
  13. My mate got it at Grainger Games for £20 and got his right away, but I've been on there website and I won't get the code until tomorrow (impatient). I've bit the bullet and just went through Steam.
  14. Most websites that I'm looking at state by Thursday I'll recieve the code.