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  1. Finally a decent tactic system.
  2. Would be poor if we still had the long shots issues in this years game.
  3. MeekoHFC

    FM17: Gems of Fm17

    Matthew Knox from Livingston for £45k. 17 year old striker and has good stats.
  4. MeekoHFC

    Crash Dumps

    Anything at all?
  5. MeekoHFC

    Crash Dumps

    Nope all default and the messages seem to be random, however mostly during a game.
  6. MeekoHFC

    Crash Dumps

    Crash dumps have stopped since the patch however I am still getting this crash; http://postimg.org/image/stgcyu3kt/
  7. MeekoHFC

    Crash Dumps

    Now getting crashes with visual c+++ in the message as well as the crash dumps.
  8. MeekoHFC

    Crash Dumps

    Hi, getting crash dumps all the time, mainly when the players are warming up although it has happened elsewhere too. Followed all the steps on the other threads but to nothing. Have uploaded some of the crash dumps to the FTP in the game crash folder. File names are MeekoHFC1 etc Cheers
  9. Come on Ghana football. Lets beat this US Soccer pish.