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  1. Why during games does it always have your teams player ratings on left hand side even when playing away? Is this a new feature?
  2. Anyone know why your teams player ratings appear on left hand side during game even when away from home?
  3. Just started a new game and Gogic is at 6 for Aggression on mine.
  4. If anything his defending should be worse to be honest.
  5. As a hibs fan I can confirm that Fraser Murray is certainly not a wide player. Crawford might see fit to play him out of position but he should need to be trained for some time to become natural there. Wouldnt suit playing wide with his lack of pace anyway.
  6. Tavernier is great going forward but fm have him spot on again for defending. He is Rangers weak line when defending and certainly doesnt deserve more for heading or Tackling.
  7. Alex Gogic hibs most aggressive player having 6 for Aggresion is very strange. Martin Boyle also having 15 for Finishing equally as weird. Should be far lower.
  8. Thomas Buitink, Chris Cadden and Eddie Nkiete have all been brilliant in my Hibs Team so far!
  9. Yeah i have seen the same when players reach end of contract but this was every single players value went down about 80 percent after just winning league title with Hibs.
  10. Anyone else had a problem with player values? In the 4 week pre season i just had my player values all reduced incredidbly! Had one player go from 16million 20 year old to 2.7m after pre season! Every single player value reduced similar to this.
  11. Any ideas if there is a bug with club status? My board are now very concerned that the club status is much worse since i took over with Hibs. Season 1- finished 4th Season 2- finished 3rd won Scottish Cup Season 3- finished 2nd cup runners up and got to europa league last 32 beating napoli and arsenal on the way!
  12. Have to say this is by far the worst football manager/championship manager in my life! My main issue was i couldnt change players roles without having to click to change for example a complete forward to an advanced forward 3 times. This bug i have seen reported a few times but nobody seems to know what to do. Its so frustrating taking 5 minutes to change all the roles before games. Despite this the overall feel of the game doesnt flow the same as in fm 17 and it just seems to be over compliacted with pre match briefings completley pointless. Played the game for about 40hours a
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