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  1. To add to this, because we start at the beginning of the season but the data is at the end, this can have significant impact especially with mid-season DPs (half cap hit). We alter the cap in year one (and the amounts of allocation available) in order to balance the books, so to speak. In season two everything reverts to the base cap and any increases need to be done via available allocation.
  2. Basically, the cap calculation should not double-dip the allocation. So either it's taken in allocation, or it's included in the cap hit calculation - not both. Keep them coming! Cheers!
  3. It's been pointe dout many times and my understanding is it's a string issue (IE they use the same phrases everywhere) as Maaka points out.
  4. I t was actually because they used to all get cleaned out right at the start. The AI foreign managers would somehow know exactly who all the top us players were and would pinch them. It was killing the numbers going on to play in MLS andwasn't good for game play. They can still get pilfered though.
  5. Yeah. The GA deals to HG players no longer exists. But we do need the ability to make sure applicable academy guys signed via the B team get HG status. Right now, the B team wont sign academy guys so it's kind of moot, but when the functionality comes in that will need to go with it. I've done a lot of signing academy guys and loaning to the B team and sometimes back to the academy (for the youngest). Works well to send them back until the end of NEXT season for those or just put them on the B team. It actually works okay. The biggest need for me is the ability to use the B team as the reserves (so be asked who is available for B team this weekend, like with a regular reserve side). The contract functionality comes next (like being able to assign youth guys to your academy or B team directly, though signing guys to academy is very rare - I remember only one instance, a Jamaican to Philly - but you get my point).
  6. I've already requested all this functionality for B teams.
  7. Can you add me on Steam and we can discuss that. I will only be including, at most, about 250 real players into NCAA. Only ones with true pro-prospects or those with existing MLS rights as ex-academy players else it would be just enormous. I'd appreciate insights from you though for sure!
  8. Update: Six full conferences in (Schools, records, conf histories, awards etc...) now complete. Over 7000 DB changes. 55 of the D1 schools now added. There's a lot of work farmed out...if everyone comes good we might be ahead of the end of month schedule. Still need as much help as possible. Completed: American Athletic Conference (AAC) Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Big East Colonial Athletic Association Conference USA PAC-12
  9. The biggest need we have is getting the actual NCAA schools into a file. We have people who can do the advanced editor. We also have a lot of graphics needs. Add me on Steam as a friend (Aljarov) and we can chat.
  10. The idea is if we can split it up successfully many hands will make light work. If I can get help on the graphics side, I fully expect to have this ready to roll at the end of the month complete with everything. Graphics will be the hardest part.
  11. Paul shoot me a DM. Your inbox is full so I can't message you.
  12. Hi Folks It's been 4-5 years since I last attempted the mammoth job of a full NCAA Division 1 expansion (over 20 conferences, 200+ teams) but I'm hard at it again. I am looking for help though on two fronts: #1 Data - there's a load of data work, even just getting the schools into the game, as well as adding staff and some of the higher profile players (including ex-MLS academy guys in the college ranks). The players are in hand, but if anyone would like to help with adding schools please send me a message. #2 Graphics (logos) - still have most of the logos from last time. They might need some tweaking. I'm not at all a graphics person, but if you are and would like to look over what we've got and make sure it works for FM14 and plug any gaps please let me know. There's at least one new conference that needs a competition logo too. #3 Kits - Uncle Sam did some outstanding work on providing all NCAA kits last time. If anyone has those I'd REALLY appreciate a copy. Old kits are better than no kits. If you can help do some new/updated kits even better. Just let me know. I've been trying hard to drive some traffic back to, so if you're based in the CONCACAF region or like to play MLS please come over and STAY! The site is getting a lot of visitors but not much in the way of discussion. PLEASE dive in and help rebuild the community over here. There should be all sorts of goodies on there soon, and we'll have an online game up and running in the next month or so too for sure.
  13. Good to see someone is working on this, though I would have loved to collaborate. FMNA (official home of the US/Canadian data teams) has been working on an NCAA file rebuilt from the massive FM10 expansion we did. Getting people to work together could help build a much better, more expansive North American landscape. I'd love to take a look at your file, and if you want to team up at some point on future stuff for the US/Canada please get in touch here or over at
  14. MANAGERIAL BLOODBATH The Headsman sure has been busy in MLS in recent good will for all over the Holiday Season as the axe fell on absentee managers Rusty Unger (Chivas USA) and Paul O'Connor (TFC). With no fresh talent lined up, the Twitterverse suggests some former MLS managers will be under consideration. In other news, Scott Weber has been appointed the new manager of DC United. In turning up once, he has already out-performed the previous incumbent Tristan who was a no show ever since his appointment!! (Way to go USA Co-Head Researcher!!! )