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  1. Neither are marked NFE/Deleted. They should be in there if you play with full US DB.
  2. If there isn't a graphics folder, just create one and put the files in. Should be at the same level as the editor data, save games etc. Go to preferences, clear cache, then reload skin and you should b e up and running.
  3. IIRC, the balance in the newgen creation is supposed to support the long term progression through to the MLS SuperDraft. That through about 100 PDL teams in the game out the box. With 209 NCAA teams, those same players are getting stretched too thin I think.
  4. Doesn't look like USL D2 is populating players, or taking from NCAA, so no issue there. The USL expansion sides, plus all of the NPSL Pro are draining NCAA significantly though. Looks like the non-MLS DA sides only generate about 3 players a year, no matter how many they lose. I'm doing some other testing right now Whether active or not, DA teams populate 10 players at start up.
  5. There used to be a Canadian University file floating around a few years ago...not sure if you can find it or what could be imported.
  6. Where is the link to the new file? The one attached to original post is still the old version?
  7. Yeah, this seems off to me too. Jeremiah, was this something that I had set?
  8. Expansion/NCAA Feedback - where we are including new USL expansion teams I've seen they are populating themselves by signing a load of NCAA players. I lost 4 to one team in one season, and 11 in total. Only 1 was drafted of those, the rest went to expansion sides. I'd probably prefer a version without the expansion sides at the lower leagues, as it is clearly messing with the NCAA. Either that, or perhaps I should start 2 seasons in.
  9. NCAA - other issue I've found are it's hard/impossible to sign new players. Every team apart from yours gets an intake on 1/1, not sure why it's not doing the same for the human managed team? I'm trying to find a work around in the game, but nothing so far. Could be a lack of GM/DOF. UPDATE: Adding a GM saw me get an intake (guys automatically signed). It seems LOTS of the ex USSFDA, especially ex-MLS academy guys, don't want to consider a move to a college (not just mine). Might be something to do with the reps? I could see hundreds of guys on frees who wouldn't talk to me at all (wont move because of the financial package on offer - IE amateur deal). Another issue I've found is the staff aren't able to be offered FT/paying contracts,. I seem to recall there's a way to set it so staff members can be paid salaries and be full time etc.
  10. NCAA - biggest issue I can see here is the mechanism you are using for getting teams into the NCAA tournament. In prior attempts, I've put in, for example, the conference Regular season winner and Tournament winner (NCAA like a continental competition). In my test, Kentucky won the C-USA regular season, runner's up in the tournament and in their wider NCAA group and didn't get in. My system was imperfect in that it took set amounts from conferences like ACC each year, but I always made at least 1 spot available for each conference to make sure there was at least a pathway to the big dance. Any chance you could look at this? I should point out, I like the groups, because I think that's a good way to replicate the exhibition season etc...but maybe it probably shouldn't feed directly into the NCAA without some input from the conferences? Work in tandem or split?
  11. There are lots of corresponding logos for team, competitions, conferences etc...I've not checked to see if they can just be dropped in. Jeremiah has done great work again here. I'd love to see this file really take off and Jeremiah get the credit he deserves. Please consider contributing to his Patreon for this, he's put a LOT of work in. I'd like to do a players pack for this at some point over the winter (including top NCAA players and top MLS academy guys, either at the academy or in NCAA). I will see if I can get to that and keep people up to date - I'm already working on the official stuff for the Feb patch.
  12. Up at the 2nd time of asking, destroying the league (which had 2 more teams in this year). Modena pushed me point for point until about the last 4-5 games. The Serie D Poule was glitchy in that 2 of the teams I played had gone on VAC so I faced greys (winning 12-0 and 15-0 respectively, and even putting my goalie up top to get a goal, which he did). Won Serie D GrD, Serie D Cup and the Poule thing....so a lower league treble. 103 points, 99 goals scored and +73 GD. Did it with a few loaners from Cesena, a load of guys on non-contract (as we have no cash). Only downside is I'm losing my star newgen from start up (Luca Mereu), as he joins Napoli this summer. He never wanted to discuss a deal at any point in the save, so I got to enjoy him for 2 seasons and now he's gone for nothing.
  13. That's an identical record to my first season (you had +4 GD only minor diff). I finished third and you won by 7pts. I'm just jealous Good luck on the next season!
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