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  1. Yeah, I noticed the PDL site is under some construction. Shame...will lose a lot of good stats now I reckon.
  2. It is for green cards. Unfortunately, there's no way yet to differentiate between legal resident and national team eligible unless they're already declared. Working on it...
  3. It doesn't - it's a pre-set chance that they might. It doesn't happen every game.
  4. This also has an error and no source. Both players can't play the same position (GK) on the same team (Chicago Fire U23s) and have played a combined 24 games (in a 16 game season). Looks like Lyon history was over two seasons (2013 and 2014). We can't lump those in together in one line. Either we need to know the per season apps, or it has to be blank.
  5. This one was in USA, but as the duplicate needing deleting is in NOR db here's the info.. Eirik Johansen - New York (28047504) is duplicated Eirik Johansen (53020694) should be deleted
  6. I appreciate your contributions, but be careful as we only include regular season apps/goals for FM. So while 2014 was indeed wrong at 59/48, the correct numbers should be 26/15 (not 30/16) per his MLS profile... MLS will always be the best source for MLS appearances as it's clear what is regular season and what is playoffs etc..
  7. Hi Can you please cite a source when providing hard data like appearances etc.. Thanks!
  8. Tristan oversees the D2-D4 levels. I only do MLS, but to answer your question, we try to include all active PDL and NPSL clubs in each season they are competitive. We have a couple of issues with this - namely the massive amounts of turnover at that level, as well as the sheer numbers of clubs (almost 150 at D4 level) plus the fact it is 3 tiers below a playable level means it's not a high priority but it is something we endeavor to complete each year. Of course, some pop up with practically no advance notice, nor websites etc and by that point we're late in the research cycle. Usually we catch those up in January. Below D4 is very hit or miss....we include only a couple dozen USASA teams mostly or the purpose of filling out the earlier rounds of the US (Open) Cup. I'll let Tristan know to double check at the PDL level to make sure anything wasn't missed. I can DM you his email to contact him directly too.
  9. To add to this, because we start at the beginning of the season but the data is at the end, this can have significant impact especially with mid-season DPs (half cap hit). We alter the cap in year one (and the amounts of allocation available) in order to balance the books, so to speak. In season two everything reverts to the base cap and any increases need to be done via available allocation.
  10. Good catch. I've sent the usa.edt update to Grip. I can't say when this might be adjusted at this point but it is in hand.
  11. Basically, the cap calculation should not double-dip the allocation. So either it's taken in allocation, or it's included in the cap hit calculation - not both. Keep them coming! Cheers!
  12. It's been pointe dout many times and my understanding is it's a string issue (IE they use the same phrases everywhere) as Maaka points out.
  13. I t was actually because they used to all get cleaned out right at the start. The AI foreign managers would somehow know exactly who all the top us players were and would pinch them. It was killing the numbers going on to play in MLS andwasn't good for game play. They can still get pilfered though.
  14. Yeah. The GA deals to HG players no longer exists. But we do need the ability to make sure applicable academy guys signed via the B team get HG status. Right now, the B team wont sign academy guys so it's kind of moot, but when the functionality comes in that will need to go with it. I've done a lot of signing academy guys and loaning to the B team and sometimes back to the academy (for the youngest). Works well to send them back until the end of NEXT season for those or just put them on the B team. It actually works okay. The biggest need for me is the ability to use the B team as the reserves (so be asked who is available for B team this weekend, like with a regular reserve side). The contract functionality comes next (like being able to assign youth guys to your academy or B team directly, though signing guys to academy is very rare - I remember only one instance, a Jamaican to Philly - but you get my point).
  15. I've already requested all this functionality for B teams.