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  1. Its not just the fact they are scoring DFKs, its the fact that they go through the wall every time.
  2. Because I play on steam every time someone logs in they appear over the buttons in the bottom right (some of the most important and frequently used in the game). Why not relocate these buttons so that doens't block them each time there's a log in?
  3. [U.S.A.] (Official) Data Issues

    Regarding Minnesota - they are set up as a D2 team in the game (FM17) due to the start date. They will be adjusted to an MLS side in FM18 cycle. They do, however, go through expansion process in FM17 including stadium nove etc. Atlanta United - similar as MIN. A lot of what we do with MLS teams is licensed (IE restricted) so if things like favourites, or rivals don't match, know it's because that's how MLS have told us to set it and not a 'data error'. Unfortunately, this sometimes includes things that appear to be wrong (stadium capacities and Russell Teibert as VAN captain are two good examples) but our hands are tied completely on those.
  4. [U.S.A.] (Official) Data Issues

    Some good stuff in here, thanks. Corrections made where necessary.
  5. [U.S.A.] (Official) Data Issues

    Thank you, these have been addressed in the Jan window update.
  6. [U.S.A.] (Official) Data Issues

    LAFC wont be in until they're active and license permits.
  7. Every single match I see world-class first time crosses in my Serie D league. Had same issue in other low leagues. The skill of a first time cross is one of the hardest common things in the sport, and shouldn't be something I'm seeing mastered by semi-pro level guys match-in, match -out. In fact, they should rarely even attempt such a cross and then invariably it should end in a wild hit into the stand behind the goal or something. Overall, I feel the number of 1st time touches (shots, crosses, short passes, through balls) should be toned down in anything but the top tiers, or at a minimum where players have the technical attributes for it. Right now, it can happen at any level. .PKMs needed? Surely you all see this too?
  8. Seems to be a lot of goals scored from DFKs, especially at LLM levels. On further review (IE going to 3D instead of 2D) I see it's because they're all going straight through the wall. Anyone else seeing this issue? If it happens again I'll come back and attach a .pkm
  9. I've been seeing this for a while, but have isolated now what seems to cause the crash. To Reproduce: If I am in a team setting a rivalry, then click the rival I added (to add a corresponding rivalry), then add the original team via search for the original team once the team populates. If I try to highlight the default 100 rivalry rating (by clicking/holding and dragging to highlight) it will consistently crash the editor. Doesn't produce a crash dump. I have uploaded to the beta FTP as NCAA crash (under the beta editor folder). Obviously I'm using the pre-game editor.
  10. I get a lot of random craashes (no crash dumps produced) when on the rivalries screen in the Pre-game editor. I'm doing a big NCAA expansion right now and it crashes maybe 2-3 times a day, always on the rivalry screen. Seems to happen when I miss click on the field and click outside the box (like the rivalry rating box for example) and it just locks up and then gives me the stopped working error and closes.
  11. [U.S.A.] (Official) League Specific Issues

    If you won the league with San Jose something is very broken!
  12. NCAA (and US lower leagues) Expansion

    Can you add me on Steam and we can discuss that. I will only be including, at most, about 250 real players into NCAA. Only ones with true pro-prospects or those with existing MLS rights as ex-academy players else it would be just enormous. I'd appreciate insights from you though for sure!
  13. NCAA (and US lower leagues) Expansion

    Update: Six full conferences in (Schools, records, conf histories, awards etc...) now complete. Over 7000 DB changes. 55 of the D1 schools now added. There's a lot of work farmed out...if everyone comes good we might be ahead of the end of month schedule. Still need as much help as possible. Completed: American Athletic Conference (AAC) Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Big East Colonial Athletic Association Conference USA PAC-12
  14. NCAA (and US lower leagues) Expansion

    The biggest need we have is getting the actual NCAA schools into a file. We have people who can do the advanced editor. We also have a lot of graphics needs. Add me on Steam as a friend (Aljarov) and we can chat.
  15. NCAA (and US lower leagues) Expansion

    The idea is if we can split it up successfully many hands will make light work. If I can get help on the graphics side, I fully expect to have this ready to roll at the end of the month complete with everything. Graphics will be the hardest part.