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  1. How come there isn’t a way where we can choose which patch we are on? Like if we don’t like one patch we can just choose the previous? Would certainly solve my issues with the game.
  2. I cannot believe they’ve made FM 19 go from one of the best editions to the worst editions. I’m pretty sure FM09 was better and that game had about 15 patches because it was completely broken. Releasing tiny updates when everyone is waiting for actual important ones is just infuriating. I always buy FM on the day of release but I think it might change for FM20 unless things drastically change within Sports Interactive. Once they fix long shots and free kicks going into 98% of the time I can play again but until then my PC remains turned off. Extremely disappointed after plowing money into this company since 05.
  3. They go from one extreme to another though. They can’t find the right balance. I never had any issues up until the new update now goals are flying in from miles out. It takes away how good an actual long range goal or freekick is. All it takes it’s SI to say, these issues have been noted and we are looking into them but no they try to pretend they’re not there.
  4. It shouldn’t be allowed but they have our money now why do they care? Customer support has got worse over the years when in fact it should have been getting better. Their pockets need hurting but that won’t happen because the average gamer probably won’t think anything of certain bugs and think it’s just normal.
  5. Lots of people posted about it. Clearly an issue within the game. Not a peep from any of the SI team though. Means they most likely won’t fix it until next FM.
  6. Well they managed to break the game by so many goals from long shots and free kicks so they need to fix it immediately. I found the game almost perfect before this. I haven’t played the game for weeks due to this but today I decided to load it up because I had a real craving. First game against Bristol Rovers. A long range goal within 1 minute and a HAT TRICK of freekick goals. Lost 4-0. Immediately turned my PC off. Here is where all the goals came from.
  7. Why is the bottom bit of a scouting report now just completely white instead of red orange and green? Looks terrible on the default skin.
  8. My play is coming from all over the pitch, mainly the wings because of the obvious crossing bug... I've tried various tactics but surely there must be a problem if there is an issue with just my left back? Even with dodgy tactics they've always averaged out an okay rating... If you're a 5 star left back you're going to have alot of average games not alot of below average games.
  9. I've had this problem all throughout this latest installment of FM. How do I get my left back to have a good rating? I've gone through so many left backs all year and near enough every game they are coming out with terrible ratings. This means they are being criticized and I am being told to drop them. Is there some kind of alteration I have to do to fool the game into making it look like they're playing okay.. I just ask for an average rating of over 6.5 please. I'm going into every game expecting both full backs to have extremely low ratings (mainly affecting my left backs)
  10. I apologise, been reading on my iPhone so it's been harder to see. Nice that someone has finally commented. Shame this problem which has been day 1 from the release can't be fixed. FM15 wasn't good until the final patch and this one they've managed not to fix it. Been issues the past few years, maybe deadlines need to change instead of rushing FM issues out. Well, atleast it isn't FM09 right? ?
  11. I'm wondering why someone who's actually from SI (not moderators who stick up for the game no matter what) can't actually tell us why these issues have not been fixed. Why can't we be told they tried to fix it? This is why people are angry because it looks as though everyone's problems have just been ignored and they spent the past few months doing basic fixes to non game breaking bugs.
  12. Assumptions are made on the basis that you haven't mentioned at all any of the main problems with the match engine being fixed. People have mainly been waiting for these to be addressed. It's been a long wait just for transfer updates. I haven't been waiting to start a new game for the transfers, I've been waiting to start a game with the broken areas fixed. I shall try and give it ago and come back with some more in depth feedback.
  13. I was writing my post just as he posted his, thank you very much. I guess I'll have to put with my left and right back having 6.3 ratings unless I take advantage of the broken system.
  14. No mention of crosses being fixed or fullback ratings being sorted out...
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