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  1. Please find the latest game I played in which I lost 3-2 to Tranmere. Every single goal was a long range screamer. Tranmere v Concord 1 is uploaded into the cloud.
  2. This is a major problem affecting my game. It was an issue before the latest patch and seems to still be an issue now. Im playing in the National League and my team and other team are scoring wonder goals nearly every game. It’s really annoying even when it’s in my own favour. I’m always expecting when they pick up the ball at the edge of the area that there is definitely going to be a goal. I’m very concerned why we are being asked to upload more examples as there isn’t going to be any more updates until FM20 which is very disappointing. Please find my uploads in the cloud and you can see where my very average players score wonder goals 4 games in a row. Swindon v Concord 1.pkm Concord v Maidstone 1.pkm Concord v Hartlepool 1.pkm Dag & Red v Concord 1.pkm
  3. I did upload the only file I could find which was 'Last save overwrite backup' The promise was made when I signed him to a new contract I think.
  4. I won promotion through playoffs and he is now happy. Still think this needs looking at as his morale dropped massively before hand.
  5. Hello all. A very strange request here. Is there a way I can limit the amount of free kicks I'm scoring? Billy Knott has a freekick accuracy of 14 and he's scored nearly 15 freekicks this year and it's really starting to frustrate me how unrealistic it is. I've changed free kick takers but apparently they're just as good.
  6. Uploaded another one 'Last save overwrite backup' which is the last save I had before this issue happened.
  7. Billy Knott is unhappy we haven't acheived promotion when we are currently in the semi-final of the National South and still have a chance to be promoted. He's now had a huge argument with me because I couldn't explain this to him? It now means my best player hates me because of this. Uploaded the save file under - Nathan Orzel New Journey.
  8. Okay! Thanks for the reply. He’s currently staying at the club on a rolling contract. He’s 5 stars so don’t exact want him to leave.
  9. Been playing since the new update and I'm pleased a lot of the issues have been fixed or at least appear less often than before. Obviously there is still quite a few issues that need looking at and hopefully these will be long gone before FM20. Maybe they'll focus on ironing things out more than putting many new features in the game. Realistically they'll already be working on the new game so can't exactly dedicate all their time to FM19. Thankfully there is no groundbreaking bugs that are effecting the game... for myself. One thing I'm curious about is the amount of fouls that are showing up on stats? I'm in Vanarama South and see each team make atleast 20 fouls a game most games. Is this normal?
  10. Any news? He'll be leaving club soon otherwise.
  11. Hello, thanks for the reply, I've uploaded it to the cloud under the file name 'Nathan Orzel - New Journey.fm' Cheers.
  12. Hello, I've got a player at my club I want to sign to a new deal but he's also a coach, I cannot offer him any contract at all. He's claiming its an inferior offer but I can't even change his job title?
  13. How come there isn’t a way where we can choose which patch we are on? Like if we don’t like one patch we can just choose the previous? Would certainly solve my issues with the game.
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