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  1. Looking forward to some of the new features. I’m a big fan of the media and interaction on the game and actually feeling like you have a relationship with the players and they’re not just bots on the field. I want to feel in charge. I think the issue with previous versions was that you knew exactly which interaction worked and you’d always just select that one. Hopefully this will open up a bit more. Excited to see what else will be announced in the next couple of weeks.
  2. Maybe make a slight change once every few years. Always stick with the same tactic.
  3. Hi Dolph, This happens to me all the time as well. An in-direct free kick ends up either being a penalty or a goal most of the time. Not too much you can actually do about it!
  4. One of my main gripes is how any player, in any league and in any country can just run down the pitch past players without even an attempt of a tackle. From the lowest leagues to the highest leagues I see it almost every game with my team and the AI. These players do not have much stamina or pace or any of the attributes to do this but its consistently happening. I'd love for SI to be able to work on making it feel like there is a difference between the highest league and the lowest league because at the moment you can't tell.
  5. Well... I am laughing at my board and scouts. He's been brilliant.
  6. A large majority of the target gamer base is just the casual gamer who might only play games such as FM. This means they won't have a higher end system capable of playing with better graphics. I have lots of friends who have no interests in games but love football so they play Football Manager. They don't even understand what a higher end PC is. SI have access to a large amount of data about what devices each person is using that is playing the game.. They can see that someone is playing on a very old device or the latest high end one. This obviously helps them in terms of creating an en
  7. Luckily you don't really notice any pace difference on this game!
  8. Hi all, Does anyone else have a soft spot for old players or players who used to be great on FM? For example; Fredy Guarin. Well all remember him, he was brilliant. On my game he is 36 years old and is retiring at the end of the season. I am Leamington in League Two and decided I will ignore all my scouts and their advice (he is only a 2 star player). They've rated his signing as 'E' and hate that I'm paying him £1000 a week! I signed him because of the memories. He scored an absolute screamer in his 2nd game and it made me smile. Does anyone else do this? Just look a
  9. His average rating was 6.82. There was only a couple of games throughout the season in which he got more than a 7.0 rating and also I guess so. It's just annoying because he's not getting the credit he deserves. He's the only keeper in my squad.
  10. I have a keeper in conference who is 2 star rated. He has kept 34 clean sheets in one season which smashes the record of 15! He is still 2 star rated and they tell me not to renew. Why has his rating not improved at all? Is this due to all the goalkeeping issues on this version?
  11. Please can someone explain to me why this has been disallowed? It's a great shot from outside the area... Just says 'Disallowed' and the press are complaining about a valid goal...
  12. I don’t believe there was an announcement there was a trial of FM. There is a Google Stadia trial currently. You still have to purchase the game.
  13. Same as Tyburn - my PC only ever hangs on player searching or attribute selection. Been like that for me for years though so I've just dealt with it.
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