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    I'm currently working as a LQA Norwegian Tester

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    Live in Leirfjord, Norway when i'm home and not at work.


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    Play games, work on my cars, movies.....

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  1. Cheating the game?? I've used the ingame editor to get 5-6 players for free, and now i have played with the same players since i started the game to get Coventry frome League 1 to Premier League... Is that cheating?? I've played Football Manager since before when it was CM.... I don't mind the bug :P I was just pointing it out...
  2. Hi I found a minor bug during gameplay when your team scores alot of goals during the season it will sometimes creates minor bugs somewhere else ingame... In the first screenshot i've uploaded you can see that my team Coventry has scored at least 306 goals but in the second screenshot you'll see that it's only 52 goals. The first screenshot is the correct one. So i think the game can't handle more than 250 goals during a season... Best Regards DjHazze81
  3. Just wondering if any one SIgames is checking into my problem.... or? Because i still can't play my savegame... I have never had this problem before... i have played since CM1992 and when FM2005 came out i've played FM since then. Hopefully someone can find out what wrong with my savegame...
  4. I'm not using editor files, but i'm using Face and kits graphics. And i've tried removing them but the savegame still keeps crashing on in-game date 17.03.2016....
  5. Hi My game crashes when proceeding from 16.03.2016 so it crashes maybe on 17.03.2016, i don't know why it crashes... I use the FM in-game editor sometimes but i have not experienced a problem before been playing forever.... Savegame uploaded to FTP in folder game-save filename: DjHazze81_game_crash_17_03_2016.fm I love playing all Football Manager games
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