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  1. Love the idea of getting all the older players to join the backroom staff once they retire! I'm doing a similar thing with Litmanen, Davids and Oliseh atm - still in first season so will try for the others once they retire.
  2. Good job Barnsley! Glad to see you’re enjoying it, and that newgen looks incredible
  3. Completely agree re Eiting. He's actually started more games for me so far in my first season than de Jong (mainly as de Jong has had a few injuries and has been rotated for Eiting for some of the games vs smaller Eredivisie teams) I've seen IRL he has been helping out coaching the U9's side too, so potentially a future youth coach in-game
  4. Looks good Chef . How are you finding the difficulty level in the Eredivisie? I've actually been quite impressed with the performances of some of the smaller clubs this year. I've just had 2 difficult wins against Fortuna Sittard and Willem II, both of whom played good football and caused me some issues on the break. I always remember in years gone by that these sort of teams would regularly get rolled over 4/5-0, but seems a little more tricky this time around (ofcourse this may be down to the ME issue with lack of movement for attacking players causing us to create less opportunities than normal)
  5. You've got some cracking newgens in there mate . Bakker looks an outstanding prospect! Kasanwirjo looks to be developing well too - he's one I'm paying close attention to on my save currently.
  6. They both look really impressive . Any of the B team/U19's that have impressed you 2 seasons in?
  7. Very impressive start that! How’s Schuurs and Gravenberch developing for you?
  8. I think plenty are experiencing that so you’re not alone. Ive just beaten Real Madrid 0-1 at the Bernabeu and it felt good for the shoe to be on the other foot this time - they attached and attacked but couldn’t carve out any decent openings. Not a bad way to start the CL off
  9. How come? I’m desperately waiting for an ME update as my possession based tactic is struggling a little with carving out CC chances.
  10. I’m toying with the idea of bringing him back as a youth coach. His attributes aren’t great but I’ll still do it once I get my quota up
  11. Out of interest Chef, where are you scouting your regens? I'm trying to keep it as realistic as possible so will only try and sign them from Belgium, Scandinavia and possibly South America too.
  12. Strange that you got such a high offer for van de Beek but then a ridiculously low offer for de Jong. I've been hearing of some issues with the AI lowballing you on high PA players which obviously leads to them becoming unsettled which is really frustrating, also seen quite a few highly rated Dutch youngsters going for alot less than market value but you've bucked the trend a little with the van de Beek transfer.
  13. Gravenberch is the big future star in midfield for Ajax, and even though he is only 16 at the start of the game, he still should be good enough to play semi-regularly in the league. I think some of Ekkelenkamp's attributes are random so this might be a case by case one but for me he looks really good and is incredibly determined too (18) which will help.
  14. I see you sold Tadic and you said Ziyech isn't performing for you - that's interesting as I'm struggling with those 2 players too. Granted, I don't play a system that uses an AM, but no matter where I try them (AMR/L or CM) they don't seem to be able to get near the performances of my deeper midfielders; van de Beek and De Jong for example. I'm only 2 league games in so I'll see how they get on, and possibly tinker around a little with my system to see if I can get them improving as in theory, they both should dominate the Eredivisie.
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