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  1. Can anyone help on this?
  2. No I understand that, what I meant is that in another save started in June (at the start of the season) with teams in non loaded leagues, I can still see how many appearances each player has made and goals scored just in the general squad page. so for instance, I don’t have Scottish leagues loaded, but when I click on Celtic I see Edouard has posted 18 games and scored 12 by Jan ‘20. Whereas in this new save in Dec, on that page it now just shows 0 for everything, as if no games have been played up until December ‘19. Do you understand what I mean?
  3. Hi guys, Bit of a strange one here if anyone can help. So I've loaded about 9 leagues from 7 nations but have loaded Brazil so I can set the game start date to end Dec '19 (as I want to start midway through the season). This is all fine, however when I go onto a team in a non-loaded league, lets say Hamburg in the German 2nd division, all the player stats are set to 0 - so each player has 0 starts, 0 goals etc etc. I remember last year when I did this it had simmed the first 6 months in non-loaded leagues, so at least you still had player stats/goals etc. Does anyone know if this is correct or whether there's a mistake here? just seems weird that at the end of the season in May, players in non-loaded leagues will only have like 15/16 appearances for the 19/20 season.
  4. How do you guys read/interpret heat maps exactly? I get the rough idea of them but not great at reading them with regards to my tactic and what it does/doesn’t do well
  5. Well done mate! This is a really interesting read
  6. Are you continuing with this save now then? Great news if so
  7. Really interesting thread this! Will be following along as I try to replicate something similar with my current PSV side
  8. I’ve been a critic of the ME ever since release but credit where credit is due, I think this is the best ME since FM18. Well done SI for all your continued hard work
  9. This is a great thread! Really good to see something like this going and a community formed dedicated to a certain style of play! I’m testing out a few variations of this style of play and will report back with my findings with PSV
  10. Thanks guys! Anyone else have any experience on this?
  11. I have just started a save and it's going really well, however one of the minimum expectations from the board was to qualify for the group stages of the C/L. I've drawn Porto in the final qualifying round and they are a lot stronger than me, so my question is - If I lose to them and fail to qualify, hence failing one of the required expectations, will they sack me (either now or at the end of the season)? I've started really well but I don't really want to carry on a save whereby I will be sacked at the end of the season for failing to reach an objective.
  12. Any update @Neil Brock @Jack Joyce? Your communication to paying customers on this issue has been pretty poor. Not even the courtesy of a reply to the many asking you.
  13. Thanks for your feedback - that’s good to know! Does anyone else have any experiences?
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