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  1. Thanks guys! Anyone else have any experience on this?
  2. I have just started a save and it's going really well, however one of the minimum expectations from the board was to qualify for the group stages of the C/L. I've drawn Porto in the final qualifying round and they are a lot stronger than me, so my question is - If I lose to them and fail to qualify, hence failing one of the required expectations, will they sack me (either now or at the end of the season)? I've started really well but I don't really want to carry on a save whereby I will be sacked at the end of the season for failing to reach an objective.
  3. Any update @Neil Brock @Jack Joyce? Your communication to paying customers on this issue has been pretty poor. Not even the courtesy of a reply to the many asking you.
  4. Thanks for your feedback - that’s good to know! Does anyone else have any experiences?
  5. Thanks for the reply! I thought there were certain bugs (not dB related as I know you need to start a new save for those issues to be resolved) that originated in the beta and required a new game to see the changes applied? I think there was one in particular to do with terracing in grounds in the English lower leagues not working properly and such this affecting crowd attendances.
  6. I’m still playing an fm20 save that I started on the initial beta build. I’m enjoying it but I keep having a nagging feeling that I’ll encounter future issues in the game that will make it unplayable as it’s the beta build. Is anyone else carrying on a save started on the first beta build? If so, is everything working ok or are you experiencing any issues?
  7. Can anyone help me on this please?
  8. Thanks. What exactly am I looking for here? I play in Holland so not 100% sure whether what I'm looking at has changed much. I'm still in Oct '19 but Brexit has been announced as I remember seeing the news item for it.
  9. At the moment it does as I’m still in winter 2019 but I know brexit has been announced as I remember reading the news item but just can’t find it now.
  10. Apologies! Hopefully this helps.
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