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  1. @Reddiablo can you please ensure that the Ajax foreign takeover issue is amended for FM20? It’s been raised multiple times in this thread but unfortunately never got fixed. Thanks
  2. Ok thanks for that! So end of Brazilian league as that’s the loaded one? Or end of the playable league (holland)?
  3. First time I’ve ever done it but going to load the Brazilian league so I can start mid Dec in the first season - does this cause any issues long term with the game? I’m guessing not but just wanted to check incase. Also, my plan is to load Brazilian league for the later start date but then remove this league as I have no need for it long term - is this something that can be done straight away (day 1 game time). I’ve never done this before but when would the league get removed?
  4. I have to disagree; the ME is the most important thing about FM for me. I'd take a less immersive gameplay experience and a decent ME over '19 in my opinion every day. It is a shame, because the rest of the game is good as you say.
  5. Join the club mate! Don't think @Reddiablo even looks on these forums anymore.
  6. That's a shame Neil. Really do appreciate all the work you guys do, but I've been browsing these forums for a long time and don't think I can ever recall the amount of people flagging up exactly the same issues that are still evident in the latest patch. I know it's a really complex thing to get right, but with so many experienced FMers still picking these issues out (and providing tangible evidence of them) surely that warrants some more work on this to get it right rather than just overlooking it and waiting for FM20?
  7. I have to agree. Currently feel the most disillusioned with the whole game that I ever have felt (been playing since the CM days). Going to be a long wait to see what they come up with for FM20 - may well be the first game I won't preorder but will wait to hear feedback from others first.
  8. This is a fantastic review and the guys at SI should be so thankful that they get this sort of feedback from customers/fans of the game. I think you summed up my views on FM19 in one word there and that is "dull". Outside of the ME I find the game great (albeit there are still the same DB errors that we take the time to log and yet never get fixed). I'm not one of these to moan about things like interviews, pre match tactical briefings etc as these are mostly cosmetic for me - the main crux of the game is the ME and realism for me and sadly FM19 is seriously lacking on this front. I don't consider myself to be some sort of tactical genius or anything like that; I have been playing the game since CM01/02 and have always just built my tactics on common sense and have had decent success by doing so. However with FM19 that just doesn't seem to work. I play as Ajax and currently have a record of 34 games played, 28 wins, 4 draws, 2 losses (as you might expect with a team like Ajax), however I just find the game laborious and boring. I think it's pretty clear from all the analysis since 19.3 that there are issues with the amount of goals being scored (as proven by AI vs AI games and seasonal analysis). So for me unfortunately, I won't be playing this game from the latest patch onwards for the first time in 18 years or so and that is a real shame, but this is supposed to be fun and enjoyable and right now FM just feels like a chore. I've gone back to FM15 for now, and first game in I lose 3-2 but it's actually a relief to see some exciting football with players following instructions.
  9. Incredibly frustrating. I got bored of constantly reporting this and still nothing was sorted on it. Not sure if @Reddiablo is still logging these issues or not.
  10. I started in the Beta back in Nov.
  11. My game has just updated to 19.3 but I still have all the real German players. How come mine has updated correct whilst others are now missing them? Will the German squad be made up by grey players during the next international call up?
  12. I've managed to D/L a data update for the start of the '16 season for FM15 and this will be me sorted now I think! Such a refreshing change to watch the ME on this compared to FM19. As good as FM19 is in terms of 'under the hood' changes, FM15 just seems like a more enjoyable experience for me atm.
  13. No I don't, but I'd love it if I could find one!
  14. Has anyone else gone back to an older version of FM recently? Due to all my frustrations with the FM 19 ME, I loaded up an old save on FM15 yesterday and was really surprised at how much I enjoyed playing it again. The game is quicker and I prefer the graphics, and not to mention it's actually enjoyable to watch the ME again Think I will probably stick with it now until I see the outcome of the 19.3 update, but if nothing has drastically improved with the ME then I'll stay with it.
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