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  1. In this match, in addition to the gaudy scoreline, the Swansea Keeper does something strange on the sixth goal. There's a tight angled shot off of a corner, and the goalie, who is next to the near post, dives way beyond the mouth of the goal behind the touchline, taking him completely out of the play but not covering any of the goal (and then we scored off the rebound). It just doesn't look like a natural decision a keeper would make IMO. (the goal in question is the Hojberg goal to make it 6-0) Cheers Tottenham v Swansea.pkm
  2. Chelsea vs. Tottenham. There's a penalty shout that is overturned by VAR: Tecatito for Spurs is tackled in the box by Mason Mount, ref calls a penalty, VAR overturns it. In the post-match, I am asked whether I thought the penalty should have stood, as if Chelsea were the attacking team (did we get lucky, etc.). Then, I am forwarded two media posts about the VAR controversy, both of which misidentify Chelsea as being the ones who had the penalty shout, and one of which misidentifies "me" (Mister Manager) as the Chelsea Manager. Images and .pkm attached. Tottenham v Chelsea.pkm
  3. This is a very small issue, but when my scouting team asks if I want to scout players who got called up for the 2021 Euros, the mail item lists all 11 players as being on teams in Group B, which is impossible since they represent 6 different nations. In the screen for the competition, Belgium, Denmark and France are in fact Group B, but England should be group D, and Ireland and Wales should be group E
  4. I also experienced this--Dele was taken off injured and then was the suggested substitute for a tired player later in the match. This suggestion was made again even after I was out of substitutions. Then a suggestion I've never seen popped up, that read something like "Even though we have no more substitutions, Tanguy Ndombele looks tired and I would recommend replacing him with Dele"
  5. Joe Hart starts with the agreed playing time of "First Choice Goalkeeper". Spurs very openly signed him to back up Lloris, and thus far he has not appeared in a competitive game for them outside of the Europa League.
  6. Also stateside here. The 9th is my birthday. I already got a great gift yesterday, but waking up to the beta would be nice icing on the cake.
  7. Wait, which side is which? Best of luck to all of you in your saves. I hope in real life, Arteta keeps on doing what he's doing
  8. There is a thread for this issue in that forum, but this one comes up first in the search (it's why I posted here before migrating over there). Anyway, here's the thread:
  9. Thanks--I actually found a bug thread after posting this and reposted it there-- here's the link, if you want to add yours @Dan1297
  10. I am having this same problem with Ajax...Sergino Dest, Kenneth Taylor, a regen GK at least all show up for topics in my inbox (Taylor signed a new contract, the GK wants a loan, etc) but none of those players show up on any other screen but their own. They are not in the squad list for any of the three teams, not on loan, not transferring out, not on holiday or int'l duty, etc. They don't show up in the team report. When you view their page they are correctly compared with others in their position, but if you look at any other report, they aren't taken into consideration. I have reset all f
  11. I'm having the same issue with matches in the South African First Division...both home and away matches are empty, though there are stewards. The overall graphics are set to Low and the crowd is missing at both low and medium settings for crowd detail. Happy to upload.
  12. It'd be great to have an option when the board is setting expectations for "Title Challenge", which would fall in between (in England) "Qualify for the Champions League" and "Win the Title". While there obviously should be pressure and consequences for mounting a title challenge and failing, it is still an achievement for many teams to be in a title race even if they ultimately fall short, and setting and meeting that expectation would allow for a bit more flexibility for the non-giant teams.
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