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  1. (also, my team is carrying 4 first team sports scientists, though I don't know how that affects the issue. I also learned that Tottenham employ Maurcio Pochettino's other son as a Sports Scientist. So maybe nepotism is having a negative affect?
  2. This totally makes sense, and I don't expect my players to be 100% all the time (though that is good to know that 80% is reasonable, I often try to keep my starting XI above 90, though I can't seem to remember why I chose that. Maybe I just like the green). I am curious though...based on the above, does that mean that it's not really necessary to always listen to your staff's recommendation to send a player on rest? or that it is okay to play a player that has an RST label? I know there still might be negative consequences (increased risk of injury, possible unhappiness, etc.), but I always assumed a player recommended for rest NEEDED to be rested (again, this is only based on my interpretation, not anything I've actually seen in game). So is the idea that, on teams like Tottenham or Liverpool that compete across multiple fronts but aren't as deep, players will often "need" a rest, but they will press on stoically if you don't give them one (which I would argue is what is happening IRL with players on those teams. Harry Kane and Eric Dier definitely could use time off, but it is unclear how much it is affecting their performance, and it's not like Jordan Henderson is just going to go on vacation during a game week or Poche holding Toby back from international callups) PS Fatigue also, anecdotally, seems to affect center backs differently than it has in previous FM iterations--I can remember playing center backs virtually every game for whole seasons without seeing the level of fatigue they are at in 2019. I think that's a good change, if it was intentional, actually...CBs do get rotated less on top flight teams, but their fitness level always seemed an order of magnitude better than most other outfield players, and I'm curious if that's confirmation bias on my part or if that was something that was tweaked
  3. I am happy to provide screenshots or save files if that is helpful
  4. I wonder if it is particular to center-backs...while other players of mine have needed rests, my three starting backs (alderwiereld, verthongen, and dier) have asked for six rests in a month between them
  5. I do play with a high press but a very low tempo. Training is set by the coaching staff, and is light overall (and very light for many first team players. I do a normal mount of rotation for a not particularly deep team competing across multiple fronts, and my team has above average fitness stats and are number one in the league in stamina. I also have never experienced this before, hence my suspicion that it is a bug. 4 more players were recommended for rest in the 10 in-game days since my original post, one of them for the third time in a row (he has already been sent on vacation for the recommended amount of time twice).
  6. In November of my first season, I've been asked to send first team players on vacation 8 times, with some players needing to be sent out multiple times. The player always indicates he wants a rest. This seems really excessive and unlikely that any EPL side would need or be willing to sit players for weeks at a time in the middle of the season (especially since they are still playing for their teams in international breaks, even friendlies).
  7. My coach recommended I rest two players for different lengths of time. I was able to ask both of them if they wanted a rest, but on the second screen (after they both accepted the rest period but I still had a choice of response), both response choices were greyed out, and I could only exit the conversation without responding. Screenshot below.
  8. I don't think so, though I do have facepacks and proper name addons installed, as well as a coaching shortlist addition. But I had been using these successfully for hundreds of hours across multiple saves. Nothing changed before this one save got corrupted somehow.
  9. Upon further testing, the game only crashes in this manner on one specific save, which means while it is odd and frustrating, it's also not a big deal if it doesn't happen to again
  10. Hi, I'm playing FM17 on a MacBook Pro with a 2.3 G processor, NVidia GT that came with the computer, 16 GB ram I have over 1200 hours across various save files, and never had a problem until tonight. When playing as the US national team, I tried to pick a team with restrictions, which worked, but when I tried to modify it, clicking on the "quick pick" menu made the dropdown flicker for a second, but not long enough to click anything. After exiting out of the game, the next time I tried the game froze. After clicking "team management", the button changes to "submit team" as normal, but the tactics overview does not come up. After a few moments, the game locks and will not allow you to click anything, though the mouse still moves. The computer does not recognize the game as not responding, but trying to quit or load a new game or anything does not work, only force quitting via the task manager does. Upon further experimenting, not only will a game about to start not show the tactics screen, but I was no longer able to change my tactics out of the game. Clicking on "tactics" on the sidebar no longer did anything. Everything else worked. Furthermore, I was able to assign positions to my players in the squad screen, and this allowed me to move forward with the game provided I clicked submit team, but I still couldn't get to the tactics set up, and at times it still froze at that step. I have deleted my cache and preferences folders and verified game files through steam with no change. I am happy to provide saves if need be. Any other tips would be much appreciated
  11. I finished the Pent on FM 2015, hoping to repeat on 2017. Started off signing with Tianjian TEDA with two games left in the season. Managed to stave off relegation and make the Cup Final. Will update after a full season in charge.
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