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  1. I don't know if this makes a difference, but I found one place that still recognizes them...the screen for setting international instructions, as seen below. they still are not on the regular squad view.
  2. I posted the oldest version I have from this save, it's titled "Montauk" I hadn't added either the Eredivise or MLS by this point, but searching those teams, the missing players (Dest and Taylor for Ajax, Atuesta for LAFC) still don't seem to show up in the squad view. Let me know how else I can help.
  3. Thanks--I actually found a bug thread after posting this and reposted it there-- here's the link, if you want to add yours @Dan1297
  4. I don't know if it helps, but I poked around in some older versions of the same save and found the following: 1) The players don't seem to appear in their squads even before the league is playable 2) It is not just the Eredivise; a previously abandoned branch of this save I abandoned because I couldn't make the finances work--there were holes in the team that made no sense and I was way over salary cup in the MLS, though the numbers didn't seem to add up. Turns out that team also had invisible players, including Eduard Atuesta (it's hard to know if there are others). MLS was also added via add/remove leagues to an existing save. See save games "3252" and "Coffeeshop" uploaded to the cloud for the saves (the former is LAFC and the latter a few months later with Ajax. I also have older files from before either league was added if that helps)
  5. I posted this elsewhere but it seems more germane here... I am having the same problem with a save managing Ajax. At least three players (Sergino Dest, Kenneth Taylor, and a GK regen) can be viewed via search or through my inbox, but they do not appear on any list of players, squad view, salary commitments, etc. Their player comparison box is normal when viewed on their own page, but they do not appear in comparisons viewed through anyone else's. I also added the Eredivise years into an existing save, and I thought there might be some oddities when the league loaded (when I took the job there was no staff in any department; my team has a number of supercharged regens, etc.) that may or may not be actual bugs, but this certainly is.
  6. I am having this same problem with Ajax...Sergino Dest, Kenneth Taylor, a regen GK at least all show up for topics in my inbox (Taylor signed a new contract, the GK wants a loan, etc) but none of those players show up on any other screen but their own. They are not in the squad list for any of the three teams, not on loan, not transferring out, not on holiday or int'l duty, etc. They don't show up in the team report. When you view their page they are correctly compared with others in their position, but if you look at any other report, they aren't taken into consideration. I have reset all filters etc. Here are various screen shots, happy to upload a save.
  7. That is great news, thanks! Without looking a gift horse too much in the mouth...will it affect existing saves, or only new ones?
  8. I uploaded a save file called "Mister Manager - Unemployed (v02) (v03).fm" I have other files for the same save at various points, both employed and unemployed. Let me know if I can help out further. Thanks
  9. I've had this issue as well...it's not a true fix, but for me, if you go back one screen and then advance again the boxes are no longer grayed out and you can select as normal. hope that helps.
  10. I have run into a similar issue, which I never experienced on previous versions... I started an unemployed save (no badges, no playing experience) and got a job with a team in the Finnish second division. We won promotion and the Finnish Domestic cup in my first season, and I left in between seasons, with a two coaching badges, a rep of 30%/minimal, and a number of coaching awards under my belt. Now I can't get an interview at any club, with everyone from the top tier to the Spanish 3rd division saying they have never heard of me. This seems like the opposite of how it has worked in the past. I hate claiming difficult gameplay is a bug, but I'm wondering if a Pentagon challenge like this is even tenable anymore with the way the new unemployed system works. please advise.
  11. I'm having the same issue with matches in the South African First Division...both home and away matches are empty, though there are stewards. The overall graphics are set to Low and the crowd is missing at both low and medium settings for crowd detail. Happy to upload.
  12. Tottenham vs. Liverpool at Anfield in the snow--the field itself looks beautiful, and it is clearly snowing on the pitch and in the stands, but there is an odd, too regular looking verdant green strip from just behind the touchline, under the advertising holding, up to the stands. I don't know for sure but it seems like a bug-- it seems like there is a strip that just isn't being snowed on, for no reason that physics can explain. Screenshots below, happy to send the match .pkm if necessary.
  13. I came here to report this as well...according to the medical centre, Dele's injury time out is "12-13 months" and still has up to 3 months remaining in rehab as of mid August. Also, according to the medical centre, Dele had missed 372 days in 12 months, which is obviously an error. Also not sure where the game is getting the original injury date as September 28, 2018, when IRL he obviously played throughout last season.
  14. It'd be great to have an option when the board is setting expectations for "Title Challenge", which would fall in between (in England) "Qualify for the Champions League" and "Win the Title". While there obviously should be pressure and consequences for mounting a title challenge and failing, it is still an achievement for many teams to be in a title race even if they ultimately fall short, and setting and meeting that expectation would allow for a bit more flexibility for the non-giant teams.
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