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  1. Here's my starting point. Took the job at King's Lynn
  2. Based on the entire match it's a correct result. Belgium's second half was very poor but Brazil's finishing was below par as well; they had 2 CCC to equalize but didn't. When Lukaku got subbed for Tielemans I honestly didn't know what to think. If Brazil equalized those last few minutes we (Belgium) would've been in big trouble.
  3. I suggest just trying all of these different roles. Since FM18 is upon us; pick a new FM17 save (or an old one, or an FMT save), then save the game before your next competitive match. Once you've done that play the game with your CMs and watch his movement; when the game is over reload the save (win or lose), switch him to a BBM and look at the difference in movement, closing down, etc. Since it'll be the same opponent you'll face the same lineup thus you can try different things, take notes and learn. Just do it one role at a time so you only have to focus on the one player. edit: you could also use the ingame editor to maximise tactical familiarity if you want to try out an entirely different formation.
  4. Just need some quick advice on my tactic; if you guys can spot some glaring holes in it. --------------GKd--------------- -----CDd---CDd---CDd----- -WBs--------------------WBs- -------DLPs------CMd-------- -------AMa-------APs--------- -------------DLFa-------------- Mentality: Standard, Shape: Flexible Team Instructions: Play out of Defense, Push higher up, Use offside trap, Higher Tempo, Prevent GK distribution I'm looking to create a possession based tactic with penetration from the AMa. I'm one of the stronger teams in the league so most of teams will sit back and try to soak the pressure. I might drop higher tempo though if my actual possession looks quite low. Personal Instructions: GK: roll it out to CD (possession based) both WBs: dribble less, less risky passes (I feel they dribble a bit too much; I want them passing the ball) CMd: pass it shorter, dribble less, less risky passes (I want him to turn the ball in to my DLPs or APs) AMa: close down more, tackle harder (high block), move into channels APs: close down more, tackle harder DLFa: close down more, tackle harder Any suggestions on what you'd change to provide some more penetration?
  5. RSC Anderlecht for a quick save; they’re my favorite team here ik Belgium. Venezia in the serie B for a save where i want to implement a club DNA.
  6. 442 with 2 DM's. I felt that what is presented in the tactical creator is your defensive formation I'd put those 2 cm's in the DM slot.
  7. Haha, I'm really curious. I'm going back to Venice in February, Firenze in May and Rome in November for the birthday of my gf.
  8. I get that but what I'm wondering is why is it showing with his PPM's? It's in the screenshot, I cant recall seeing this before listed under his PPM's. That's why I asked
  9. About the spacing of your lone forward. Going more fluid will bring the lines closer together
  10. So I got this player right here: Some time ago I started to work on his weaker foot ppm. Which was 'Reasonable'. Now after a couple of months ingame I get the update that he developed his weaker foot so I go to his player screen and see that his left foot still is 'Reasonable' but on his Preferred Moves tab it states 'Attempts To Develop Weaker Foot'. Does this mean he's still developing his weaker foot over time or is this some sort of bug?
  11. What a winger you got there mate! Yes, Firenze! Lovely town, I'm going there next May. I have a love for Italian towns, it just appeals to me. Especially Venice, been there 5 times in as many years. I'm thinking about doing a youth only save with them at some point.
  12. Yes, I've noticed this as well. My GK made a couple of errors this way, resulting in a missed interception and a wide open goal
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