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  1. Friday saw a double upload with our league campaign finishing Saturday saw the Group stages of the World Cup Today is the Knockout rounds
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9e-6_ILyGIc We're into the knockout stages of the Durand cup, one we NEED to win for the challenge! Can we seal it?
  3. https://youtu.be/aMEyHRohwrY We start our time in India with club number 7 and the group stages of the Durand cup, one we need to win
  4. The final part of Leipzig see's us compare our seasons and crown our first winner, who's team are you on Puppet or Fish?
  5. https://youtu.be/t_gy0xLwbhw In today's video we take a look at hour our teams are doing after the winter transfer window and get a glimpse into who will be overall winner and the the lead in the the race to become best manager.
  6. https://youtu.be/X40Wlo2Xh_o Club 6 episode 8 is here and we could wrap up the title today, Ep 9 is out at 4pm GMT today
  7. Shivajians Football Club are still in the database despite being wound up in 2018? https://www.espn.co.uk/football/indian-i-league/story/3712861/i-league-unpaid-shivajians-players-left-high-and-dry-in-the-wake-of-dsk-bankruptcy
  8. Club 6 Episode 6 is live now and we have a yoyo episode full of ups and downs https://youtu.be/QdtEWwegxUY
  9. A friend and I have started a new series on YouTube called 'Battle Of The Bosses.' Our 1st Battle of the Bosses is here and we start off with RB Leipzig as the team we will both be taking charge of. In this video we talk about our transfers we have made and take a look at the potential fixtures as we start the season with the first league game. What is Battle of the Bosses? The challenge is we both take charge of the same team and only reveal progress at 3 stages. At each of the 3 stages we will be recording our progress for you all to see. 1. Day of the first league game 2. End of 2nd Transfer Window 3. June 1st. Points will be given based on final league positions and where we finish in the cup competitions. Person with the most points gets to either pick the team or spin the wheel to pick the next team we battle as. https://youtu.be/8QdayPzSgKg Please check it out and let us know what you think of this series. The other 2 updates to Leipzig will be out this week also!
  10. Thanks to everyone new that subscribed, really means a lot! In episode 5 of club 6 we find out we're not as bad as I thought, though that's not saying much.... https://youtu.be/iuV8b0RJZTo
  11. I need to get better at posting here haha, we're now in Malaysia after completing our 3rd country, this time with a double cup game episode: https://youtu.be/uVID7K-I09g
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