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  1. How has the player search custom views problem still not been addressed?
  2. scouting screen issue

    Same here.
  3. FM18: Memory Lane

    My god, that's a lot of money for a slightly (?) better of version... N'Golo Kante?
  4. FM18: Memory Lane

    Great season, think you can get out of the CL groups?
  5. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    Looking forward to it.
  6. FM18: Memory Lane

    Is their squad actually decent? Maybe a takeover? I don't think the Greece third tier is even an option to activate, unless maybe you've got a claassen update. Good start in the league btw.
  7. FM18: Memory Lane

    Amazing. Come on Doxa Dramas!
  8. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    Yesss, glad you're back!
  9. Great title run! Always interesting when the first decent job interviews start popping up, even if none of those were particularly appealing. 2k seats in a 16k capacity stadium. I hope your fans like standing.
  10. Munir at Kobenhavn, ffs. League is still within grabs, best of luck!
  11. [FM18] The Oceanic '15'

    Rough start, hopefully you can string some results together. I asked about adding players to playable teams with the assumption the AI would struggle to fill their squads out. Seems it's gone... alright?
  12. Poor lad. Good luck staying up, I suspect you may need it.
  13. [FM18] The Oceanic '15'

    This has the makings of something great. Lmao at the board wanting to finish bottom. Did you check "add players to playable teams," by the way? I would suggest doing so.