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  1. How has Perfecto performed so far? Imagine he would get labeled as the type of player who would be kicked around in the Championship if this were real life. 😂
  2. Agree with your assessment of Llorente, can see him being a really nice DM. I'd try to teach him traits to encourage long passes and switches of play to take advantage of the high technique.
  3. Don't always comment but this thread is daily reading for me. Love the way you see the game and incorporate visuals.
  4. Recently been binging this thread and you've once again outdone yourself.
  5. Interesting stuff! Imagine it's difficult to get the thresholds completely accurate.
  6. Oof, tough result in the CAF CL Final. Was the match as one sided as the scoreline suggests?
  7. Love it. Look forward to seeing how these evolve. I think the hexagon is a natural progression from attribute bars (which were a progression from attribute numbers)! FWIW, I would probably rename finishing to "attacking" and create a separate category named "physicality" with strength, balance, bravery, and aggression. And then I would rename "physicals" as "athleticism." Up to you of course, just my two cents!
  8. Loving the new skin. Would love to know what goes into each hexagon category if you're willing to share.
  9. Bookmarked to catch up with later but this has been an excellent read so far. Love saves in unusual countries with lots of detail.
  10. Big summer ahead, look forward to seeing how you tackle the lengthy list of transfer needs.
  11. Love that you have Busquets as the DoF! Some good looking signings as well.
  12. Absolutely loving this and the big picture approach. Latest youth intake looks better than you've been accustomed to so far!
  13. Oof, love the attention to detail but not an amazing intake there.
  14. Funny to see Santi Cazorla of all former players prefer a direct style.
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