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  1. Love that you have Busquets as the DoF! Some good looking signings as well.
  2. Absolutely loving this and the big picture approach. Latest youth intake looks better than you've been accustomed to so far!
  3. Oof, love the attention to detail but not an amazing intake there.
  4. Funny to see Santi Cazorla of all former players prefer a direct style.
  5. Strong enough first season. Enjoying the realistic nature of the thread. Will be following from here!
  6. Solid progress in the league. Hoping this youth intake gives you a potential first team player!
  7. Bastiani looks insanely complete for the level and would be great even if he wasn't a freak athlete... which he is. Expecting big things. Squad looks good, impressive that Sola is starting at the tender age of 11!
  8. New signings look very good for the level. Here's to hoping the results start picking up.
  9. Still following and enjoying very much. Tough to drop the league two seasons ago, but a great rebound to claim it once again. Like others have said, absolutely love the longer write-ups and insight to how you play the game.
  10. Enjoying the (re)emphasis on youth products. Interesting to see how you gauge ability without star indicators. As far as the league goes, let's hope you get at a point against Porto at the bare minimum.
  11. Squad looks amazing, could this be the year?
  12. Good looking signings. Here's to hoping the next couple intakes can replenish the youth ranks. How do you think Gutierrez compares to the best players that have been at the club?
  13. Little do you know you've skipped out on a 200 PA late bloomer. Monteiro looks quite good and easily moldable to whatever you want him to become.
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