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  1. Perfect farewell, especially with Dynamo and Dnipro going down. Will be interesting to see how many points Shakhtar win the league by next year.
  2. Ah, see that now. Funnily enough I found this thread by googling "monaco 16/17 tactics" after going back and watching some of their matches from that historic season recently. Good stuff!
  3. Oooh, what a twist. How many of your former players have you called up so far?
  4. Something tells me your heart is in Russia.
  5. Fantastic thread, would like to hear how it's going for you.
  6. Glad to see this up and running again. Not a bad start to the season by any means.
  7. Some good looking players already at the club.
  8. Nice looking squad, happy to see Seixas finally coming good. Interested to see what type of players you can bring in over the summer.
  9. What does the squad make up of other Andorran clubs look like? Primarily Andorran/Spanish, I'd imagine?
  10. Oh wow, that's a massive opening. Would personally have a hard time turning it down.
  11. Loving this thread. Interested to see how you fare this season with a more established squad.
  12. Looking dominant domestically. Hopefully you have a better run out in Europe this time around.
  13. Going smoothly despite the hiccup in Europe. How is Seixas coming along, btw?
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