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  1. It's the small details for me - loading other leagues, scouting their matches, etc. Amazing level of immersion. I agree with you, it's a bit early for St. Gallen. IMO, the right time (if there is one) to move on would be after having some success in Europe and possibly, a league title. From that point it could be ideal to settle at one of the biggest clubs with the best facilities to dive into the player dev side and see how far you can push them. Alternatively, you could dip back in the leagues and bring a fallen giant up. Lot of places to go.
  2. Great deals over the summer, I think the recruitment model is spot on. Both realistic and fun to develop youngsters who have fell through at other clubs. How many rounds of qualifying are between you and the EL Group Stage?
  3. Love when you lay out the logic behind a signing and their development plan going forward.
  4. Great start in the league. Love the clip of Costa running in behind as that's exactly what I pictured him excelling at. How are Veiga and Magola performing for you? I like the look of both of them. The type of players who could stand out at this level before being sold on for a big fee.
  5. Agree, I also like the look of Kabashi. His player traits along with 17 Technique are perfect for a playmaker.
  6. I tend to agree with @Sonic Youth - Gavioli could be an interesting striker, if nothing else to add another profile to the options you have up top. The more I look at his attributes, the more I'm surprised by his assist return last season. Do you think this was due to your dominance at the level, some tactical aspect that had him attempting final balls, perhaps just variance/overperformance? Perhaps I'm underrating his ability to the average defender in the second tier, but he certainly isn't amazing when it comes to passing/technique/dribbling, the qualities you'd associate with assists! I see him as a poor man's Giroud, albeit weaker in multiple areas.
  7. Good work with the youngsters above. Costa looks like the type of player who can dominate at this level due to his athleticism/engine. I think you have the right idea by using him in a role where he's attacking space and not necessarily seeing a ton of the ball but rather being a threat in behind/pressing without the ball. Really like the look of Majsovski as well. High attributes in the right places, can play a number of roles, shouldn't need to rotate very often. Think he'll make the jump to the top tier without an issue. Herzog looks like your ideal keeper with his personality, ball playing ability, and low eccentricity. Maybe not the greatest shot stopper, but his command/other qualities make up for it IMO. Maybe he's the player you bring from club to club in this save? Enjoying this as much as ever!
  8. Enjoying this save so much at the moment. I agree that’s the perfect move for you and even more realistic/linear now knowing Fribourg weren’t promoted. The facilities and budgets are Luzern are amazing compared to what you’ve had and I’m looking forward to the players you can develop here. Have to say, this is a more enjoyable read than the Redditch thread at the moment due to the smaller league/journeyman aspect/etc. Happy you decided to pursue it!
  9. Wow, lots going on here. 1. It would be brilliant if you could get Fribourg to the playoff (and maybe even promoted) as your last act with them. Have to imagine they'd go straight back down, but it would still be massive long term for the club. 2. Really hoping you're able to get the Luzern job for the upcoming season and beyond. 3. Henry looks class, maybe one to target when you have some transfer budget to play with.
  10. Amazing start to the season. Seems like you're overperforming xG again based on the individual player numbers? Is this a league/game wide trend or have you just been fortunate two seasons running? Love the callback to the offseason objectives, some massive improvements there. I personally wouldn't pay clear cut chances any mind if xG works the way it should. Seems like an arbitrary distinction that doesn't tell anything useful. I agree that Scaffhausen could be a minor step back, but only if you end up getting Fribourg promoted. Professional status/budgets/second team/etc./more philosophically aligned board would be worth it IMO. That said, the Luzern job is perfect and what I'm rooting for.
  11. Continuing to love this. Seems like a logical end point at Fribourg whether that's this offseason or next.
  12. Absolutely loving this, nice change of pace from the Premier League. Looks like quite a few of the players over-performed their xG prior to you joining. Would be a great accomplishment if you managed to keep them up and continued to consolidate in the second tier for a couple seasons. Jiminez reminds me of Augusto in a way... just that his legs haven't gone, he never had them to begin with.
  13. Love the move. Perfectly realistic but a sizable jump. Also love that you're bringing Renato Augusto along for the ride. How do the budgets and top players compare to what you had at Meyrin? Hope they're able to stay in the third tier without you!
  14. Don't go getting too attached to the club now.
  15. Glad you're enjoying this, reflects in the writing. Mad that you've got Renato Augusto pulling the strings in the Swiss fourth tier, never thought I'd be typing that a week ago. How big is the jump from the fourth tier to the third tier? I know you mentioned only the top two are professional, so I imagine it's nothing too crazy. Perhaps a promotion, year of stability in the third tier and then a move to a slightly larger club? Looking forward to where it goes from here.
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