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  1. So far I have played 5 matches and I don't want to get too excited but I think ME looks much better. I will not agree that there is no play through the middle. In my opinion, there is more than before the patch. The second thing is less dribbling and blocked crosses. At the moment I'm positive and I think the patch changed ME to a plus.
  2. I have read previous posts and maybe ME has not been changed very much but other things that affected it have changed. Despite the same tactics, commands and players, the team plays differently. Again there are a lot of pointless dribbles, passes between the mid-backs and the midfields. Things that indirectly influenced ME have been changed and no one will convince me otherwise.
  3. I hope you are wrong and we get big patch earlier. I'm really angry. Another year we get uincomplete and bugged game and we must wait 2-3 months to fix that. It's a not funny joke about players paying full price for an incomplete product
  4. Will we finally get a patch to fix bugs and restore ME from beta?
  5. This year, as with FM19 and FM20, I feel cheated. In the beta, the game was great and a lot of fun. After the full game came out, things changed that worked fine. The game of my team, despite the same tactics, looks different. In the beta, the game in the middle was very satisfying and now it is practically non-existent. Another year I bought the game and another year I regret my decision. I'm waiting for patch 21.2, hope to come back with the fun patch
  6. Hi, I played half a season and I have some thoughts on the full version. I do not know what changes the SI introduced, but in my opinion it is a step backwards compared to the beta. I believe they didn't make any changes to the match engine, but my team plays differently with the same tactics. In the beta, the game in the middle was very nice. At this point it happens that the side defenders have 2 or 3 times more passes in the game than the center defenders, even though I play very tight and focus on attacking in the middle. There were again dribbles all over the pitch to the corner and s
  7. I think it can be summed up in such a way that the game is beautifully packaged but what is most important inside, i.e. the match engine is far from ideal. I hope that in the next versions of the game the greatest focus will be on the match engine.
  8. @KUBI Can we expect patch wchich improve ME? This ME is boring. 3 headers from wingers is weird. It doesn't metter if I play narrow or wide, in 90% of cases it's ends the same. Pass on the wing and cross.
  9. Can we expect another patch improve ME or maybe this patch was the last one? I hate this ME. In every match i have goal from free kick or corner. I lead in match and what? Of course goal from free kick or header from corner in 90 minute. Before the last patch FM was very enjoyable. Now is boring and annoying. Edit: 2 minutes ago in my save Betis beat Real Madrid 5-1. Betis scored 2 goals from free kicks and one goal from corner. It was AI vs AI
  10. Before the update game was very enjoyable. Now in every game i have 1 or 2 goals from free kicks and of course in every match i have penalty kick. Before play through the middle was very nice. Now team play only using the wings. The last thing is a lot of goals. In every match the teams score together 3-4 or more goals.
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