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  1. We are aware of Bryan Casas. Sadly, due to his age we are not able to add him to the database yet. He will be available for next season. I fixed the other issues you mentioned and they should be appearing in the final data update in a few days. Unfortunatelly, since the Premier League is a non-playable division, we don't have the manpower to keep its rosters updated at all times. We update them for the first semester, we may miss a few changes in the winter.
  2. All the duplicated players you mention, including those who you reported this week, have already been removed from the database. You need to start a new save with the newest database.
  3. @Freddie Sands Please create a separate thread for Mexico, It's complicated to spot issues concerning our league when they get mixed with the rest of Concacaf. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the report, this has been fixed in the database now.
  5. In the Liga MX/Expansion MX rules, players don't count as "Mexican homegrown" until they already played in one previous tournament (and as long as they were registered in the system before they turned 18). This is a way to protect veterans and ensure teams don't just sign foreigners and fill the rest of the squad with rookies. You should be able to have those players in your B/U20 squad and use them in games, but you need to register and field a minimum of veterans too.
  6. I don't think this is a bug, just a reflection of the reality many lower league teams live every year. Salaries in Mexico are way too high and teams constantly lose money. We made some minor adjustments in the finances that probably are still not reflected in the beta, but I don't expect a big change. It is indeed really difficult to survive financially as a second/third tier side.
  7. The league system most Mexican fans would like to see in real life, set up for Football Manager. 5 active tiers, 300 available teams to manage. Say goodbye to Opening and Closing Stage and welcome back to year long tournaments.This file intends to give the Mexican competitions an European taste, but at the same time keeping some of the signature traits of the Liga MX.NOTE: It's recommended to also download my "Liga MX Fix Clausura 2018 v2" to activate alongside this file. That will add more managers to the first 3 tiers and teams colours in the lower levels.NOTE 2: It's also very recommended t
  8. Great work mate. Just a quick issue: the Mexican team for this competition will not be the Clausura champion, but the winner of the "Campeón de Campeones" game, which is played in July between the winners of Apertura and Clausura.
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