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  1. Sorry Chris i don't have another save, let me take a look if the previous file that i uploaded the promise was already there. Regards!!
  2. Hello Team, I found another bug: One of my players had the concern and was trying to leave the club so i promise him to be champion again in order to be happy at the club. So i won the league (Mexican Close Stage) and after that instead of be happy because i was able to fulfill the promise he is telling me that he is willing to give me more time.. Title win evidence: Player complain evidence: I also uploaded the saved game "borke_promise.fm" if you need to take a look Please let me know if you need more information. Regards!!
  3. Ready!! you can find uploaded the saved game Wrongexpectation bug.fm Regards!!
  4. Hello team I found another bug, I am playing the Open Stage if you see the attached screen the board is not happy with my work based on my position but if you see my current position i am at first place. Please let me know if you need the saved game to upload it. Regards!!
  5. Hi Racing, that is correct for the first 2 years the league will not have relegation because the league will increase the first division league to 20 teams. Regards!!
  6. Hello Team, I found another bug in the title screen if you see it mention that i am at second place of the Apertura Stage, but right now i am playing the Closure stage. I uploaded the saved game in your cloud system Cup_Bug.fm Please let me know if you need more information Regards!!
  7. Hi @Freddie Sands i uploaded at your cloud server, the saved game Cup_Bug. Regards!!
  8. Hi Bipapa42, if you look at the current Mexican league, because of the agreement with Lobos Buap to avoid the relegation last year, he lost all the avarage points. http://ligamx.net/cancha/tablas/tablaCociente/sp/2704b28f28c03a Regards!!
  9. Hello, I'm playing the Ascenso League (Mexican second division) and i realized that Competitions screen is not showing the Apertura Cup correctly because it shows my next rival (Leon) Besides of that is not showing the expectation from the board or the progress during the cup. Please let me know if you need the saved game. Regards!!
  10. i have an issue with the eyes in the release version, on the beta was working fine but now it looking werid.
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