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  1. yeah it seem that way or maybe the average points table
  2. Yes i have, it's attached here. Regards!! WrongPlayoff_Venue.fm
  3. Hello Team, I found two bugs in the promotion league: I was playing the semifinals of the closure season and the first bug was the venue designation: As you can see i finished the season in the first place so based on the tournament rules i skip the quarter finals and played directly the semifinal But my first surprise was i play the first game as a Home instead of AWAY now let's go to the second bug this was more critical: We have both games and the overall score was 1-1 so based on the rules i suppose to advance because of my position But not i was eliminated I have the saved game if you need it please let me know. Thanks in advance. Regards!!
  4. i have an issue with the eyes in the release version, on the beta was working fine but now it looking werid.
  5. yes, it's the final version!! time to play!!
  6. Hi guys, Want to share this review from a spanish video game page: http://www.meristation.com.mx/pc/football-manager-2017/analisis-juego/2154136
  7. Yes!! food is ready machine is ready!! Time to stop sleeping and play!!
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