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  1. i have an issue with the eyes in the release version, on the beta was working fine but now it looking werid.
  2. yes, it's the final version!! time to play!!
  3. Hi guys, Want to share this review from a spanish video game page: http://www.meristation.com.mx/pc/football-manager-2017/analisis-juego/2154136
  4. Yes!! food is ready machine is ready!! Time to stop sleeping and play!!
  5. just to support on this bug, the same issue happen to me, but staretd to happen after i upgrade my w10 with the latest upgrade that appear at the end of november. Regads!
  6. Hi Neil, If i can help with this crash because i got the same crash number, when i was at full screen and meanwhile the game was advancing i started to browse the web and then the game crash..
  7. This happen to me too, if go outside of the full windows screen meanwhile is loading or something, sometimes crash with a crash dump 740934 Regards!
  8. Hello, They are working with that bug! http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/441502-Game-advance-overlay-gets-stuck-when-alt-tabbing-out Regards!
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