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  1. This is really frustrating. This game is unplayable.
  2. Guys, how are you? @Neil Brock @Jack Joyce Could you please fix it up? Thanks in advance.
  3. Nice work. There is one thing I am wondering about: The Flut skin a bit smoother than Material skin on ME. I don't know why. I'm talking about to ME for sure. Gameplay is fine. No issue at all. Overall: I played FM 2020 with Material skin for a while and I like it.
  4. I need to change skin and delete cache at intervals. Because SI didn't fix the ME lags since 20.0.3. When I playing on 2d, fps drops 60 to 40 and its really annoying.
  5. I have never faced anything like this. I want to play this game but I must to change skin and I have to delete cache at intervals. Well, good job SI.
  6. I already did and it doesn't work. I created my own thread by the way but nobody look.
  7. I have experienced a crash dump on 20.0.3. I didn't faced any crash on 20.1.3 until now. But I have lag. Yey. 20.0.2 was best for me.
  8. I guess the game needs virtual memory. I don't know why. When I turned off Virtual Memory, I am getting the same error.
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