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  1. I don't know man. I experienced that way. I'm tired. I will wait until the full game is released.
  2. I've updated to public beta and I don't like it. First impressions: - Its slower then previous version (20.0.3). - I have a lot of players injured. - I've noticed an insane gpu usage. So I roll back to 20.0.3v.
  3. I had the same problem as you and I fixed these way: - You must clear the cache from preferences and press "Shift + R". I hope this works.
  4. Yeap. Its about providing feedback. And we gave many feedback not only criticism. They didn't look them as we can see. There is a difference, if they always make the same mistakes. When you defend them and answer my message, I told you being a "royalist" at this point. This isn't rude. They can defend themselves. They can talk. They can write. As I say this is not about BETA. This happens every year. I've signed up on this website since Dec, 20, 2013. Because of what? Yeah, its all about related to crashes, bugs or something like that. I don't wanna complain or criticism. Just I wanna play without any crash, slowdown.
  5. Exactly, two weeks isn't enough for this game. And I am wondering how to test this game? I understand them, there are so many spec, hardware, driver but in the end two weeks didn't help provide a more stable Beta as you say.
  6. I've played this game for at least fifteen years. This happens every year. Its not about BETA. They are monopol. There isn't any alternative games, I know its not their fault. But this is how its work. I'am not rude, these are facts. Just use your logic and be realistic rather than romantic.
  7. I hope so. Because I am not enjoying play game now. It's unplayable for me, when I randomly getting a crash dump. And please don't be more royalist than the king. Thanks.
  8. I've played one season without any graphic mod and I am getting crash dump again. So you telling us "We're aware of the issue and we're investigating..." but why am I seeing 0 downloads? All .dmp file is say "0 downloads" at this page. Well, its odd.
  9. Having the exact same issue after the latest update. I play 2D and 3D replays and I recieving crash dumps mid game. On the one hand they fixed one problem but one the other hand other problems show up. Its really annoying. I know its BETA but this happens every year even after released full game. I love and hate this game. I'm on the horns of a dilemma. Feels bad man.
  10. Ok, it is not related to graphic mods as I guess. I am getting crash dump during the match without any mods. I've take screenshot when I get an error. Maybe this will help you. FM 2020 v20.0.3.1307550 (2019.11.07 20.22.09).dmp
  11. Ok, I will try to play game without any mods. By the way I am faced a "Game not responding" error, when I close the game. This seems to fix after 20.0.3.
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