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  1. I play a narrow 4-2-3-1, with a 3-man attacking midfield consisting of AP (A)- AM (S) - AP (A) In last years game, this would lead to some lovely interchanging and nice football, and importantly, the advanced playmakers would drop back into midfield when defending. Now, however, you may as well have them as strikers as with an attack duty they make literally zero effort to get back when the opp have the ball, and merely stand alongside my advanced forward. Same goes for attacking mids with an attack duty. Anyone else having problems?
  2. Advance playmakers and attacking mids with an attack duty no longer get back to defend. It makes playing a narrow 4-2-3-1 nigh on impossible, as you either sacrifice all attacking intent with support duties, or leave your central midfield and/or wings horribly exposed if you choose to attack.
  3. Yup, i did. Im very disappointed by this. Currently playing through the last few league matches again, hoping the problem doesnt repeat itself.
  4. Have you found a way around it at all? Id hate to commit to this save if this is going to happen at every playoffs
  5. Using the latest patch. Just reached the Scottish league 2 playoffs with montrose. Been drawn against Arbroath in the playoffs, but when I go to select squad my entire first team is on holiday! surely this is a problem
  6. I'm pretty certain he approached the game adequately, considering he had 65% possession and 5 clear cut chances to the oppositions 1.
  7. That's the exception that proves the rule. The rule, of course, being that own goals are relatively rare. I've noticed that the serial defenders of this bugged out patch just love to use real-world examples such as the above as a manner of validating ridiculous bugs in an absolutely diabolical patch. A far better example would be to look at a season in which own goals were at their most prominent in the Premier League, this being the 2009/2010 season. There were 43 own goals, out of a total of 1,053. This means that own goals account for roughly 4% of all goals scored, and as a blanket figure occur to each team twice a season. Taking this into account, your Sunderland figures are essentially useless, as this is an absolute anomaly, which should not be used to defend a match-engine problem in which the same anomaly has become the custom. Because, believe me, the number of own goals I see in my game is daft, as it is for many others. But yes, keep dragging up these anomalies as a means of defending SI. You are kidding nobody.
  8. Yup even with the top teams the best way to play is on the counter. Playing a high line attacking system is almost useless now, as space is too tight to break the opposition down and you'll be caught on break. I solved this by dropping deeper, upping temp and passing into space but its odd as hell that I have to essentially play a more defensive system against the weaker team and an attacking one against the best sides. It should be the other way around. Frustratingly, playets also seem to lack 'personality' on this edition' and you don't reaaly feel you get what you pay for when it comes to signings as performances appear somewhat random, I.e your reserve gk being top scorer. A winger with 15+ dribbling doesn't arrempt to go past his man A top striker misses countless one on ones Players with 18+ first touch can't trap a ball Players with great corner taking swing a corner out of play every game Etc
  9. This is how I feel right now, I couldn't care less about the Match Engine bugs, I'd just like to be able to play the game properly. If this bug isn't the number one priority, it really should be. Completely game breaking.
  10. Any luck with foreign jobs, given I believe the problem to be the 'world rep' and I am assuming your nationality is English? The fella above has a Turkish nationality and is managing an English side.
  11. The starting world rep for an international manager is 5,000, the starting rep for any past experience below that on my bugged game is 1! In saying these issues are not linked, you are essentially saying that the renewal of a contract does not take the rep into account, a notion I find to be inconceivable. I could be wrong, but I would genuinely be shocked.
  12. If you start off with a Sunday league rep are you also forever unemployed? If so, then it seems like I've been unfortunate enough to suffer both these game breaking bugs, FML If you can get a job then all the more evidence that they are linked
  13. Given that choosing an international rep solves both problems on my game, and given that both problems involve the offering of contracts to a manager, I do not consider my stance to be jumping the gun. That might be the case, but I'd honestly be shocked if both bugs do not involve the manager reputation.
  14. Well that's just brilliant for you. There's a 68 post thread in the bugs forum with complaints about it. Themadsheep- they most definitely are connected. I suffer from both any time I start with a reputation below international. If I start with an international rep they are both resolved, and I doubt that this is a coincidence.
  15. Sorry mate, you're a victim of the the unemployment bug. You probably started out with a past reputation below 'international', meaning the board will not extend your contract regardless of you perform and that if you get sacked or resign you'll not be getting another job. I can't believe there isn't a hot fix for this and that it looks like we'll have to wait for the next patch for a resolution. The game is unplayable now.
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