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  1. No, no way and hopefully never.
  2. I voted for FM17 since I only have FM14, FM16, and FM17 in my collection and I feel that FM17 is the best of those three.
  3. This guy was my number one keeper at Maritimo during a save on FM14. He was E-dam good shot stopper as well.
  4. Would like to bang this drum again.
  5. It certainly makes my night shifts a lot more fun. 😁
  6. Remote control uses an internet connection so there can be a delay in processing the images which is why it can sometimes skip frames. Have you tried switching to 2D mode to see how that works? I use Teamviewer to remote into my home desktop PC when I'm at work and whilst it can't play 3D mode very well, 2D works a treat.
  7. Are you sure? The OP's screenshots don't half look like FM18.
  8. Would love to see this part of the game sorted, and call me a pessimist, but it won't happen simply because the masses don't care for it.
  9. I liked what I saw. A vast improvement on my present FM, [FM16].
  10. Agreed. I use the sound enhancement pack off FMScout which whilst it's not perfect, it adds much more realism to watching games.
  11. Funny how different people want different things from this next release. I just want an upgrade on international management and a return to decent regen faces and I'll be the first in the queue come release date.
  12. I didn't see any reference to international management in that video but I suppose that would be expecting too much at this early stage.
  13. It was thanks to the XBox version of Championship Manager 01/02 that I got hooked on the CM/FM titles. Happy days.
  14. Could it be possible to have the option to upload your game highlights in 2D as well as 3D? Would be good for people who use 2D as their favoured viewing dimension.
  15. The fun you can have at press conferences with the additional comments box.
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