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  1. Hi where to put the tv logo? is it the same path like the other tv logos?
  2. I have made the bundesliga winterball if you want you can put it in the pack.
  3. Thanks for that now it works
  4. I have played in my season now 20 matchdays and have not one time see the var video referee have you put this out the game?
  5. Where must I put the tv logos? In logos folder?
  6. Yes i started a new game with the file
  7. I have a fmf file in editordata for competitions but it shows the wrong collours ingame. I think it is a bug.
  8. Competitions Collours are wrong Bundes liga are red and white ingame is it blue and white. In the last years we can changed it with ingame editor this year that is not possible what can we do?
  9. Hi Rensie is it possible that you can input to the player overview the front and the back of the club kit (like the last years in flut skin)
  10. Hi great Skin !!! Works this with backgrounds?
  11. Oh thanks that`s great news
  12. Thanks Men!!! You are the best. One Question where must i install the ball files?
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