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  1. Great news is it right there is no Version for FM 19 coming? Is it possible to became a Version for FM 20 Beta?
  2. @wkdsoul when do you think a first Version is comming? When you need a Betatester i 'll be there
  3. Hi great Work can we have it to download your skin creation is verry great!!!
  4. Great work ! Is it possible to use the scorerboard selecter with this Skin?
  5. @bossland Verry great skin but i have two questions how can i change the colour of the headerbackground on the newsside and is it possible to import the scorerboardselector? Cheers
  6. Can anyone send me a custom startdate from sortoutsi for fm 2018 because on the webside this file is off or a new one which is edited
  7. strangerthankindnes Thanks verry much for this Tipps your file is fantastic and editable thanks!!!
  8. How to put in ads adboards for several german teams like stuttgart, bayern ,dortmund from jeff roberts file?
  9. Hi Sirwill can you make a intro for the German Bundesliga? Which Panel is working for the Match intros?
  10. @ Sirwill I have donatet at the Moment can you sent me the link of your great work!!!
  11. Thanks verry much !!! but can you please make a read me how we can get this to work ingame? How must i named your files that i can see them ingame?
  12. @jeff roberts can you make for me Bayern Munich adboards Telekom and so on? For know i did all like wrighted above but the files dont show ingame. Must i start a new game? Must i rename the files? Please help me.
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