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  1. It would be great to permit to a manager to sign a new contract with another team for the new next upcoming season finishing the actual season with your actual team.
  2. Nothing to do. I tried a every kind of thing role/ tactic. I think to go to a simple 442 or to a 343 defensive / counter.
  3. So, first match played with this new tactic and approach. I started with a 4312 highly structured with defensive mentality. Short pass retain the ball low defensive line. My left defensive player setted like fullback with attack duty, The right one with support duty. In front of the defenders I settetld a regista. Then, the two central midfielders. On the right a BMW on support, on left a mezzala on support. Left forward an AF and on the right a DLF on support. We played well. Make one goal. When we did this goal the opponents tried a 343 so I told to my left full back to stay on defence and to my mezzala to go on attack and to my BMW to get further forward. The reason was we were more dense on the center of the pitch while they were trying to command the left and right side of the pitch. I removed also the les widt instruction to better cover the flanks. Our second goal was fantastic but I find we miss a lot of chances. However good for the moment. Maybe I was asking too much to them. Macth ended up 2¬1 for us with great possession and a lot of attacking actions.
  4. I know but my big problem is that I did not think about it and sold my wingers, so now I'm struggling a lot. The reason why I opted for fluid system was that dropping the AMC INTO Cc role made a gap between forwards and midfield. So, I have to try another thing.l, I think. My team is not strong. I have to play safe in general and with precision giving to someone clthe key of the midfield and the finale third. So I think to a 4312 with a regista and a trequartista choosing that players that could make these two roles. According to this, these two players should be creative while the rest of the team should work with precision. Low risk mentality, low pressing low defensive line We try to absorb the pressure to create space behind opponents. According to this I have tow options. Low build up, retaining the ball or fast transition to attack. Since I wanna I be safe for first, I think I would go on short pass and letting the ball goes around with simple pass.
  5. So I had a look at the team report. We are very weak in some attributes. General: Low general height Low general weight Medium control of the ball Good strength Good teamwork Really good aggression In depht: Low contrast Low head Low man marking Low position Good strength Good acceleration Low decision Low control of the ball Good aggression and teamwork Midfield : Low tackling Low elevation Low man marking Medium acceleration but low general speed Very low passages Good control of the ball Good decision Forward Very good decision Bad control of the ball Low strength Low team work Very good aggression Training purposes: Control of the ball and defense attributes. So. Defensive mentality with low tempo high defensive line with more discipline, play safe with more aggressive midfielders roles. Hard tackling. No off side trap. Compact team shape. I think maybe I should go on fluid team shape to be more compact.
  6. Nothing to do. Same problem. I changed again. My carrillero into BMW defend duty, my right full back in a defensive full back defend duty and may right midfielder in bwm with support duty. I feel my selfe stupid 😔
  7. I'm thinking one thing. I could drop the AMC on midfield giving him the playmaker role with attack duty.
  8. Yes i know. Wanted that to achieve the possession ball but I think I need strong players to do that. I started from vanarama and I arrived in two seasons on skybet league 1 with a simple 442. Now I wanted change and buyed different king of players.
  9. Thank u. So for the second formation I think I don't have the right players. What I wanted to achieve there was create space on the flank with my full back and advance forward for my right midfielder. Working the ball with movements, don't give to opponents predictability this with roles and duty. My AMC should score goals in my mind cause he should have space to attack, space created fork AF and Dlf on support. Maybe should I change roles on my two midfielders?for my central midfielder I was thinking to place him like dlp on Defend with a carrillero where my fullback attack whole on the other side I could put a bwm on support? The big issue is that we struggle creating clear cut chances making the ball pass but we don't find space so, essentially we loose the ball and we are high up on the pitch and we have a big gaps on one side.
  10. Hi everyone, I have a big issue with this formation. Whatever instruction I set, the big issue is the gap on the two sides of the pitch. Against team with 442 or 4231 it's a big problem because it's easy for them to overloading this space. I'm actually playing in sky bet championship 1. My team is not strong. How can I deal with this problem? Second big issue is the high pressing line but it's something I can fix. So, I have two tactics, same formation. Start from the first one. Maybe should I set man mark to my two midfielders on against full backs?
  11. Yes but after 5,6 months of scouting you should have a lot of players with 100% of knowledge, and scouters should do what u are asking for. I mean, if I set to look players between 15 and 21 with 11 minimum of determination what i I expect from my scout team first of all is that they will not scout any player over 21 years old. Second thing, after 5 months I should have at least 10 players with 100% of knowledge. It should work like this and it does not. When u scout normally u want 100% of knowledge and it can't take 5,6 months to have only few players with a 40% 50% of knowledge. It's impossible to play this way. It make no sense. Also if u are a little team affiliated to a bigger one, why do i have to send my scouters to look at their young players? I started on August in vanarama league, tried to scout Swansea young (Affiliated) and in January my scouters finished their job. 10 players only. It's too much time spent for this.
  12. True. In my opinion, decision/ position/anticipation/determination/composure/acceleration are the attributes to look for! when u are looking for a good defender. An intelligent player will do a good job.
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