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  1. As many as i can Your probably right, but i'm not going to change it. What i am doing is creating a database of legendary players that will be free to use. It will enable anyone to look someone up on the database and get the info to put into the pre-game editor, so they can be added to a new save. Currently only about 60 players on it. It's still WIP, currently re-formatting the output. Long term i would like to have a website or offline program that would generate a .xml file to make it quick to do and more user friendly. That's a long way off though lol. I will though, add John Richards to the database for its first release
  2. Too true. These are for the modern era. I've tried to give the team balance. I was going to have Bill Slater at LB but didn't want to drop Derek Parkin as is the clubs highest appearance holder. Other than Billy Wright there was someone else to fill all the other spots! Next team is Aston Villa.
  3. Like with almost every team we could name, there will be players that shouldn't miss out in being included in an All Star 11. But there will be I want the 11 to fit a standard formation. Otherwise the will be a lot more forwards being added then defenders.
  4. Description Super 11's is a multi file database that will add 11 players from a nation or legendary players from across a clubs history. TEAMS Wolves All Stars DOWNLOADS You can use the below 'Game file' for a direct download of the file or pop over to Steam and look at my Workshop to subscribe Game File Facepack for Cut Out Player Faces Megapack from sortitoutsi.net All Players If you want to select individual players from the above teams, you can use the download link below and choose who you want. Game Files Facepack < Click here to join my Discord Server
  5. In the editor at the top on the left hand side you will see database changes. In there it will show what edits have been done on the file you have loaded. Click on the edits you want remove and hit remove and then save. All done
  6. Hi all, I have an idea for FM20 that's I have just started to work on. It's currently called League of Legends. It will be a standalone database that will have all star teams fight it out be the best of all time! The current idea for the league system to have 8 teams in 2 division (16 teams in total. More could be added in the future, there will be 460 people to make) with the top teams going into a knock out competition to decide the all-star champion. There will also be a cup competition * Each team will consist of 25 players. * Managed by their all time great manager. * iconic staff and chairman * Each team will have classic kits (2d and 3d) * Custom badges * Stadiums (if the team has moved out of their iconic stadium) * Custom trophies * Custom facepack * Maybe have era teams like 60's and 90's Man Utd. * Make all players available in a dl so they can be used in the normal games database. As you can see there will be a lot of work involved in getting this project off the ground. I'm looking for people that could help with any of the features I've stated above. Do you have the skills to do any of them or just have a passion for FM and would like to help in some way to make this project a reality? If you would be interested in playing a database like this or you can help bring this project to life that would be awesome. Join the 'Legends of the Game' discord server and join in. A little bit of information about myself. I've played FM from the first versions. Back in Amiga days. So some years ago! In 2014 I created a Tottenham Hotspur legend file, mainly for my enjoyment. I also put it on steam workshop. The every season since I've done some form of legends database, which I have released on the steam workshop. About a month ago I completed my project for FM19 'Legends of the Game' which has 200 legendary players from across the decades. This includes a facepack to go with the Cut Out Faces from sortitoutsi.
  7. Do i added the teams to the groups or to the main league?
  8. I would like to make a league structure where there are 4 to 8 divisions of the same level. Which feed into a cup computation to decide the ultimate champion. a bit like the Champions League. I've used the editor to make people and edit teams before, but have limited experience of making leagues. So is it possible to do this? If so, could i have some pointers on how to go about make a league like i described above. Thanks in advance
  9. Those steps did work but it seems since the last update for the Pre Game editor you can't update the files on steam
  10. Hi, I've been creating and posting a Legends series on steam workshop. I've posted 60+ players and i'm in the process of updating and making changes to these files. I've subbed to the files and when i go to open it up in editor i have the icon that is a tray with an arrow pointing up next to the file name. I assume this mean i am the owner of the file and can update. What i find is i open the file and make my changes. I then go to 'save as..' and select the options 'Public' and 'Publish on Steam Workshop' but the changes do not take place. Any idea's? anything i'm doing wrong? I also wanted to change the image that i originaly uploaded with the file, i choose the file etc up that also doesn't change. help!
  11. Ballon d'Or Winners This database adds 39 former Ballon d'Or Winners from Stanley Matthews to Fabio Cannavaro.All the players are part of the original database, either replacing their non-player versions or player/staff of a very poor quality. This was so i could add facepacks for the players in this database and not interfere with other legend player database changes created by others (The facepacks are still a work in progress, so come back soon and i will hopefully have completed them). They all start as 16/17 year olds at their original clubs. Downloads Database File Download from here Place this file in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\editor data Shortlist Download from here Place the file in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\shortlists Facepacks This is still a work in progress, so come back soon and i will hopefully have completed them. There will be two packs like i did for my Spurs Legends database. One Add-on for the sortitoutsi Cut Out Faces facepack and one for meistertrainerforum.de Panini facepack. Players Included Stanley Matthews / Alfredo di Stéfano / Raymond Kopa / Luis Suárez Miramontes / Omar Sívori / Josef Masopust / Lev Yashin / Dennis Law / Eusébio / Robert Charlton / Florian Albert / George Best / Giovanni Rivera / Gerhard Muller / Johan Cruijff / Franz Beckenbauer / Oleg Blokhin / Allan Simonsen / Kevin Keegan / Karl-Heinz Rummernigge / Paolo Rossi / Michel Platini / Igor Belanov / Ruud Gullit / Marcel van Basten / Lothar Matthaus / Jean-Pierre Papin / Roberto Baggio / Hristo Stoichkov / George Weah / Matthias Sammer / Ronaldo / Zinedine Zidane / Rivaldo / Luís Figo / Michael Owen / Pavel Nedvěd / Andriy Shevchenko / Fabio Cannavaro. I'll soon be completing the facepacks for this database and my Futbolista del año en Sudamérica (South American Footballer of the Year) winners database. Please let me know of any issue's you have
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