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  1. updated Left to complete for phase one Relationships Playing History Non Playing History Achievements Cities Competitions
  2. Sounds cool! Would the python tools be able to make a list of all the cities in the game for example? or would they be for writing bulk data once the format and information is collected?
  3. done details and international data so far. Just started the contract part. i'll be posting it all here
  4. I want to do the same. currently wading through getting all the UID and xml code to hopefully put something together in the future
  5. The Waffle I've used the editor for a number of years now. Mainly to create Legendary players and managers. I really enjoy the research part watching videos, reading articles, forum post etc on the players I’m creating. Sometimes posting them here but mainly on Steam. Every FM that comes out I've bought on Pre-order and dived straight in on release. Trying to transfer last year’s work over to the new game. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Mainly due to UID's for individuals have been removed completely or the player becoming a retired person, then their UID changes every new relea
  6. I'm looking for a comprehensive list of id's that come under the title of id="property" on an xml file when you edit. Mainly looking for one that affect players and staff, for example '1348890209' = First Name. Any help would be great, thanks
  7. Looking at Kevin Mbabu his second nation is DRC not ENG. I can't see a way of searching for homegrown status. Isn't it about how many days that player has been in said country and that depends on the rules of that country. So its something you can set, but not search for, daft. I could be missing something though
  8. I'm having an issue where i've recreated Gheorghe Hagi as a player. But once i've loaded a new game with the .fmf files selected, he doesn't show up. In the editor theres no errors. he's selected for his nation. i've even loaded the romanian league's to see if that would work but no joy. Any ideas? Attached .fmf file Gheorghe Hagi - Legends of the Game.fmf Now resolved i had him in the wrong team with a rep of 1, changed to correct team and boom!!
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