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  1. I wonder if the researchers got him a bit wrong to be honest. Having a hard time accepting that his concentration is 2 points lower than Lovren.
  2. Ha! A real beast. Only weakness is his concentration of 11 which is really poor for this level. But hey it wouldnt really be a true Liverpool team without some lack of concentration at the back!
  3. I can absolutely understand why people want to sell him to cut the wages and because is getting a bit old. But I'm really glad I kept him because he's been instrumental for us. Great avg rating, scoring goals, vice captain, very versatile and a good tutor. Plus a lot of players respect him so getting on his good side will be beneficial with the dynamics. That being said I'm not entirely sure how he will fit into the team next season with Keita coming in. Will just have to wait and see I guess. By the way Van Dijk has been begging me to come get him all season. Finally gave in and signed for 45M even though I'm well set with Matip and de Vrij. Barca are hot on the trail of Matip though, and I couldnt resist the temptation of having two Dutch central defenders.
  4. That's a good question. I tried this tactic when both him, Lallana and Salah was injured for some time. Now retraining C as a mezzala and playing him there more, but he hasnt been great to be honest. Still hoping I can fit him in though.
  5. How is Milner doing for you guys? He is doing great for me first season. Currently end of March and he has played 30 (8), scored 11, 7 assists and 7,45 avg rating. All from central midfield position. Ings also doing great, and Sturridge is fantastic when he can go for a period of time without injury. He has played 31 (12), scored 31, 7 assists and 7,50 avg rating. Now Man City wants him of course..
  6. I dont often download or copy other people's tactics because I'm a stubborn old soul, but I think you are on to something really special here. Tried this with my Liverpool save and the trifecta of Sturridge - Firmino - Mane up top is deadly. Changed the DMC to a DLP on defend for home games but dont know if that made any difference at all. Anyway great job on the tactic and the write up about your thought process behind it.
  7. Sevilla - Liverpool 0-3 HT. Sevilla - Liverpool 3-3 FT.
  8. Would be interesting to know more about the tactics you used. Even if we have a pretty decent squad with lots of talent winning everything in the first season is not easy!
  9. Wow... uncalled for. And what is the point? Players are contributing and everything is chilled and good.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. Quite an accomplishment...
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