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  1. Looking through award winners for Champions League this season. I've not edited this player or anything. Now I have the FM editor, so I had to check.
  2. Yeah i had this for a few seasons in the Championship. Throwing away so many games towards the end of the season
  3. Rick Van Leuwen, FM14 I think it was. Spent so many years developing him and then Man City came in with a bid and he wanted to leave and I couldn't hold onto him any longer I consistently checked how he was doing and happily for me, he didn't do as well in Manchester
  4. Wouldn't play it myself but i'm sure some people would. However SI is a business and to create the first database would take a hell of a lot of time and cost them a hell of a lot of money, and financially therefore not viable at this time. That said, the match engine and things like that wouldn't take long at all. Add in a few differences, ie, players getting pregnant and it'd be essentially the same.
  5. Samuel Bristow - CB. Had him on loan for 3 consecutive seasons then signed him on a free transfer. Almost 200 games later worth £8.5m Leo Caillaud - CAM. Signed on a free at the start of this season. My only CAM on the squad so the formation changes if he isn't in the squad. Didn't really use him at the start of the season then I became aware of his potential and realised I had to get him in. Still a good amount of potential left Usain Kelly - CM. Signed 3 seasons ago on a free, 7.10+ average rating every year, although he hasn't played the last few games of the se
  6. Background knowledge - I started at Salford City and took them to league 2. We were making steady progress with free transfers. I set up my scouting assignments through my chief scout for the season for us to try and make a push for promotion and I got to the end of the season with 2 reports from my team of 6 scouts. I was annoyed at the club already at this point, can't remember why but this annoyed me further. Then Portsmouth offered me an interview. I'm originally from Salford and have lived there from Age 9 through to 25 however June last year I moved South with work. How far South you ask
  7. Absolutely not. I get real invested into each team and all the youngsters in it. Even when i get bored of a save or team I find it difficult to move on.
  8. Instigated from the 'Pre-order status' thread, I thought it could be interesting to hear what careers and saves people are planning to do on FM18 I myself am planning to try a non-league English team to take them as far as i can, hopefully to the premier league eventually. I was going to start one a few weeks ago then realised how close we were to FM 18. Tried a few in the past but never found the right club; I think i'm going to use Salford City or Irlam FC (hometown teams at different levels. Irlam are horrendously low I can't remember which database i found them on)
  9. Holy **** that's a lot of goals! I feel like I'm going to ask to see schedule/top scorers/assists next
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