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  1. AFK Csikszereda - Season 2022/2023 Champions League - With the bigger clubs circling around our top players i tried my best holding on to them through out the qualifying stages to give us our best chance of progressing. First up we went up against Levski Sofia champions of Bulgaria winning both games 2-1 we moved on to Swiss side Young Boys. 3-0 aggregate score we were within touching distance of the group stages. We met MSK Zilina of Slovakia in the third qualifying stage, 3-0 home win followed up with a 2-1 win away from home we were in the playoffs against heavy favorites Celtic. First Leg - Away at Celtic park we played the first leg hoping to snatch a draw and hopefully an away goal we took an early lead. Celtic then equalized just before the half hour. Then just before half time they took the lead. Second half we were under the pump and Celtic should have scored a few more. With 5 minutes to go i changed up the tactic to sit deep and play on the counter. with 5 mins to go Barna Antal was played in over the top and we equalized 2-2. Celtic had a corner as the last highlight which to my amazement they didn't score then out of nowhere Velcota broke away and scored we had beaten the Scottish champions in there own back garden. Second Leg - At home we just needed a result i started as we finished the first leg defending compact and playing on the break. We actually dominated the game and should have won but was very happy with the 0-0 and we had made the group stages! Romanian Super Cup - Winners 4-1 against Steaua Bucuresti Group Stages - A very tough group for our first foray into Champions Leagues Juventus, Sporting and Lyon 7-0 Welcome by Lyon wasnt the greatest start, We changed the tactic to make us alittle less open and got a couple of home draws against Sporting and Juventus but was outclassed in every way. League/League Championship - The Pre season predictions had us as reigning champions to finish 9th with odds of 90-1 to retain the title. With the champions league we struggled to start well as beyond the first team we didn't really have much depth other than youngsters so we suffered when concentrating on trying to get as far as possible in Europe. As soon as we had qualified for the Group stages we lost top goalscorer Robert Barbu 20d to Porto for a record 5 Mil and also lost our best defender Nicola Trofin 20b to Inter 4.5 Mil in January as they luckily didn't agree terms in time before the window closed. Despite the interest from other clubs in the same league we managed to tie down goalkeeper Alin Cojocaru center back Mark Toth and full back Martin Sitku to long term contracts. Going into the Winter break we were 6th 5 points off top. After the break with no Europe we pushed on finishing the regular season 3rd 1 point off the top 2 but 3 points between us and 6th the league was so tight it could have gone anywhere. Going into the League Championship stage we played very well winning 5 drawing 3 and only losing 1. This took us to the last game of the season one point above CS Craiova who of course were second. The game was tough and we were somewhat fortunate as they dominated we took the lead early in the second half and were holding on until they went down to 10 we scored from the resulting free kick and held on th win 2-0 and retain our title. Cup- Progressed to the quarter final where we lost on penalty's to CFR Cluj Youth Intake - "Golden Generation" Winger - Zsolt Juhasz 23a Winger - Daniel Reczulski 23b Mezzala - Krisztian Balint 23c Winger - Costel Berkeczi 23d Striker - Ovidiu Ungurianu 23e Squad - With the loss of our goalscorer and top defender a few of the young lads had to step up. Sergiu Scurtu 21e did OK but needs to improve in the goal scoring department if hes going to be our lone striker and Alexandru David 21e also did OK replacing Trofin at center back The seasons Key players. Martin Sitku - Fans player and young player of the season has moved from wing back to centre back and is improving so much. Marius Corbu - Top goalscorer this season playing as an inside forward scoring 12 Mark Toth - Record appearance maker for the club now. New contract signed Alin Cojocaru - New contract signed by far the best keeper at the club Tactics - U19s - Facilities - Fixture 1/ Fixture 2 - Transfers - Finances - Season Awards - Overall 11 - Season Review - Confidence - Commercial - Manager of the year - Liga I team of the season - Stadium Upgrade - Youth/Training Upgrade - Romanian HOF - Recruitment upgrade - Junior Coaching Upgrade Season I Division I Pos I Cup I Champions League I Europa League I Top Goalscorer I Most Assists I Top AvRating I Notes 2019/20 I Liga II I 5th I Third Round I N/A I N/A I Otto Csegoldi (14) I Sebastian Velcota (9) I Octavian Vasile (7.23) I Runner Up manager of the Season 2020/21 I Liga II I 1st I Quarter Final I N/A I N/A I Robert Barbau 20d (22) I Barna Antal (12) I Rober Barbu (7.29) I Champions, Manager of the Season 2021/22 I Liga I I 1st I Winners I N/A I N/A I Robert Barbau 20d (19) I Ferenc Olah (17) I Ferenc Olah (7.43) I Champions, Manager of the Season, Cup Winners 2022/23 I Liga I I 1st I Quarter Final I Group Stages I N/A I Marius Corbu (12) I Martin Sitku (9) I Martin Sitku (7.40) I Champions, Manager of the Season, Romanian Super Cup Winners
  2. AFK Csikszereda - Season 2021/2022 League/League Championship - The Pre season preview had us favorites to go straight back down at 950-1. We started off amazingly going unbeaten in the first 11 games 6 wins and 5 draws left us in the top 3, the next 3 games we played the other teams in the top 4 losing twice and winning at this stage we were sitting 3rd. From then until the winter break we won all 7 games taking us joint top. The remaining games of the regular league season we won 3 and drew 2 leaving us 3 points clear going into the Championship stage of the league. We started of as we finished the regular league season undefeated in the first 2 games with 2 wins. Then in true FM style we started to bottle it as teams came in to try and unsettle all my best players i had conversations with 5 of my best players wanting a move to a bigger club. I had already sold my best player in the last window, squad morale was low and we went the next 7 games only picking up 7 points dropping us to second after losing the last game in that run to second placed Steaua Bucuresti. With 2 games left we were 3 points behind Steaua Bucuresti We beat Viitorul Constanta and Steaua Bucuresti lost meaning going into the last game of the season a win would crown us champions on goal difference we went down to an early goal but managed to turn it around and finished the game 3-1 and champions! Cup - As with the league win we also managed to win the cup too with a relatively easy path way the only Liga I team we played were bottom of the league in the semi final we won the final 3-1 against Rapid Bucuresti giving us the double in our first season Youth Intake - Not as good as our first two intakes but a few good future back ups hopefully Wing Back - Gabi Draganoaea 22a. We were alittle thin in this department so will most likely be our back up to Martin Sitku Goalkeeper - Florin Casiadi 22b. We seem to pick up a decent goalkeeper in every take will be number 3 for the foreseeable future Defender Central - Alexandru Grozav 22c. Solid young defender Striker - Istvan Grof 22d. Again lacking options in this department so may get a chance depending on injuries. Squad - For our first season we were amazing but with the success we now have the challenge of holding onto our key players! We lost Raul Cigan in the winter window for a club record 1 Million it was a slog to get it and ran until the final day. As soon as the season finished i had 5 players come back to me again demanding i sell them to a bigger club managed to sign a couple to long term contracts with decent minimum release causes. But i fear even with European football we will struggle to hold on to them Arsenal already came in for Robert Barbau 20d i'm negotiating for 5 million which they rejected and now he no longer is willing to talk to me. But the Key Players for the season were Robert Barbau 20d - Finished top goalscorer again and has a lot of top clubs sniffing around him Alin Cojocaru - Still my number 1 going into his last year of his contract will need to get him tied down Ferenc Olah - Solid season in DM finished the season with 17 assists braking the record and won the League player of the year and League Young Player of the Year Mark Toth - Wing back left getting lots of attention from other teams also into last year of contract hopefully European football is enough to pursued him to stay Tactics - U19s - Facilities - Fixture 1/ Fixture 2 - Transfers - Finances - New Contract - Season Awards - Overall 11 - Season Review - Confidence - Manager of the Year - Commercial Summary - Liga I Team of the Season - Stadium Upgrade - Coaching Course Season I Division I Pos I Cup I Champions League I Europa League I Top Goalscorer I Most Assists I Top AvRating I Notes 2018/19 I Liga II I 5th I Third Round I N/A I N/A I Otto Csegoldi (14) I Sebastian Velcota (9) I Octavian Vasile (7.23) I Runner Up manager of the Season 2019/20 I Liga II I 1st I Quarter Final I N/A I N/A I Robert Barbau 20d (22) I Barna Antal (12) I Rober Barbu (7.29) I Champions, Manager of the Season 2020/21 I Liga I I 1st I Winners I N/A I N/A I Robert Barbau 20d (19) I Ferenc Olah (17) I Ferenc Olah (7.43) I Champions, Manager of the Season, Next Season - Get as far a possible into Europe and sell whoever wants to leave for as much as possible to sort out the finances. With the players i think i will lose finishing in the top 6 will be the target
  3. AFK Csikszereda - Season 2020/2021 League - Pre Season predictions were 13th but after the strong first season i thought we could push for playoffs. That all changed after we went the first 26 games of the season unbeaten! We ran away with the league securing the title with a 3-0 home win against Metaloglobus Bucuresti with 5 games remaining. I used those last 5 games to blood some of our younger prospects results did suffer losing 3 but winning 2. Cup - Had a very good cup run this season reaching the quarter final. We beat Liga 1 side Dinamo Bucuresti on the way. Unfortunately we were unable to get past Liga 1 side CS Craiova despite having a number of chances we eventually couldn't handle their superior and lost 4-1 with two late goals as we pushed for an equalizer. Youth Intake - We were handed a "Golden Generation" again. Top of the class were Defensive Midfielder - Denes Boros 21a. After losing Gabor Lazor early on in the season was very happy to gain Denes looks to already be the best DM at the club playing the last 5 games of the season looking forward to his first full on in Liga I Inside Forward - Laszio Kurucz 21b. Having to retrain as an inside forward to fit my tactic Central Midfield - Ciprian Ion 21c. Got 4 games at the end didn't look out of place so possible back up option for next season otherwise see how he progresses in the u19s Central Midfield - Csaba Lengyel 21d. Same as Ciprian, u19s but looking good for us in the future with 3 very good midfielder in this intake Striker - Sergiu Scurtu 21e. After losing last seasons top goalscorer when he requested a transfer we are very low on options this guy may have to become our second choice this season Squad - With the convincing performance in liga II i feel we are good enough to stay up next season. With the transfers out at the beginning of this season the players that came in really stepped up. Hopefully we wont lose too many this season but its open season already with a number of key players wanting the "i want a move to a bigger club" conversation. Will play hard ball with them but doesn't seem to work that well with my low rep player power definitely exists with AFK Csikszereda! Key players were, Robert Barbau 20d - My only natural striker all season and he stepped up winning Player of the season and Young player also was runner up in both league awards. Won the Leagues Top Goalscorer too with 22 goals Rual Cigan - Fantastic season from Raul who beat Robert to the Leagues Best player and Best Rookie we celebrated together by him asking to move to a bigger club and handing in a transfer request! Barna Antal - The pacy wide man had a great season finishing with 12 assists the most in the league and 8 goals with a 7.14 AvRating Youth Player Update - Class of 2020. Alexandru David 20a, Nicolae Trofin 20b, Szilard Boros 20c, Robert Barbau 20d Tactic -U19s - Facilities - Fixture 1/Fixture 2 - Transfers - Finances - New Contract - Season Awards - Overall 11 - Season Review - Confidence - Manager of the Year - Commercial Summary - Liga II Team of the Season Season I Division I Pos I Cup I Champions League I Europa League I Top Goalscorer I Most Assists I Top AvRating I Notes 2018/19 I Liga II I 5th I Third Round I N/A I N/A I Otto Csegoldi (14) I Sebastian Velcota (9) I Octavian Vasile (7.23) I Runner Up manager of the Season 2019/20 I Liga II I 1st I Quarter Final I N/A I N/A I Robert Barbau 20d (22) I Barna Antal (12) I Rober Barbu (7.29) I Champions, Manager of the Season Next Season - Well Survial first! Also would like to start making the club sustainable i have already dropped the u19 B teams league i do not get enough players in the intake for two teams and hopefully not being entered in the league will save some money. Will look to sell a few too for some cash doubt i will have a choice with one or two.
  4. AFK Csikszereda - Season 2019/2020 League - A early pre season prediction thought we would be in for a long season fighting relegation. Fortunalty for us we were fighting at the other end of the table and after a great start we found ourselves fighting in the top 3. Then during the winter transfer window higher rep teams came sniffing arounnd my best players and they decided in true FM style to start a revolt when i rejected the next to nothing bids from liga 1 teams. Morale was low and results started to suffer. Dropping the 3 players to the second team stopped the rut alittle but we fell short of the playoffs by 3 points. Finishing the season 5th in the end, not bad for our first season. Cup- Not the best cup run knocked out in the first round on penalties after a 1-1 draw by Stiinta Miroslava a team in our leaguebwho went on to be relegated. Youth Intake- With the great facilities we already have from the club i was excited to see the words "Golden Generation" in my inbox. 4 very good players went straight into my first team. Goalkeeper - Szilard Boros 20c. I already have a great young keeper in Alin Cojocaru so Szilard will have to remain patient as a number 2 for now but great to have a quality back up Defender Central - Nicolae Trofin 20b. Made a few starts towards the end of the season looking forward to seeing him play more next season very quick defender which is good as i play with a high line. Defender Central - Alexandru David 20a. Bags of Potential hoping he develops and can form a long term center back partnership with Nicolae Striker - Robert Barbau 20d. Scored on his debut finishing needs to improve back up striker for next season. Youth Candidates Squad- Very happy with the squad the three players (Gabor Lazar, Botond Szondi and Raul Cigan) who wanted to leave enjoyed a couple of months in the second team and once the interested had gone they all signed long term contracts and will be back in the squad for pre season. If offers come in again i doubt i will fight to keep them the morale drop killed our season and we never regained the momentum. My Key players were, Octavian Vasile. Clubs player of the season. One of the oldest players in the squad the right back with 8 assists. Gabor Lazar. One of the three i doubt i will keep hold of him, Fantastic defensive midfielder who was named in the leagues best 11 and won the leagues young player of the season. Mark Toth. Left Back who put in some great performances. Eder. Playing as a Mezzala, Eder popped up with some vital goals to win us games Sebastian Velcota. Clubs young player of the season, Hopefully stays injury free next season and make the AML spot his Otto Csgoldi. Top Goalscorer with 14 league goals raced to 10 goals but a poor second half of the season needs to improve otherewise Robert Barbau may jump ahead of him Tactic - U19's Squad - Facilities - Fixtures 1/ Fixtures 2 - Transfers (one before i took over) - Finances - New Contract - Season Awards - Overall 11 - Season Review - Confidence - Manager of the Year (runner up) - Commercial Summary Season I Division I Pos I Cup I Champions League I Europa League I Top Goalscorer I Most Assists I Top AvRating I Notes 2018/19 I Liga II I 5th I Third Round I N/A I N/A I Otto Csegoldi (14) I Sebastian Velcota (9) I Octavian Vasile (7.23) I Runner Up manager of season Next Season- Push for playoffs
  5. So been away from FM for awhile but back now and looking for a final long term save to get me through to FM20. Youth Challenge.... Perfect taking @Muttley84 ideas on page one I have decided to go with AFK Csikszereda from the Romanian leagues. Interesting that liga III is selectable in the game but unplayable when in game? But perfect for me as i get to be the "Reds and Blacks" The Youth Facilities they have from day one should make it easier for me but i am looking forward to seeing what benefits (if any) they will bring me. AFK Csikszereda
  6. Kingstonian - Vanarama National South - Season 2019/20 Predicted to finish 13th - Final Position 1st Vanarama National South Overview - Competitions - Squad View - Transfers - Finance - Season Awards - Season Review Manager Of The Season - Player Of The Season Season League Postion FA Cup Europe Player Of The Season Top League Goalscorer Achievements Av Att Training Facilities Youth Facilities Youth Level Junior Coaching Youth Recruitment 2019/20 Vanarama National South 1st 4th Qual Muhammadu Faal Muhammady Faal (17) Manager Of The Season, Champions 472 Basic Poor 0 Fairly Basic Basic
  7. So Now the update has dropped i am back for the rest of this game cycle. Was planning on going with Carshalton but with the current bug after the update i will just have to deal with Kingstonian. Glad i have been reunited with Muhammadu Faal who i had great success with at Dulwich Last season playing as an Inside Forward
  8. Hello All, for years I have been over on the challenges and sign up threads usually doing the Defuges challenge and the occasional youth academy challenge. I thought now I would start a different challenge and post my progress in here. Inspired by the Basque challenge I've decided to do a regional save with my own spin on it. Being raised in the South London area before moving to Australia 10 years ago I've decided to start a Dulwich Hamlet save where I can only sign and loan players who have come through my academy and academies from the south London region. There are four professional clubs in this region which consist of Crystal Palace, Millwall, Charlton and AFC Wimbledon. As Dulwich are not playable at the start, I will holiday for the first season and take them over at the start of the second season after they are promoted to the Vanarama National South. My Profile Starting with lowest possible attributes and reputation The Club The Team and Key Players We have a decent starting eleven but lack depth will be looking to bring in a few loans from the professional south London clubs and see who i can pick up on frees from the released youth players. Staff Will more than likely release all staff and bring in my own over preseason. Will post my next update before the first game of the season.
  9. Dulwich Hamlet Football Club – Season 2020/21 – Vanarama National League League – Expected to finish bottom again We started off well winning 5 games in the first 12 we were very in consistent so i decided to drop the 4231 and changed to a 343 narrow as the 3 up top looks to be working well this season. This then lead us on a club record 17 games unbeaten winning 12 and drawing 5 until Wrexham who were second beat us 2-0 at home to peg us back to 3 points at the top. I then thought after such a good run i was being FM'd we struggled to find the back of the net in games and were being punished our form slumped and we dropped to 4th with 4 games left. In a desperate attempt not to drop out the playoffs with our form i went easy on the team giving the no pressure and good luck team shouts and it worked we won the next 3. Sitting second going in to the last game 3 points off Ebbsfleet who were playing Tranmere. We Just had to beat Maidstone and hope for a Tranmere win as we had a much better goal difference. 4-0 Win and Tranmere 2-0 up with 10 mins left Ebbsfleet scored late which left a nervy end to the game but as the final whistle went Dulwich were Champions and going in to the football league! Cup – FA cup we reached the 3rd round where Leeds tore us apart 3-0 but the money was very nice! FA Trophy we reached the 4th rnd where Weeling united beat us in a replay Season Awards – Other Screenshots - So a new stadium to be built as we embark on our football league status. Season League Pos Achievements ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 Vanarama National South 1st Champions, Manager of the season 2019/20 Vanarama National 16th FA Trophy runners up 2020/21 Vanarama National 1st Champions, Manager of the season
  10. Dulwich Hamlet Football Club – Season 2019/20 – Vanarama National League League – Expected to finish bottom we had a very up and down season flirted with the playoffs early on but our in consistent form saw us slowly fall down the league and although we were never really in any trouble the final part of the season was disappointing and we finished 16th 20 points off relegation Cup – FA cup was disappointing again losing in the 4th Qual rnd to Welling United on penalties after a replay both games finishing 3-3 FA Trophy was the highlight of our season reaching the final where we came up against Tranmere who on the day were just too good for us losing 3-1 Season Awards – The fans players of the year and young player of the year went to Elliot Thorpe a young Advanced play maker brought in from Tottenham in his debut season he had 39 starts and 1 sub app scoring 4 times, 6 assists and an av rating of 7.06 Other Screenshots - Season Awards - Vanarama National Overview - Tactic - Season Review Season League Pos Achievements ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 Vanarama National South 1st Champions, Manager of the season 2019/20 Vanarama National 16th FA Trophy runners up Sorry for the basic write up i did a detailed one which i then lost.
  11. Dulwich Hamlet Football Club – Season 2018/19 – Vanarama National League South League – Coming in to the season we were predicted to finish 11th by the media which was in line with the board expectation. I made some major changes bringing in 6 players in pre season Ryan Hall possibly the pick of the bunch on high wages brought in on a free from Merstham the tricky winger was one I knew would dominate the league. Ali Fuseini was brought in to add even more experience to the midfield. A few youth players were also brought in on free transfers to boast squad depth but going in to the season I was happy enough. First half of the season was amazing the tactic worked perfectly and we were sitting top only losing twice. I had brought in a few more players to deal with the injuries and rotation. Then in true FM style we started to draw games we were winning and losing games we were drawing. The goals had dried up so we brought in Lewis Walters to try and add a fresh approach up top. We made it to the final day of the season 2 points ahead of Billericay Town. Amazingly we were playing them on the final day of the season at their place. After a terrible start where they took the lead after 13 minutes we went in at half time 2-1 up after two quick fire goals. Second half we sat back and played on the counter attack and in an even game they just couldn’t handle the pace of Lewis Walters who scored a second half hattrick to add to his first half goal. We are Champions winning 5-1. Cup – Non existent we were awful losing to non league Godalming 1-0 in the FA cup 3rd Qual round which was embarrassing. FA Trophy a 3rd Qual round defeat to Maidenhead United 2-1 Season Awards – The fans players of the year went to advance playmaker Ashley Carew who was injured for a large part of the season but consistent performances gave him the award with an average rating of 7.54 in 26 starts. Young player of the season went to Muhammadu Faal who had a flying start to the season. Finishing top goal scorer for the team over the season with 23 goals and an average rating of 7.14 Vanarama National League South player of the season went to Ryan Hall who was also the teams signing of the season. In 41 League apperances the winger scored 22 times only one behind Faal. He also managed a massive 17 assists and an average rating of 7.44 I also picked up the Vanarama National League South Manager of the season award Other Screenshots - Finances - Season Awards - Vanarama National South Overview - Tactics - Vanarama National South Player of the Season - Stadium Expansion - Season Review Season League Pos Achievements ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 Vanarama National South 1st Champions, Manager of the season
  12. So been a bit slack with my updates i'm currently in my third season with Leatherhead we went top after the Bognor Regis game and then went on this terrible run leaving us 19 points off top! The annoying thing we dominated all the games and lost most games to every shot on target going in! Close to starting again finances are so poor nearly half a million in debt and all my players becoming unsettled and wanting to leave.
  13. So after 3 weeks of reloading try to find Tooting and Mitcham ive finally given up ang gone with Leatherhead Have completed my first season will post a full update at some point today!
  14. They just popped up for me https://www.mediafire.com/file/f2pljjyya8d79y0/Weymouth.fm Anyone had Tooting and Mitcham pop up yet????
  15. So after reloading for most of yesterday i have given up on Tooting and Mitcham! I managed to have Shaw Lane pop and so i will start this challenge with them. If any wants the save file i have used a large database with all English leagues loaded Heres the save file https://www.mediafire.com/file/6m8bxqb9zzhi68p/Defuges challenge shaw lane.fm
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