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  1. ACS Kids Tâmpa Braşov - Season 2025/26 League / Relegation League - A fantastic first season in the top flight predicted to finish rock bottom we managed to stay well away from relegation and made ourselves one of the best of the rest. With the league split we half our points into the relegation group which made it a little more interesting instead of having a 14 point buffer from the bottom four we had a 7 point gap but our ability to pick up points against bottom half teams meant we were never really in danger finishing 2nd overall in the relegation group dropping one place overa
  2. ACS Kids Tâmpa Braşov - Season 2022/23 League - In what was a very tight league season where 5 points split 1st to 5th we managed to match our previous best 2nd place finish! Only losing twice and ending up 2 points off top Liga II Championship Playoff - We went the 10 games unbeaten and strolled our way to winning the Championship by a massive 10 points over FC Hermannstadt. Two of our youth prospects were instrumental in us gaining promotion with Mariam Voiculet YP22F Picking up the leagues top goal scorer with 16 goals which has led to the big teams sniffing around tr
  3. ACS Kids Tâmpa Braşov - Season 2022/23 League - After last seasons amazing second place finish we lost 3 first team players who all wanted moves to bigger clubs the money offered was too good for the board to refuse so had no choice but to let them go. Unfortunately 3 other key players were unsettled and also wanted moves which i turned down leading to horrible morale during the whole season and we ended up drawing far too many games meaning we fell short of the Championship playoffs by head to head with U Cluj finishing 8th overall. With our new club vision the board want to conce
  4. ACS Kids Tâmpa Braşov - Season 2022/23 League - We had a great second season in the league pulling of a remarkable second place finish overall and qualifying for the Championship playoff. Liga II Championships Playoff - With the fantastic finish to the regular league season we looked to bring that form in to the playoff picking up a win, draw and a loss in the first three games. Then my three star players decided they wanted a move to a bigger club great timing they all kicked up a fuss and we managed to go on and lose the remaining 7 games, just falling out of the last playof
  5. So been away for a few weeks finishing up stuff with work but now I'm off until the 11th so hopefully get a few seasons in before heading back to work finished my first season with the Kids ACS Kids Tâmpa Braşov - Season 2021/22 Youth intake - Cristi Tita YP22A Ciprian Rus YP22B Marius Burlacu YP22C League - Predicted to finish rock bottom we had a okay start picking up a 4 wins in the first 5 games. However the joy was short lived losing the next 4 in a row and only picking up 3 wins in the remaining 14 games we dropped down the league finishing 14th. Drawn in the Liga II
  6. So after three weeks away from Steaua I fired it back up and just didn't feel it so going to restart staying in Romania I'm going to be Kids Tampa Brasov
  7. Steaua Bucharest - Season 2022/23 League - Championship Playoff - Romanian Cup - Finances - Transfers League - We did the unthinkable and smashed our media prediction of 13th and remarkably won both the league and Championship Playoff. Cup - Knocked out in the Fifth round again by local rivals Dinamo Bucarest after beating Poli Timisoara in the forth round. Youth Intake - After a preview of another possible 'Golden Generation' in which was proceeded with a whole lot of negative there we three decent looking prospects who could contribute to the first team. Andrei Brat
  8. Steaua Bucharest - Season 2021/22 League - Relegation Group B - Romanian Cup - Finances - Transfers League - Made a good account of ourselves in our first season finishing 8th in the league proper 2 spots out of the Promotion playoff. We were then drawn into the relegation group B where we topped the table. Cup - After beating lower league oppostion in the forth round we drew Liga I side FC Arges who tried poaching our HOYD the week before we gave them a good game eventually losing 1-0 Youth Intake - Potential Golden Generation the best two of the bunch were a goalkeeper w
  9. So finished a respectable 8th and now been drawn into Group B of the Relegation league
  10. First intake preview and the only position I desperately need is a keeper and looks like my dreams have been answered. We are performing above expectations currently 10th with 3 games remaining. The hardest part of the season so far is getting the players to like me, I think I am finally winning them round as managerial support is poor instead of very poor. Board rejected my coaching badge request so hopefully finishing above expectations will make them like me,
  11. Well looks like my 15 year old goalkeeper is getting thrown in the deep end current experienced keeper has no intention of staying as he was bombed off for all of last season no matter how much I beg he is off!
  12. Thanks. Its a fascinating story! First came about the history in a book and have been keeping an eye on them ever since! there are a few good video on YouTube about it as well after watching I knew they were going to be my save!
  13. So after last years attempt getting through 11 seasons I managed to finally topple TNS off top spot with Port Talbot in the Welsh league the two seasons i spent in Europe I managed to reach the group stages of the Euro Conference League and that was as far as I got before real life got in the way and I had less time to play. So moving in to FM21 I have decided to take the challenge of getting the 1986 European Champions back to their former glory. Steaua Bucharest
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