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  1. Thank you for your answer. For clarification - this fatigue reducing effect is obtainable only by training induced fatigue and not by playing matches while fresh?
  2. Actually that's what I've been thinking they were trying to say by that. Attributes training is a long-term strategy though and I think Fatigue focus would do much more harm than good in respect of jadedness over the season.
  3. I'm not negating any of that but I thought it was represented by Sharpness which is almost exclusively increased by playing matches, not by fatigue-intense training.
  4. As we read in brief guide to training Is it the case though? Wouldn't fatigue accumulate faster over the season? Isn't Sharpness simply a long term fitness?
  5. I guess scouts estimate CA of those players in relation to my (poor) U18's players and that's why they've got at least half gold star CA. edit: OK, I understand now.
  6. Scouts can't search for players with silver star CA level. They are missing many young players with great potential. The problem is scouting assignment filter:
  7. Simplify "playing styles" - duties should have no impact on mentality changes (in terms of fluidity, of course). I don't know which style to choose when I want my FB(A) to be more offensive. I'd assume Fluid is best option, because it increases defender's mentality. Then, due to attack duty of my FB, his mentality decrease. It's very counterintuitive.
  8. Is passing style adjusting when I change mentality? If it is then why familiarity of it is not dropping?
  9. So, is that true or not? If not, why even bothering with individual focus when you could improve certain attribute as fast with role focus that includes it? The latter will improve a dozen attributes at the same time. Am I missing something or is my English so bad?
  10. If that's true then why would anyone set focus on Finishing rather than Complete Forward role for example? Also, what do hidden attributes/personalities have to do with it? I believe the certain attribute will raise quicker when it's low and you apply less generic role.
  11. Oops, my English is terrible. Sorry about that :o
  12. He is leaving the club on a free at the end of his contract. I offered him out at the start. Suck it and see.
  13. I offered him out for 10M + 50% of next sale. Tottenham bid 5.5M + 50% of next sale!
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