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  1. You created the database very quickly this year. Thank you
  2. Edited by me *Adriatic League will play only round* Super League Serbia has fewer teams so there wouldn't be so many games in the middle of the season and be more realistic. 16 teams -> 12 teams* Added period of signings in Serbia* Fixed youth leagues in North Macedonia and Montenegro* Fixed economic awards in Slovenia and Bosnia-HerzegovinaUnresolved bug fixes* They are not relegated in the leagues of Montenegro, North Macedonia and Bosnia-HerzegovinaIt simulated 5 seasons without problems DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/file/d7uzbckm50x939c/AFA_League_edit_Srbija.fmf/file PD: I hope everything goes well SRKI. I will be supporting you from this part of the world so that everything goes well.
  3. I edited an adriatic league db. I simulated 5 seasons and had no problems. If you allow me I upload a link. pd: how are you of your health?
  4. Leaving with the double nationality I am satisfied. Excellent work. pd: Are you going to add youth divisions?
  5. I personally like it. The simulations are good and the league is well raffled with the classified teams. I already started a game to play seriously.
  6. And if they play one round only? Also if you want you could add that the first four play a final four in a venue and it would be interesting. But it would be good if others say their opinion about it. I have also noticed that the relegations of teams in Bosnia, Macedonia and Montenegro does not work but that is not important.
  7. Hello SRKI So far the patch has worked well, but there are many games in a short time that make players very tired. I thought that the Adriatica league would be played half of the month of January and the month of February so that there are not so many games during the week. In addition, the national league championship playoffs played throughout the month of March, April and mid-May give just to play the 10 games at the weekend without having to play games on weekdays. Regards.
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