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  1. Hello everyone! I'd like to copy some data from the editor to Excel. I know the option to export XML, but that only works if I modify data from the editor. I only want to copy the IDs of some teams. From the Save game I can print the IDs of the players, but I can't find a panel with the IDs of the teams, that's why I'm trying to copy the IDs from the editor. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  2. I was referring to complete data from clubs in the 9th, 10th division. pitch dimensions, last positions in league and more statistics...
  3. Hi! Great job, Lionel! I'm wondering if you could complete the data about clubs: dimension pitch, finishing position in league, etc
  4. Hi @pr0 Is your file compatible with FMupdates EEE? Regards.
  5. Where is exactly this xml file? I can't find it.
  6. Hi Does anyone know how to change the order of player attributes? I would like to sort them my way. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi. Is it possible to change the font size of the names of the players that appear above them during the match? I'd like to reduce them, but only this particular font and not alter the size of the rest of texts. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi! I have a weird problem with some SS kits that I made for a England Lower League Level 10. Well, the kits doesn't load in the game. I clear cache, and reload the skin after put the kits in this folder D:\Users\...\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\graphics\pictures\kits\new I've tried to associate these kits to other teams like Arsenal and check if these kits appear instead their properly kits in the game, and my kits are shown correctly, but when I try to associate them to the ID of the Level 10 clubs I want, the kits don't appear in the game. This is the XML code: <record> <!-- resource manager options --> <!-- dont preload anything in this folder --> <boolean id="preload" value="false"/> <!-- turn off auto mapping --> <boolean id="amap" value="false"/> <!-- logo mappings --> <!-- the following XML maps pictures inside this folder into other positions in the resource system, which allows this folder to be dropped into any place in the graphics folder and still have the game pick up the graphics files from the correct places --> <list id="maps"> <!-- Auto generated by fmXML --> <record from="2062002630a" to="graphics/pictures/team/2062002630/kits/away"/> <record from="2062002630h" to="graphics/pictures/team/2062002630/kits/home"/> <record from="94012679a" to="graphics/pictures/team/94012679/kits/away"/> <record from="94012679h" to="graphics/pictures/team/94012679/kits/home"/> </list> </record> By the way I haven't any problem adding their logos... I don't understand why I have problems with the kits and no problems with logos. Is' it a problem with the db? Thanks in advance and sorry for my english
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