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  1. Is it possible to train on matchdays in FM21? A lot of teams do a light training session in the morning when they have a game in the evening, just like FC Bayern did today before their fixture against Lokomotiv Moscow in the Champions League.
  2. Guess this is not exactly the thing you're looking for, but could be interesting:
  3. Could be problems with the Scottish Challenge Cup(?) Clubs from the Republic, the North and Wales participate in this cup competition and have had some problems with it in the past. @Nepsty A number of teams (I think two) from the Airtricity Premier League will participate in this cup. If you delete this league, the cup will give an error.
  4. Don't think so @scuba_steve410 What's the difference between the set pieces training modules? In other words; the last option seems to be the 'best' because it seems to train both free kicks and corners (except the defending part). Am I right?
  5. There are some positive reactions from clubs (Derry City and Crusaders for example) but the IFA rejected these plans (like they ever gave a sh*t about what the clubs want). Glad to see you managed to download the file @kellyadam369
  6. And once this message is gone from your inbox, there's no way to get it back (?)
  7. Thank you for your reply! Would it also be possible to have a look at the most popular players in terms of shirt sales?
  8. Every season during the summer break you recieve a financial overview with information regarding revenue from sponsors, shirts sales and TV rights. Would it be possible to have a look at this information later on in the season? Just like it's possible to have a look at the 'season summary' of a league/country during a season.
  9. Glentoran and Larne are spending money like it's going out of fashion, just like it's the case in the real world. Glentoran: €325.000 (2019), €2.800.000 (2020), €1.600.000 (2021), €700.000 (2022), €775.000 (2023) Larne: €0 (2019), €200.000 (2020), €675.000 (2021), €1.200.000 (2022), €1.800.000 (2023) Think the 2.8 million in 2020 by Glentoran is not realistic, but you never know with the amount of money they got right now in the real world.
  10. Fantastic! Will start a game with this as soon as I got bored with my current game.
  11. This real life proposal is very interesting to say the least. My format is a little bit less complicated though.
  12. Would it be possible to play Euro 2020 with the same draw as in real life? I know it's possible to start on 1/1/2020 for example with the real results in the league, but would it be possible to create something like thay for the European Championship?
  13. The centre backs still taking the throw in on their own half. Had the same problem in 2019. First of all it's just dangerous, much more vulnerable to counter attacks when you lose the ball. And not just that, it's also unrealistic. You'll never see a centre back tacking a throw in during a match on his own half in real life, it's always the full back Edit: You might see a centre back taking a throw in on the half of the opposition, if he has a decent long throw in. Also you might see this when a team plays three at the back, but I'm not talking about that right now. Ed
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