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  1. The ref went to the screen next to the pitch to judge whether a player was offside or not, this is not in the VAR protocol. This is a decision a VAR will make without a on pitch screen review (except when there's discussion whether a player is 'active' offside, like Kane against Arsenal).
  2. Are there any updates for the Spain 5th level? And with the new players and financial situation of FC Andorra? If not, how would you guys adjust their financial situation?
  3. In FM 2018 I was able to plan a friendly as manager of Ireland with Ireland B. Was a bit curious about this B team and wanted to find out what's it about. So think it should be possible to plan a friendly. Can't you click on 'choose other' and pick a club team to play a friendly?
  4. Haha good one I do the opposite; high bonuses and low salaries. Cruijff did this in real life as well. Gives me the illusion players will try harder to score in order to get the bonus lol.
  5. Only available for World Cups apparently ('Rules') This makes sense, because for the Euro's it's very complicated because of the fact the best numbers 3 will qualify as well.
  6. Okok thanks. Can't believe I'm not able to find this ingame, have seen it before in FM18. In the end it doesn't really matter for me right now, given the fact there are so many options in the Euro tournament (you can play 3rd from group x, y, z etc.).
  7. Hello guys, I just got a quick question about the schedule of international tournaments. How do I find out who plays who in the second round; like A1 will play B2 and B1 will play A2? I remember I was able to find this schedule somewhere, but don't remember it anymore. Thanks in advance!
  8. How do I keep the reserve sides out of the cup? Added a couple of reserve teams in the (self made) league structure, but they also play in the cups. Edit: Solved How do I change the stadium of my youth team? They play in the main stadium, but I would like to see them play in the same stadium as my reserves. Edit1: Solved as well (I'm a genius lol)
  9. Looks like a lot of work. Certainly gonna use it if my current game becomes boring!
  10. With the help of the in-game editor, it is possible to change the sort of affiliation your club has with another club. I would like to change one of my satellite club to become my B-team (Porto B or Jong PSV style). Players will be able to move between my team and this satelite team at all times (or just during the transferwindow). The in-game editor gives us this option, but when I edit this affiliation, nothing really changes. I can send my players on loan to this club, but nine times out of ten my players don't want to go (because they play in a bad league). So which settings do I have to select in the in-game editor to make this possible? ('type of affiliation', 'players move freely', 'send players on loan', 'same board', permanent deal' etc.) PS. I've read somewhere on the internets that these kind of affiliation settings only up-date when you pay the annually fee to your satellite club. Went on holiday for a whole year, but still the same problem (players weren't able to move freely between my team and this team, even during the transfer window. Only loans are possible). Edit: Think I've found an answer for my question. 'Move freely' means players can move for free between clubs, but not like B teams.
  11. Thank you for the replay. Weird I see this option when I made the changes in the database. Solved the problem I had in the end by changing the 'home match day' for each team one by one (60+ teams).
  12. Got a small question and I'll really appreciate an answer guys I've created a new league and set the day of the week the matches should be played. But the problem is clubs still play their games on the 'home match day weekend' set in the editor. I can solve this problem by unticking these preferences for eacht club, but is it possible to untick this with just a few clicks? It's possible to select all the clubs (500+), but as far as I know it isn't possible to untick these boxes of 'home match day weekend/midweek' So how do I set all these clubs to play their matches on the day I've set for the league?
  13. How are things going Adineen, if I may ask?
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