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  1. Don't want to make it too complicated but these players were born with this nationality (or at least had already this nationality as soon as they were generated as regen in Football Manager). They just had to stay in Andorra for five years until they became eligible to play for the national team.
  2. Thanks for the reply, was already afraid of that. Bought a Dell XPS 13 1,5 years ago and really really happy with it. I'm just looking to buy a tablet to browse the internet and watch stuff in the train, bed, holiday when I don't feel like bringing my laptop etc. If you could play FM on it as well, it would be a big extra. But apparently you need something far more powerful than a iPad or Galaxy S5e/S6 lol. Thanks! Think I will just buy a tablet without being able to play FM, because I'm not looking for a laptop replacement tablet.
  3. A lot of other users have the same problem with other nations and as far as I can tell the general consensus is this has to do with the fact these players don't even want to consider to play for this nation. Think this has to be the problem, because other players have accepted call ups to the Andorra national team in the past in my game. I wasn't the manager of the national team at the time, so don't know how this happened.
  4. What kind of tablet do I need to play the full version of Football Manager (2020)? Can't find it anywhere after multiple extensive Google searches.
  5. Got the same problem, no Got the same problem. Did you find a solution in the end?
  6. Got the same problem: Did you find a solution in the end?
  7. Such a shame Finally got the Andorra national team job in 2024 and got some very good players at FC Andorra who should be able to play for this nation right now or in the near future. Will see what I can do with the ingame editor and if my 'conscience' agrees with this kind of thing.
  8. No (youth)caps for Portugal. Born in Portugal. Came to Andorra at 16 to play for FC Lusitans, a team in Andorra with Portuguese regens. Been in Andorra for over five years. I changed the 20 years thing to 3 years in the editor before the game started. Thought this was the problem at first as well, but wasn't the case. Think you're on to something here, "Nations eligible for - Portugal" But still don't now why he is only eligible for Portugal, because he's been in Andorra long enough and has the nationality of Andorra. Thanks everyone for the replies btw!
  9. This player is eligible for Andorra, but I can't give him a call up (I'm the manager of both Andorra and FC Andorra). He stayed in this country long enough and he didn't say he's not interested.
  10. Became champoins in the Tercera División, but there are still no fixtures for the playoffs after one week. Really hope they will be published soon and our good performances this season will not be useless... Yes! Finally the draw is made, with the fixtures planned in the month of June. Oh and sorry for my negative remark, I should be grateful you made this great database! I was a bit like what Louis van Gaal would say "siempre negativo, nunca positivo" lol.
  11. The ref went to the screen next to the pitch to judge whether a player was offside or not, this is not in the VAR protocol. This is a decision a VAR will make without a on pitch screen review (except when there's discussion whether a player is 'active' offside, like Kane against Arsenal).
  12. Are there any updates for the Spain 5th level? And with the new players and financial situation of FC Andorra? If not, how would you guys adjust their financial situation?
  13. In FM 2018 I was able to plan a friendly as manager of Ireland with Ireland B. Was a bit curious about this B team and wanted to find out what's it about. So think it should be possible to plan a friendly. Can't you click on 'choose other' and pick a club team to play a friendly?
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