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  1. There is a lot of difference between the two. I did it like this for years and I will continue to do that as long as i make these files.
  2. Serbian zone leagues represents tier 4 competition in Serbia, containing 10 subdivisions (each having 16 clubs) and 4 new regional cup competitions. Enjoy!!! DOWNLOAD
  3. Serbian lower leagues are tier 3 competition in Serbia. It contains 4 subdivisions (Belgrade, Vojvodina, East and West). Cup competition has also been updated so that all tier 3 clubs can play in it. v1.1 changelog: - Updated max foreign player rules. DOWNLOAD
  4. Serbian media pack contains all the biggest and most relevant media houses in Serbia. In here you can find medias like Newspaper, TV, Websites, Bookmakers and more... Take your press conferences to the next level!!! Medias in game: TELEVISION: Radio Televizija Srbije - RTS SOS Kanal Arenasport Radio Televizija Vojvodine NEWSPAPERS: Blic Vecernje Novosti Sportski Zurnal Kurir Politika Sport ALO! 24 sata Informer Telegraf Press Nase Novine Halo Srem Novine Dnevnik Danas WEBSITES: Superliga Sportske Mondo Sportska Centrala SportNetwork Srpski Fudbal Utakmica B92 Jelen Football Mozzart Sport Srbija Sport Redstarbelgrade Moja Crvena Zvezda Grobari net Sport Podrinje Pravda Smedia Sportska Strana Juga Hotsport Butasport KGSport RADIO: Sport FM BOOKMAKERS: Mozzart Meridian Balkan Bet Maxbet Millenium PinnBet Soccer Tas Premier Olimp INJURIES: Acibadem Anlave DOWNLOAD
  5. Serbian Transfer and Data Update contains all the latest transfer and data changes that didn't make it into the game due to SI database lock that occured some time before releasing the full game. Help on this update was provided by Serbian Head Researcher. DOWNLOAD