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  1. Goosebumps watching those previous Bolt races. Absolute superstar
  2. Warwickshire's opener has been in for over 6 hours batting and only on 80
  3. joeyt

    The TV Show Thread

    Yeah first series was great, thought the second was a bit rubbish but the third was a return to form
  4. joeyt

    The TV Show Thread

    First series was better than the third in my opinion but I guess it spoils the magic of the first season as you'll already know what happens in the first season if you're halfway through the last one
  5. joeyt

    The TV Show Thread

    Not sure if anyone has watched the drama on BBC Three called Three Girls which is about the Rochdale Sex Ring but I'm halfway through the second episode and it's been really good. Unbelievably grim but some fantastic acting and storytelling. Maxine Peake is incredible
  6. What song are people still singing this morning? I can't get Sweden's out of my freaking head
  7. joeyt

    Vehicle driven into people in Stockholm

    Sounds like they've arrested the driver
  8. joeyt

    The TV Show Thread

    Ending of tonight's Broadchurch was pretty rough
  9. Goal. Santiago Munez is right footed for the whole film until they decide to superimpose his head on Laurent Robert to score a left footed freekick against Liverpool
  10. joeyt

    OTF Football Manager 2017 Thread

    Absolutely sick of this game, my last three games:
  11. joeyt

    The TV Show Thread

    New Line of Duty tonight
  12. A woman has been rescued from the river alive
  13. Eyewitness on BBC News reckons there was a body in the water too after the car mowed into the people
  14. joeyt

    Your favourite comedians

    Ricky Gervais, Kevin Bridges, Jon Richardson, Ross Noble, Peter Kay