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  1. Lautaro Valenti (Lanus) is listed as 172cm on the game when actually he’s 188cm. Pretty big issue since he’s a CB but the game thinks he’s tiny with 3 jumping ability. I can’t play him for this reason.
  2. Yeah I feel like the update should be widely communicated so that players don’t waste hours upon hours before realising there’s a breaking bug. I’m grateful someone shared this on Twitter otherwise I would’ve completely missed it.
  3. Can we be more transparent over this fix? I feel like the community’s anger will grow if it’s not fixed in an expected way, with little to no room for feedback.
  4. Erm...I guess I’ll cancel my new save and wait until this bug is fixed. Sounds game breaking and not save game compatible. Horrible!
  5. What is the unit of measurement here? And how do you recommend editing these values and seeing the changes? In web dev I’m used to having a local version to see the changes as I make them.
  6. Parfait Guiagon is available on a free (compensation) at the beginning of the game. My scouts recommended him at Bordeaux.
  7. The alignment on the start screen is giving me a headache! It's a perfect example of trying to retrofit some branding into the UI without any user benefit, except that it's far from looking polished. It's true this screen is less important than the training, tactics, player overview screens etc. where UX crimes are being committed but please go back to basics before trying to crowbar a layer of branding into the UI. The execution is a nightmare.
  8. Will there be somewhere to document user feedback when the beta comes out?
  9. Is the new typeface "GT America" by Grilli Type Foundry? With a solid design system this game could be presented in a fantastic way using the branding from the new graphic design agency. The team just needs some in-house support with UX and product.
  10. The lack of product design talent at the company is a concern though when it directly affects our user experience. Design can be the difference between doing something in 1 min versus doing something in 10 mins (see my example at the top of this page). Inevitably there is a lot of condensed information to pack into a small screen but poor design choices are making it difficult to digest and slower to learn. You as a veteran player may have no problem but think about how overwhelming it can be to new players looking to get into the FM series. What about players with colour blindness? What about players who can't read certain actions because of poor colour contrast? This isn't just about presentation—accessbility is not something to be sniffed at in design so the game can be played by anyone not just yourself.
  11. Bit of a long post incoming. I get that the injection of colour is there to give the product/brand some new energy, and it's probably inspired somewhat by EA's presentation of FIFA, but from a UX point of view it really becomes difficult to know what I'm looking at—while making it slower to digest lots of information. This screen for example. There is a colour code listed at the top to show top level training information such as injury risk etc. but in the schedule there's a new conflicting colour code. Does "Defending Wide" mean there's a increased injury risk because they're both set in red? And that "Attacking Wings" reduces fatigue because they're both green? As a product designer, I find the visual contrast and hierarchy really difficult to comprehend. The actionable buttons are actually secondary in the UI by being reduced in opacity while the colour coded slots with rounded edges look more clickable, more important. I'm not even sure if some of the colours meet basic accessbility benchmarks. As a user you want your eyes drawn to the most important bits of information and functionality but I find it difficult to decipher, especially at a glance. The SI team seem pretty good at listening and responding to players' feedback on here so hopefully they can tweak some real pain points if there are enough concerns raised by the community. I just hope they talked to some users and tested ideas with them in the making of FM19. That's the key to designing good products.
  12. It’s a shame you never got a chance to get the system working and you’re right to be frustrated at mathematically impossible challenges to turn things around. I guess that’s the difference between humans and algorithms making decisions. It sounds like you were on the right track but perhaps lacked the balance to get any consistency in results; having lots of potentially complete players but few at the level to maintain high performances. I still think you’ll get too many mistakes from an inexperienced team to match the board’s ambitions and you’d have to manage that by gradually working towards an ideal system or bringing in personnel to bridge the gap.
  13. Personally I think system isn’t suitable for a team like Lyon. IIRC Ozil clearly pointed out that you need elite players to make it work, hence why he decided to manage Barcelona and bring in “complete” players like Coutinho. Not just complete in their stage of ability, but also in their range of skills to fit within the “very fluid” philosophy. With Lyon you’re always going to be playing future prospects, which means making mistakes in a high risk system. Personally I think you’d need to drop the wing backs into the full back positions and change the role of the half back. I think it’s a popular tactic because of these positions, but Ozil was actually forced into these decisions because the half back role is broken without the DL/DRs being in the wing back strata. I think to make this system work you need a good understanding of the mechanics. Even changing the wing backs and half back will require changes to other roles. For example, the attack and deep lying playmakers become too static, where originally Ozil may have wanted stability in the middle and attack down the sides. I would like to see both of those roles be more dynamic in a more standard 4–3-3. Hope that helps to analyse where things may have gone wrong and good luck in your Milan save. Lots of great youngsters to bring through to the first team, just like Lyon, which I always think makes the save more interesting.
  14. Duarte Valente from Estoril B is a great young prospect at DM for anyone on a budget. Snapped him up for 135k in my first season at Parma (Jan transfer window). He has excellent mentals with decent technique. Would fit into a Very Fluid system as a “complete” player. I use him as a DLP(S) in the DM strata but is probably more suited to traditional DM roles. His professionalism and high determination means he has rapidly improved in the 9 months he’s been in my squad and ready for regular first team football even at the age of 18/19.
  15. Also on Mac and not able to purchase the editor because the Steam overlay is unresponsive to my clicks. Not even able to tab my way to add funds, but can when prompted to cancel. My way around it was to uncheck the retina option in preferences, restart FM18, purchase the editor, recheck retina option in preferences, and then restart. Not ideal I know but we’re kind of used to it by know. More clicks.
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