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  1. Hi, For me the current throw-in routine works more efficient than anything else even there are cases when it goes straingth into the opposition GK hands. Feel free to use something else if you think that'll be more efficient.
  2. if I got free time for it... the covid pandemic has made many simple things to be complicated so at the moment I've got very litle free time.
  3. Nothing is predetermined when it comes to the result of a match, there are alwasy 3 outcome: % win chance, % draw chance, % lose chance. I can say that with Man City using Cerber tactic I've got only about 30% win chance in an away match vs Liverpool, of course, in a home match % win chance would be much higher so even with the best team in the game there's always % chance of losing vs the weakest team in the game so everything is possible and nothing is predetermined.
  4. Heh, if you've got an unlimited budget then no doubt it's easier to buy the required player than developing such player but not all clubs have an unlimited budget. if we take the player that you mentioned then as you said he's got 123 CA points to allocate but you can't control how every single pont will be allocated, the only what you can do is slightly direct the allocation so it still will be quite random and not all attributes can be developed.
  5. it's really hard to say because the development is quite random and he's got a lot of points to allocate. Btw, if he's got 20 Professionalism, 20 Ambition and he participates in a competitive match every week and he doesn't get injured then it will take him about 7-10 seasons to reaches his PA. Also, there are some attributes that don't develop in normal way, I'm talking about such attributes as Jumping Reach, Natural Fitness, Bravery, Aggression, Determination, Team Work, Work Rate.
  6. I'd say most time when the choice isn't obvious then you shouldn't worry too much about making a mistake when picking a player because there won't be any significant difference between your choices. So let's say if one player has "14 First Touch" / "15 Technique" and other player has "15 First Touch" / "14 Technique" and all their other attributes are equal then I'd say such players are equal. I'd suggest not puzzel over what's better +1 Decision or +1 Teqchinieq because as I said when it's the only differece then it's almost nothing.
  7. Hey mate, Your question was also answered in details somewhere in the thread. In short, let's say you want to buy a central defender for your team so what qualities you may want to see in a central defender: 1) Strength 2) Quickness 3) Jumping Reach 4) Good passing skill 5) Good technique But let's assume that your budget only allows you to get 3 of the 5 qualities so it would be logical to choose "Strength", "Quickness", "Jumping Reach" and drop "Good passing skill", "Good technique" because the first three qualities are crucial for a central defender and a central defender can still do well without having "Good passing skill" and "Good technique" It's beneficial when a player has as many qualities as possible but often you can't have all the useful qualities so you have to choose.
  8. Hey, For me, CA(a) works better than BBM(s), it's hard to say how much difference it'll make if you change it.
  9. Hey mate, Simply reducing all attributes by 1 point won't work because it's much more complicated that that. Somewhere in this thread must be my detailed explanation of how to deal with attributes, try searching for it.
  10. Heh... my bad, mate... I intentionally exaggerated things just to make it as clear as possible that there's no tactic that gives you 100% win rate with any team in any situation because I often see that when people lose in FM then they immediately start to blame their tactics and look for an advice how to tweak them to stop losing and start winning but ofter their tactics are OK, of course, they might be not the most effictive tactic that you can get but often they are OK and even if they used the most effective tactic then they would not do significantly better than they did... It's important to understand that tactics are just a small part of the game and they are limited what they can offer you, of course, if there aren't any obvious nasty exploits and even with the most effective tactic when you face an equal opponet in an away match there's about only about a 50% chance to win... and if you want to increase the winning chance then you should think about other things that I mentioned in my previous post because as I said tactics are limited what they can do.
  11. Hi mate, When I use Cerber tactic and face equal opponents then Won % | Drawn % | Lost % stats look like this: Home matches: 81% Won | 12% Drawn | 7% Lost Away matches: 51% Won | 19% Drawn | 30% Lost As you can see the away stats are significantly worse than the home stats and even vs an equal opponents there's only 51% chances to get a win and that's because in the game the home side always gets some hidden / under the hood boost, it was made to simulate what we usually see in real life because in real life teams tend to play better home than away. I must add that the Cerber tactic gives me the best away results even they are worse than the home results and If you want improve the away result then I find the only way to do that is: 1) Having better players than your opposition. 2) Havning better Morale than your opposition. 3) Havning better Conditions than your opposition. 4) Havning better "Team Cohesion" than your opposition. 5) Having the maximised "Tactic Familiarity". It's important to understand that tactics have thier limitis what they can offer you and it would be wrong to think that there are some "magic" tweak that give you 100% in rate in away or home matches.
  12. the players positions are irrelevant the only what matters is thier "Instructions" if you need to reset the routine then choose Reset To Default
  13. Hi, The the set pieces UI sometimes gets bugged and it requires resting at the default sate and then try setting it again, it could be that you encounter the UI bug.
  14. Hey mate, I'm glad to hear the tactics works good for you. I don't find there's any exploit in this year FM version when it comes to the corners set pieces and the anomaly that you encountered is just luck but as I said on a long road the numbers should look more or less realistic.
  15. Hi mate, I don't find there are any tweaks that you can apply in that case and get any noticeable difference... at least I haven't found any.
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