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  1. Ehh… it's sad to see that "The Short Corner" exploit hasn't been fixed in 19.3 and it still can be used. I've uploaded .PKM to the Cloud - TFF - short corner exploit 19-3.pkm
  2. I observe that AI teams usually use "mixed" delivery during attacking corners so I find that protecting all possible areas or at least trying to do that is the way to go During attacking free-kicks I observe that AI teams usually use "far post" delivery but honestly I find that you don't have much influence on how you team defends during free-kicks
  3. Hey, I removed "Get Further Forward" PI Some tips about the training can be found at the OP In general, "Training" is a very complicated subject that has many areas and it requires doing a lot of explanation to cover them all and I don’t think that this thread is an appropriate place to start such discussion. If you have some "very specific" questions about the training which aren't covered in the OP then only in that case I can try to help you.
  4. *******Guys, I've updated all tacticsI tweaked the duties of DL/DR positions and the PIs of DL position*******
  5. ********Guys, I've added a 4-4-1-1 version of Conqueror tactic to the OPWARLORD
  7. ********Conqueror tactic has been updated to V2 Guys, I've applied few tweaks to further improve the tactic efficiency. Changes: - tweaked the roles, duties and PIs of STCL/STCR positions - tweaked the duties and PIs of DL/DR positions - tweaked the PIs of MCL position
  8. **********Guys, I've added a new tactic "SHIELD WALL" to the OP. The new tactic might be less effective in general than "CONQUEROR" but definitely it's better defensively. There are a lot of cases during the game when "Shield Wall" tactic can be very handy, for example, you can switch for it during matches if you've got a solid lead by 2 or 3 goals, or you can use in the 2nd leg play-off if you won the 1st leg with a solid advantage… those are few examples but of course there are more cases when it can be used
  9. No, you should never expect to see that your tactic do great when you use it with an underdog team but it fails hugely when you use with a favorite team BUT you should expect to see that your tactic efficiency might vary up to 30% depends on what approaches the AI opponent use against you, it never will be work the same agasint all posible AI apporaches. Sorry mate… due to many reasons at the moment I don’t have plans to share it For example, if your winger play “at the right flank” and he’s got PPM “Cuts Inside From The Right Flnak” then it have some negative impact but it isn’t critical, for example, if you got Messi at the right flank then you shouldn't worry about it
  10. Hey mate, The way "Your Club Reputation" works is quite simple. The AI manager’s choice what tactical approaches to use in the match against your team is heavily based on the difference between your team reputation and his team reputation so for example, if your team reputation is 10000 and his team reputation is 5000 then almost for sure the AI will pick a defensive/counter approach and if there’s an opposite situation where his team reputation is 10000 and your team reputation is 5000 then almost for sure he’ll pick an attacking/overload approach. When you start with the weakest club in the league then at the beginning all other clubs in the league have a higher reputation than your club so they all use attacking approaches when they play against you but overtime if you do well and win then your reputation grows and more clubs start using more caution/defensive/counter approaches against your team so it might have a significant impact on your results because your tactic might be less effective when it faces defensive/counter approaches than when it faces attacking/overload approaches. Your results in the previous season don’t guaranty anything in the current season because it might be that you result in the previous season were greatly affected by “luck factor”. Even with the worst tactic in the game and with weakest team in the league there’s a 0.0000000001 % probability that you will win the league but then next season after the winning you might finish somewhere in the mid-table or bottom-table even if you managed greatly improve the squad because without extreme luck your results should be very weak and that’s why the longer time you test your tactic the more accurate understanding you have about its efficiency
  11. Ok, I've found the issue It scales correctly for players but doesn’t scale correctly for staff For example, in the pre-game editor I set 200 reputation for Unai Emery and when I check him in the game I see he’s got 200 reputation but he should have 10000
  12. Hi Freddie It doesn’t scale for me properly For example, if I set 150 reputation in the pre-game editor then I get the same(150) in the game. Have you tried it? Does it correctly scale for you?
  13. Hi The pre-game editor allows you setting people’s reputation only in a range from 0 to 200 but in the game it varies from 0 to 10000
  14. I find very often defenders show no intelligence at all when they handle high flying balls, they create scoring opportunities for the opposition attackers out of thin air In the video below you can view a typical case which represent what I’m talking about There are 3 simple and obvious options what Wendell(defender) could do after the ball was sent toward him: 1) He could allow the ball land on the pitch and then took control over it 2) He could take control over the ball with his chest 3) He could head it back to GK Instead of those simple and obvious options from above, Wendell two times made an extremely weirdly looking decision to head it back into 50/50% challenge where his teammate and the opposition attacker should fight for the ball! In every match I encounter countless amount of cases when defenders creates scoring chances for the opposition attackers by heading the ball toward them instead picking other simple and logic options from the list above, especially, when there’s no pressure at all. There are many cases in every match where the balls trajectory allows defender to take control over it with their chests or they can let it land on the pitch and then take control over it but instead of that they head it toward the opposition attackers…
  15. ********* THE TACTIC HAS BEEN UPDATED TO V5 Guy, this update has increased the tactic efficiency about 30% which is freaking huge I'd say there's 99.9% probability that Battlemaster V5 is my last tactic until the next significant ME changes which might happen in the future. I find that Battlemaster V5 includes all things which works the most efficient under the current ME.
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