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  1. I'd say that it requires putting a lot of efforts to produce such testing that will answer all questions and honestly, I'm not ready to put such efforts into that because at moment nothing is known for sure and the ME could change further or the changes could be reverted so at the moment I can only produce less accurate tests and according to them Destroyer looks more effective than Raptor but as I sad feel free to experiment with them.
  2. mate, it could be that Raptor scores more than Destroyer but in general I find that Destroyer is more efficient than Raptor on the public beta... anyway, the final verdict will be made only when the patch hits "live" but until that feel free to experiment with them
  3. Heh ... I can say with Destroyer V1 on the public beta I have less efficiency than with Gladiator in FM19 but it's more efficient and more consistent than Raptor V4 on the retail build I use "Training Style - Balanced" and in this case their group doesn't matter
  4. Mate, I'm not sure that I clearly understand your question but I can say that for MCL/MCR positions you need very similar type players, both positions greatly involved into the attacking and defensive phase so it's beneficial if they are competent in attack and defense which means they must have balanced attributes.
  5. I'm really enjoying the ME on the public beta and it would be great if it see "live" without changes it's much more consistent that the retail ME
  6. no one knows it but you can participate in the public beta if you play to on the new ME
  7. Hi mate, I haven't found anything more efficient than Raptor V4 for the retail version. I understand it's very frustrating to see that your strikers are missing their scoring opportunities but I'm afraid that the only what you can do in this case is get better strikers or you could give them another chance and see if it was just bad luck.
  8. Destroyer V1 Public Beta Build Bournemouth, predicted 15th I really hope that the current public beta build will see "live" without changes
  9. Here's you team avarage CA... it's about 135 And you must compete for the title with such teams as Liverpool and Man City Their average CA is about 170 The below is Liverpool team
  10. Also, I want to add if you look at the media prediction screen before the 1st match of the season then you can get a good hint about the strength of your team comparing to other teams in the league because at that moment all teams are order according their average CA ( Current Ability ). As I said I would start think about competing for the title in EPL only if my team was in top 4-5 by CA otherwise you need a lot of luck to win the title…
  11. Then I don't see anything unusual… because you are siting the 6th place and the season isn't over yet… as I can see you have good chances to finish as high as 4th place and it will be a very good overachieving comparing to your media prediction 13th place. I'd say If you want compete for the title then you need to be at least in the top 4 team by media prediction before the season start. Also, I suggest not changing Raptor no matter what
  12. Yup, I've got it... Could you check your media prediction before the 1st match of the season?
  13. you can upload your save here - http://www.tinyupload.com/ or any file sharing host and then drop me the link in Private Message
  14. Hi, First of all, I can tell that switching to Predator wasn't a good idea because Predator is less effective than Raptor and if you are on losing streak then changing your tactic could make thing even worse. I can help you only if you could provide me with the game save.
  15. If you want participate in the public beta then here's a guide how to do that - https://community.sigames.com/topic/511298-football-manager-2020-public-beta-including-match-engine-changes-out-now/?tab=comments#comment-12230638 if you are having issue with that then I suggest brining it up on this forum and you'll get help - https://community.sigames.com/forum/738-crashes-technical-issues/
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