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  1. The new long throw-in is more efficient than the current long throw-in in the tactics but still I see quite often the ball goes into GK's hands and on a long run(about 1000 matches) I got about 3% efficiency increase so at this moment I don't want bothering with updating the tactics because it would required updating about 5-6 tactics at the OP (videos, screenshots and so on) and honestly, I'm too lazy to do that... it's summer time and I've got many other more funnier things to do, I hope you understand I plan going back to it at some point in the future when I have more free time and if I manage to improve it further to give at least 10% efficiency boost then I'll let you know
  2. Hi guys, I just want to inform you that I've managed to improve the long throw-in setup(yes, it's possible ): - greatly reduced amount of cases when the ball goes straight into GK hands after a long throw-in - it crates more scoring chances I can't give ETA when I release it but I hope it'll be soon
  3. I've tested vs Man Utd (Game Save / FM Touch) - https://www.mediafire.com/file/92uej356t99eiuz/TFF_Man_City_vs_Man_Utd.fmt/file Got these results: Win Win Lose Win Win Lose Win Lose Win Draw Win Win Total: 12 Played - 8 win - 1 Draw - 3 lose Looking at the stats I find Cerber V4 doing very well vs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FM20.4.1KnapKashmirsp433P110ALLCUP and I don't see it requires doing any extra tactical adjustments Once more, of course, Man City plays home in my test and it gives a solid advantage and if Man Utd was playing home then the stats were better for Man Utd and worse for Man City but all that is obvious and predictable but as I said I don't see it requires using any special tactic to defeat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FM20.4.1KnapKashmirsp433P110ALLCUP and Cerber V4 works just fine.
  4. Hi mate, Here's a game save - https://www.mediafire.com/file/oiwwzy9ll9mopv8/TFF_Man_City_vs_Liverpool.fmt/file I used the game save above in my test below which can be found in the video below I'm in control of both teams Man City ( Cerber V4 ) and Liverpool ( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FM20.4.1KnapKashmirsp433P110ALLCUPS ) The Morale and Conditions of both teams were set 100% before the match I replayed the match 13 times and got the following results: Win Win Lose Win Lose Draw Win Win Lose Lose Win Win Win Total: 13pld - 8 wins - 4 lose -1 draw So I don't see anything cheating in "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FM20.4.1KnapKashmirsp433P110ALLCUPS" You might ask but what if Liverpool were playing home and Man City were players away? Of course, the home side always get an additional advantage and the results were obviously better for Liverpool and worse Man City
  5. Hey, I've add it under the spoiler at the bottom of the OP
  6. Hey, Some tactics that I posted for FM20 can be found at the bottom of OP(the 1st post of this thread) under a spoiler
  7. Hi mate, Check this post - https://community.sigames.com/topic/507817-fm20-tactics-by-tff/?do=findComment&comment=12460119
  8. Guys, I urge you to stop the discussion of FMscout activity here because it's far from the topic of this thread FMscout is free to do whatever they want and promote any stuff they want
  9. Guys, as it can be seen at the screenshot above my played time for FM20 is "1895" hours. I tested all the ins and outs of FM20 long time ago. For me it requires about one month since the last M.E. changes to find out what works the most effective way under the current ME and it's been like 7 months since the game release and 3-4 months since the last M.E. changes so as I said I tested everything long time ago. Few years ago it required for me spending much more time on tactic testing to find out what works in the most effective way but with every year my skill in tactic testing has been growing and as I said at this point I requires just about month to find out what works in the most effective way, especially, taking into consideration there haven't been any drastic M.E. in for last few years. Also, I want to add that if you guys think that there must be a tactic that gives you 100% win rate with any team in any league and you just need to find it then you are terrible wrong what this game about
  10. Hi, Yes, I've experimented with man marking but the result was worse or the same so I find it isn't worth bothering
  11. I'm still testing it, mate. Don't worry... if I get a confirmation that it's better than the current corner setup then I'll let you know.
  12. Hey, They are just sorted by CA and it might be that some player with lower CA is better than some player with higher CA Some time ago I posted the result of my tests where I tested how the position rating effects a player's performance, for example, what if a player "Natural" / "Accomplished" and so one ratings... you can search for it and if my memory serves my right then there was a difference about 10%-15% between "Natural" and "Accomplished"
  13. Hi, I'm still testing it HI, I might do that in the future if I have more free time but can't promise anything
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