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  1. Hi @Totalfootballfan ! Where are you, mate? Aren't you going to do tactics for FM 20? The last patch destroyed most of the good tactics out there. We need you!
  2. Hi guys! Are FM 19 3D kits working normally on FM 20? In Sortitoutsi the folder for the 3D FM 20 kits is empty. Thanks!
  3. I also wanted to know. I have had the same impression.
  4. Hey, Knap! Do you think the method of counting possession has changed in this version of FM? I have seen many games with 70% or more possession. Would it be possible to create a successful tactic with high possession? Thanks!
  5. Hey, TFF! When are you going to release your tactics for FM 2020? You are the best! Come back soon!
  6. Hi guys! Has the ball possession calculation method changed in this edition of FM? It seems to me closer to the real, the calculations made by Opta, for example. I'm seeing a lot of games out there with 70% or more in possession.
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